Im going for a haircut at a pretty expensive salon to get a cut after a while. Thinking abut getting pic related, what shall I ask the barber for without showing him the picture?

another image for reference

Why would you not show him the picture?
Barbers hate it when people try to describe a haircut because they are always so fucking vague.

It's the exact reason why barbers have magazines in their salon so you can point at it and say this is what I want.

There's literally nothing embarrassing about bringing a picture for reference.

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What kind of hair is this?

I saw this guy show a pic of a haircut on his phone and the barber laughed at him ;(

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>tfw got a haircut and I absolutly hate it.
I dont know. What to do with my hair, they are thin and get greasy easily, besides I have tuft of hair on the worst place and it look terrible if I let them grow.

Looks to be human hair.


What should I do with my hair? I'm looking for something that is longer on the top and shorter on the sides.

I would go for the good ol kys

>getting haircuts at a salon

So I've been growing out my hair since about January. Each of these pics shows that progression and are about 2 months apart or so. Should I keep going? I intended on going for about a year so until around January before getting it trimmed. Does long hair suit me? Any tips? Bottom pic is the newest one.

There's already a haircut general thread fag

any suggestions?

Looks good like that

This was a meme last year and is still a meme this year.


help on how I should do my hair? My hair is really thicc and wavy, getting it tapered and leaving the top long is the only way i can let it grow out without it looking like a fro.


My hair looks terrible right now, any suggestions?

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How bad is my forehead? Tips?

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why? I've literally never seen any kind of bad client service at expensive places

What should I do with my hair? I have thin, fine wavy hair and it's a bitch to maintain. It only looks somewhat ok like in the pic attached after a lot of combing and finger styling, normally it's really flat and kind of frizzy and generally doesn't look good. Should I keep growing it or cut it? I'm kind of going for a hockey hairstyle btw

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Im pretty sure his lips just look like that user

how is this hairstyle called

undercut w/ ponytail.

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What should I do with my hair?

I like it that way, do you have a pic from the back?

What to do with my hair?

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Should i change my normie haircut?

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looks good


Rate my cut

your hair is just like mine and I just slick it back while it's kind of damp after the shower with clay and it stays like this all day

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Any professional barbers here? I want to start a career as a barber but have no idea where to start. Does going to school make a difference vs teaching myself the basics and going from there? What's the must have equipment? Any help would be appreciated

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>2 months apart
Wow you have very slow growth.
I wouldn't go for full long, but instead just try going for a dylan sprouse type meme cut once you get to that length. The reasons for this are:
1. Your hair is growing very slowly and it will probably take about 3 years just to get to shoulder length at the rate it's growing
2. You'll probably just look like a greasy spic anyway even when it does get to that length

i've needed a cut for way too long
hair looks fine in the morning and becomes this within hours

feel like i really need a new hairstyle
ideally want a pic that i can show to barber

its from Ross buddy

is young leo hair not really bad for getting in you eyes and not looking the same all the time? What makes the fringe stay on the side?


Am I going full blown Costanza

Tough to say with the flash. How old?

do you guys know anything about hair products

I have shoulder-length wavy hair and I just want to combat some of the summer frizz/flyaways, help it hold its shape, maybe add a little volume on the top

Here's another one with hair wet a bit
I'm not sure if it's a cowlick or if I'm actually going bold
25 years

Te dandruff indicates that you're having an autoimmune reaction. I'd go to a docotor and getting checked for candida albicans. Spare carbohydrates completely for a week and see how it works out.

Any ideas on what haircut should i get?
Im geting bored of this, ive had it for years and i want something new.
hair lenght/current hair/faceshape

Jesus, user, calm down.

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. Probably a low fade with 2 inches on the top/front, and I'll then spike it or push it back.
Think this will suit me?

You a boy or a girl?

Im just getting a little fat, do i really look like a girl?

Kind of. I'd avoid any sort of effeminate hairstyle if I was you.
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Looks okay. Mine is a similar length and I'm growing mine out again. Tuck the non fringe behind your ear tho if it is long enough.

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Clipped it back with hair clips to give an idea of how this will look. Cut it or leave it?

i'm going to the hair dresser tomorrow, and i want a fashy hairstyle, something like the undercut, but i dont want to look like a hipster, should that be a problem? is it easy to pull the undercut off? also my hair isnt very long, would that be a problem?

i like this

Your post is all over the place, I'd admit you to lurk more. However that might not be a viable option considering you need a haircut. No that should not be a problem considering "hipsters" have moved on from undercuts, they are mainstream now because they are very easy to maintain and pull off. Also your current hair length depends on the type of undercut you're aiming for but if you want to look like the Jungs in that picture then no, unless you currently have a buzzcut that should not be a problem.

yeah sorry about the shit formatting and sentences. My hair getts a bit wavy when it grows out, so i hope that won't be to big of a problem. My current hair is just hair on top laid to the left. looks horrible when it grows out.

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What kind of hairstyle does young Peter Pan have?

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