What's off white for poorfags?

What's off white for poorfags?



This board is littered with streetwear fags and polcucks

I would rather kill myself than wear Off White

Fucking brainlet over here

why is it that every time someone slanders off-white on here they post the old, obnoxious diagonal lines shit that only hypebeasts like
like why can't you guys look past that, there are some really great pieces from off white

>shitty overpriced Streetwear

Kill yourself

>Looking like a preppy faggot
I'll pass.

this. it's very expensive as well yes, but if you wait for a sale, you can get a t shirt or hoodie for quite cheap. i managed to get this t shirt that costed $305 for $60. not to mention i fucking love oasis.

Where can you get off white on sale?

Check farfetch, check your local boutiques, check all the international focused online designer clothing retailers (Mr Porter, END, etc.), check Lyst (haha checklist)

I'd rather be a streetwear faggot instead of the pussy white boy who sues when you touch him


Prep-wear is the worst, anyone who thinks Preppy looks good are preppy people and those people have bad taste.

Head to your local topman/h&m and pick up the most gaudy obnoxious shit you can find

stop ruining Veeky Forums

>look good
>get qts
>be rich

>be a shitskin or a wigger
>look like a lowlife
>only can aim at hoes
>be poor

in a few months Veeky Forums will be nothing but prep threads and relaxed fit jean apprection threads

It's 2017, why do you still want to pretend to be black? Being a wigger is played out as fuck.

>wanting to see people dress up like ghetto apes

I rather see white kids dress in an all dildo uniform with rainbows coming out of their ass then dress like a pavement ape.

How is off white a black clothing label? It's not like fubu or anything.

Both of these look douchey. At least the one one the right doesn't look trash on top.

fuck, why can i tell that this is taken from a No Jumper Vlog?

should i just end it now?

>off white
look at this faggot and his terrible taste

Off white is the poorfag version of archive raf