Jazz interests me

How can I dress to let people know I listen to Jazz (but not freeform jazz)?
>discuss clothing trends
>post inspo (pic related is Max Roach)
>bump with favorite jazz songs, albums, and musicians

I'll start by posting one of my favorite albums– Scenery, by Ryo Fukui

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Wow another poser who pretends he "likes jazz" because YouTube reccomended him a meme album by an untalented gook.

Formal, Causal, but relaxed
First for Thelonious Monk


>Scenery, by Ryo Fukui
I don't even care for jazz but even I know that's pedestrian shit lmao

>pretends he likes jazz
What reason do I have to pretend? Why does it matter that I like this particular album?

I'm pretentious and I don't want other people to enjoy things.

I forget who it was written by but this is one of my favorite Billie Holiday songs


Sorry, didn't mean to reply to you

When doing this you have to flaunt some design and texture in bit.


Chet Baker was pretty Veeky Forums


Scenery is very vanilla but I don't see a problem in me liking it

You just gotta ask yourself one thing OP, are you hep to the jive? youtube.com/watch?v=0wraBUdSErI

I'm actually a jazz drummer and a snare drummer (6 years), but I usually dress in raf and margiela. Loose and comfortable. How should I dress instead?

My favorites are Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, Ari Hoenig and Chick Corea. As for clothes, who cares? Go comfy dress casual.

Guess it just depends on the kind of jazz you do. What do you usually play?

barf simon margayala usually what dressed xdddd

Like this

This is a kind of balkan/klezmer rendition of "Feelin Drowsy," by Red Allen. The band is Petrojvich Blasting Company


Dumping my comfy semi-casual inspo

Any jazz musicians lurking? What do you play?



>How can I dress to let people know I listen to Jazz
only on Veeky Forums... holy shit

Mingus is my fav btw

Sidney Bechet is pretty GOAT

Need more of this, it has the color flare and the design.

I play jazz guitar quite a bit and I wear a lot of flannel, big sweaters, turtlenecks, dickies, and derby shoes. Most of my clothing is black and loose fitting

now posting the most effay


Are your sweaters usually textured or solid? Are they also darker in color?

Wish I had more like that but I don't know many new jazz artists so most of the photos I find are in black and white
.....I should rephrase: Do your sweaters have patterns or are they a solid color?

play alto sax. no band atm though.

>"I-I like jazz too guys!": the album

plz don't use Bum Tickley in a shitpost, he deserves better

I normally wouldn't but that album cover is a god-tier reaction image

solid usually

Sup guys, Ive been playing in a successful junior jazz band in high school and while I got into a different field in uni, I know quite a few young guys who got into music school and are studying jazz etc. Im not gonna post their pictures but I can tell so much, they wear simple casual formal wear mostly. The thing is, the really good musicians don't give too much of a shit about their clothing, they just care about their music too much. The formal thing comes from having to wear a somewhat formal attire at gigs.
For specifics:
No sportswear
shirts are good, mostly black/grey/dark, but white is ok as well
dark blue or black jeans
general earth tones
for shoes, simple sneakers, black or white, or warm colors
grandma knitwear / simple dark cardigans etc
if you look to well put together, you will come across as pretencious and not about the music

cmom man post their fucking pictures

i agree. the trolls come out first, ignore these insignificant pests.
I to have realized i enjoy jazz music. i usually listen to it in the car when im alone. but dont know where to start or any recommendations.
so far its been Otis Redding and Ray.















this is takuya kuroda user, japan has some super comfy jazz.this too. Rising Son is probably his best album.

Ibrahim Maalouf makes groovy jazz. he's far from Veeky Forums, has his own thing though. french/lebanese youtube.com/watch?v=OGznLOuFwpM










God damn that hair, 10/10




Complicated and abstract drumming. Soothing and slow for alto and alto parts for bari (I hate getting low brass parts). I guess Coltrain is a close contender for drums, but I prefer sax to be classically oriented. I really wish it was possible to say you like classical or jazz without sounding pretentious.


am I also play alto and bari. What's your setup?

