Just copped a pair of Converse One Star, they r comfy b/c of the lunarlon insole...

Just copped a pair of Converse One Star, they r comfy b/c of the lunarlon insole, and they r great for skating b/c all suede
but whats Veeky Forums oppinion on them?


You just copped these because of Tyler didn't you?

Anyway great shoe.

Well they're definitely becoming a meme but if you don't mind that I guess they're fine.

100% because of tyler yea, had an eye on converse because some of the skaters in bil stroebecks videos skate converse but then I,saw some people (and tyler ofc) wearin ine stars and they just look clean
And ye here in austria allthe basic bitches start to wear vans old skools and shit so had to cop them somehow

Yeah Vans are really a worldwide phenomenon by now, so sad. Hope you enjoy them.

They stay pretty neat for a long time if you don't skate in them, but if you do they will get shredded really quickly. Probably going to be the next basic shoe though.

after my opinion if u skate ur skateshoe (whether old skools, converse, nike janoskis) u can wear whatever u want

really? in some skate reviews I heard they are more durable than most other skate shoes? cause the thick suede u know

How to waste money 101

buying shoes, or buying shoes and skate them?

but those are the next vans meme

I skate them you dumb fuck, if u use the shoes for what they r made to be then it cant be a meme u Veeky Forumsggot ass

Star makes them kid shoe tier

In my case the suede wore out really quickly and the shape warped too much.

Then why don't you buy vans, and why the fuck are you complain that vans became to popular among basic bitches if it doesn't matter to you whether a shoe is a meme or not as long as you use it for the intended purpose? Who is the dumb fuck now you fucking hypocrite

And by the way I have owned several pairs of one star for the last 5 years because they remind me of the '90s skaters look and I love to wear them with baggy dickies and I tell you that they are not fucking durable at all, old skools are actually better if durability is what you want

Last time I got a pair of old skools they lasted me about a month. Biggest waste of money.

can't believe how fucking late some people are to trends lmao. This shoe went on sale last year in shoe stores and now because tyler wears them is a hot commodity.

when will you fucking idiots learn to think for yourself and stop needing justification from a bunch of idiots who know nothing about fashion on an image board created to discuss Taiwanese wall carvings.

damn true
true also
and yea true was kinda stupid
I got several pair of old skools and they rip like after 1 session caude the ollie area is canvas
Skated the One Stars for 2 sessions and now a they semi fucked
Repared them with glue and will now wear them casually and fucking destroy my old skools

damn actually true, the thing is that in my area (austria, carinthia) fashion is like 3-4 years late (except for the dumb niggis with ripped jeans and fake yeezys)

Never, ever seen someone wear a pair of one stars in London ever and you every goddamn trend every day