How did new balance go from shoes i was laughed at for wearing to every stacey's favourite shoe?

how did new balance go from shoes i was laughed at for wearing to every stacey's favourite shoe?

I remember in 1st grade people laughed at my NBs. Oh well, they stepped their game up. I remember not liking how they fit though

maybe they found out how comfortable 574's are

Always loved New Balance's.
But they're still not very popular, at least not where I live.

go to any uni and you'll see practically every girl wearing them

Influencer marketing on instagram

I don't see that here. I live in GA though

i don't know where that is user, i'm south african.

Live in GA too, don't see them.

They're made in the USA in Maine or some shit like that, so college age people can wear them and feel extra good about themselves for being "ethical"

only some, most are made overseas. american made ones are usually 3 times the price of normal ones

Asians specifically Japan trendset the shit out of NBs

many white people still can't pull them off to this day

Yeah, but most people can't tell the difference unless you look for the Made in the USA or UK patch. The ones I usually see on women are the Made in the USA ones too. They're branding just seems to be going for more of that sincere, folksy appeal as opposed to other major sneaker manufacturers in the US, which are either thought of as cheap or sweatshop-tier (nike, adidas)

This fit is sick imo. NB look sick with proper outfit.

Do they wear baseball caps too?

Man the US sounds like a fucking shit place to live. I can't remember anyone in my class making fun of anyone else for their fucking shoes, and I was wearing combat boots from class 6 to class 10.

they were doing it behind your back trust me, and that's coming from an european

>go to a primary black college
>wear new balances everywhere


yeah asian seems to love NB

Where are you from or where do you go to school?

I'm black and wear new balance never had anyone make fun of them. They come in and out of style but even when they aren't popular no one pokes fun at them.

Sounds like it might be a problem if you're in the south or mid-west.

Honestly I think being called out as unwearable trash by Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love was a moment of crises for them. They really stepped up their marketing and designs after that.

They've always had the geriatric mom and dad goes for a walk around the neighborhood and a trip to walmart style of sneakers, and the much more fashionable, sleek, but comfy streetwear style of new balance sneakers.

I wouldn't say they stepped up design because they always had stylish shoes but maybe they did with advertisements, I definitely seen them pushing their skate team's sneakers more.

Too fucking narrow for me. Nike Internationalist are better.