Also a question to other sax players, in what ways should picking up affect my sound when playing?

would picking up smoking*


Veeky Forums is, by no doubt, the worst board.


regarding car driving jazz
horace silver - song for my father
coltrane - equinox
herbie hancock - butterfly
dizzy gillespy - matrix
also dizzy g - manteca
wayne shorter - speak no evil
sonny rollins - st thomas

those are some of a playlist of mine

i know lots of sax/trumpet players and NONE smoke. And thats in a scene where generally lots of people do. I guess it fucks up your lungs too much

figured. lots of my instructors don't aswell.

Jesu fuck fa, today is the day that I leave you.
As a profesional pianist I please implore you to stay in your youtube recomendations and dont dare show your face in a jazz club.

also fuck yall im a jazzist who comes here because i dont want to look like all the fag jazzists in my profesion and you dumb fucks turn this shit up on me

you dont even listen to jazz you dirty disgusting op

dress like this OP

We need more inspo threads like these drawing inspiration other things.

is Mobely the GOAT hard-bopper?

have you been to /b/? /v/?? /trash/???
Veeky Forums isn't good, not many boards are, but I think your post is unnecessary hyperbole

Guys does it happen to you that from "classic" jazz albums you like only one or two songs, but from your favorite contemporary artists you like whole albums and discographies?
I don't know how and why but happens to me a lot, is contemporary jazz really that different?
From the past era I can say I really like just Thelonious Monk and Bill Evans, from contemporary it is lot of musicians, mostly piano and bass players

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neat thread

been learning drums for the past year now trying to focus on jazz drumming. My kit is pretty wonky but I practice a ton and I'm really starting to feel a grove

Really into Max Roach and Bobby Hutcherson at the moment

For jazz dressing inspo there is brian blade

But he usually wears just dark shirts and chinos, optionally some sweater over that

I think with a lot of things, not just jazz, people tend to be pulled in by the contemporary forms, and selectively like some of the more classic forms. Eventually, they graduate into being more selective about the contemporary they like, and more appreciative of the classics they once overlooked.

i like jazz too op :)
my favs are john coltrane, miles davis, the list goes on XD

But imho you can really feel the difference there, if someone would play any recording in high quality, you would still be able tell if it is contemporary piece or not
All the subgenres just evolved to something that they have that same modern sound, groove and vibe

quality thread.

I recommend works by paul desmond. Very chill to listen to when studying or general background music. "Paul Desmond - Here's to that Rainy Day". I used to play the trumpet. Regret dropping it.

Jazz-esque fashion would be something relaxed in most situations (not particularly comfy). Able to fade into the background but still a striking silhouette

im a jazzist, if you want to know jazz so bad get a fucking jazz book, there are plenty.
you mad because you know you sound like an absolute shithead
i studied monk and bill for years and am very intimate with their work and life, let me tell you first hand they wouldve hated you

what you all dont get is a big part of jazz is feeling contempt for everyone else, especially untalnted and uncapable people like you

Obviously it's not as bad as for singers because the scratchiness in your vocal chords isn't as profound but I definitely have noticed a difference in lung strength immediately after smoking. No long term effects for me yet but I don't smoke often

t. saxophonist who smokes weed once or twice a month and a cigar once or twice a year

Veeky Forums in a nutshell

Id on shoes?

*Veeky Forums

Listen to this man, bunch of fags

"For me, music and life are all about style"- Miles Davis

>Scenery is one of his favourite albums
fucking hell mate listen to more music and stop embarrassing yourself

Further commodifying an already academicized and appropriated music such as jazz for your personal gain is fucked up and so fake. Wanting people to know you like jazz is the most tryhard thing ever and the fact a lot of you are hardly listening to anything beyond YouTube recommendations with no capacity for true appreciation of this music is sickening. Fuck off and stay away from music that's already had its identity altered by white people and become white enough. But at least those whites were contributing to the music and not using it as a fashion accessory.