/boot/ general: austrian meme edition

>post boots
>ask questions
>answer questions
>no dicks

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>tfw no new Rick boots

Just got a pair of these pretty happy with them so far, gonna pick up some Austrian memeroni's next

How often are the meme boots restocked?

does anyone have on feet pictures of the boots that restocked on kommandostore aka the ones in OP's picture? thansk :)

sexy as fuck

Are these OK to wear in light snow or rain (in urban environments)

how do the meme boots fit? i've never owned a pair of boots the only ones I've ever tried on were doc martens so i only know my size in that and sneakers/dress shoes, and do you size up, down? tts?

Those are fucking beautiful and I typically hate the SFB look

Could one pull off black or sand color military style boots in a normal fit without looking certifiably autistic?

Probably a stupid question but can you wear brogue boots in the snow? Not deep snow, but you know, slush and hardened snow on the street and shit. Would appreciate an answer ASAP.

I trudged through ankle deep floodwater in em and they came out fine. Just need to condition them properly before and after subjecting them to the elements.

>tfw no flaws

>need to condition them properly before
With what? Totally new to this

Can anyone ID these boots or tell me what type of boots these are? Never owned boots before.

holy shit user i really like those - what are they called?

They're Austrian memes

Austrian/German paratrooper boots, on eBay, or kommandostore

best combat boots in existence, fight me

Looks like some gay fetish thing


If you check out kommandostore's page on em, Ivan included a guide for boot care

Dior 2007 Combat Boots


id please

w2c good intro pair of chelsea boots? id like to try out the style first before investing money on good brands. initial budget is $100

You're better of wearing trash bags on your feet than those horrid cuck boots

A challenger appears

i like the rangers with zippers more, the slp rangers are cool boots in general, but the old dior boots are unbeatable imo

Eh, the VOTC moto boots are way better
And Rick does best combat boots

idk i like the chunky aesthetic of these more than the motoboots not the biggest fan of rick owens in general

that's my issue with the dior combats, they aren't chunky the slightest, 2slim for combat boots
the silhouette is almost identical with the motos, the combats have slightly thicker sole

You guys have any fit pics with the austrian memes?

would also like

when buying boots, should you go a size up, size down, what?

Cherry-red/oxblood boots, yay or nay?


I meant the ones in the pic. Anyone know what those types of boots are called on the woman? Or those specific boots


austrian memes came today lads and I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about them.

Anyone have any good pics of the austrian memes?

Ronald McDonald core

Are these !clown shoes yet?


What are some good brown combat boots that don't look like ronald mcdonald shoes?


We had a mold problem in my apartment recently, and I had to throw my pair away :(

first boots advice pls

I want something black I can wear with black jeans, I like toecaps, I prefer open lacing to closed, and I want something on the smaller side rather than docs/solovair chunky ones. I'm in the UK so ideally I'm looking for something I can buy here rather than shipping something from the US.
pic is options I'm considering. thoughts/suggestions?

thinking about getting pic related. not sure about the brand though. they aren't listed on the sticky


Damn those Dries boots really grew on me. Does the fringe look to retarded?

This looks like the Dark Souls B Team designed it

how do i care for a pair of leather hiking boots

first one is the best imo

Where can I get boots like the first one?

>best combat boots
>crepe sole

Clean, condition, and give em a good polish. When I first got my pair I felt a bit disappointed cause they looked pretty scruffy but after I cleaned them up a bit they look exponentially better.

Cat just scratched my new Red Wings. How do I kill myself?

eat some kiwi wax

Convince yourself that it's just patina.

left, middle or right?

also what kind of pants do these go best with? I really like black skinny jeans

captain boots by thursday

I like the way they look a lot but I've heard bad things about their quality and it's US based so shipping it would be a hassle, especially if I needed to return them

Left. The shoes in the middle are so fucking ugly.

quality itself isn't that bad from what I heard. More like the quality control fucks up sometimes. Kinda Alden like. Dunno about Thursday customer service though

Also all of these are ugly af. Looks like they will fall apart in less than a year


Middle and right are pretty awful. Left's design looks decent but they look like they will fall apart within months. Look for a similar design, but something with actual quality construction.

What's the appeal of these boots?

Ah yes, the ultimate cuck boot next to Chelsea's

What makes them cuck boots?

I'm moving pretty far up north next month for uni. Any recommendations for a good set of warm boots that will last through deep snow and salty slush? Also boot care advice appreciated

cucks wear them

can recommend these, they're warm and robust. Only downside Hypebeast faggots wear them, but if you can get over that they're pretty neat

They're manly boots you faggot.


about as manly as these you cuck

Thinking about copping a pair of BW pilotenstiefel.

Daily wearers.


What's the name of this style / make of boot?

I feel like those would squeak a lot

They're English major core

Pretty cuck like mate

Yeezy 950, came out a while ago rather hard to come by but you can get them under retail

lightweight boot recs?

Highly recommend.

There any good canvas boots?

I'd get Palladiums but everyone says they fall apart really fast


Got them from here for $38 cad with free shipping yo
Came in the mail after about 2 weeks here in Canuk land

Men Military Tactical Work Boots,Outdoor Leather Combat Army Boots,Desert Jungle Camping Hiking Trekking Mountain Climbing Shoe

I ordered a size larger thinking that since it's an Asian site that the sizes might be a bit smaller even though the description said they're "true to size" but luckily theyre not that much bigger, I normally wear a size 10/10.5 depending on the shoe
But since this site is a little wonky on their versions of a mens us size 10, they usually just get you to measure your feet in cm so I figured out that my foot is 26cm and ordered a size 27cm so a little bit bigger on me, but they're great quality for the price you're paying, just wished they had quicker shipping but 2 weeks isn't too bad

I might get a black pair and get them in my true size now that I know they won't be too small, or I might get some Austrian boots or jungle boots

If I saw any dude wearing this I would instantly think "that dude is 100% gay"

Damn you found a cheaper link lol
Wish I found this link before I bought mine could've saved $5 bucks!

And your opinion on my sexuality in this context is important why?

these are tight. what are they?

Bunny boots.

If you are fine with everyone thinking you are gay then nothing

What boots look best for a girl? I dont know which one I should get

Doc Martens are the only boots you ever need

I have a love hate relationship with docs but if you are cute then docs are good on cute girls

Protip: fat girls in docs look awful

I'm underweight and asian, def not fat, but aiming for that Veeky Forums aesthetic. I'll check docs out.

I like those boots that are ankle high, combat-ish but slim/feminine, not too chunky, and lace up. Is there a name for these, or...?

No idea lol just look at their site the most common ones are the 1460s

How do the austrian memeboots fit? Lets say compared to docs?

They're boots

They fit well if its the correct size , Look good if you have longer legs. That's it

I'm not a hype fag but these button gives me an erection.

If you're trying to be funny then you are failing pretty hard at that

Question Veeky Forums, would you consider these boots. I know they're technical nike airforces but...

Was thinking of getting a new pair of boots to add some variety to what I already have. Do you guys have any suggestions?