Sup Veeky Forums

Sup Veeky Forums,
please judge me.
what do you think of my outfit?
what would you think of me, if you'd see me somewhere outdoors?

i have obviously no interest in fashion at all, so give me your worst or what ever you want.

this is a joke right?

Nice memes bro


Not that bad, but not that good either.
Do note that it's very far from what general people like.
Your average guy will maybe be a bit intimidated by it, I dunno.

Otherwise my first impression is just your usual metal guy or whatever.
I'm not put off by it, but can imagine some people will be.

You obviously care about fashion

Shit battle jacket

nope no joke

i guess my body type ruins that "intimidating" thing.

>usual metal guy
yep, i was wondering what those guys here think of that.
i guess many people dislike it.

well, i care about what band is on my shirt and if i like the print but thats basically it.
when i see the other threads on Veeky Forums i cant wrap my head around why people dont just buy what they like.

when it comes to optics: why? it's still needs a lot of work but you don't make a vest in one day.

when it comes to band: pic related

I would give you a job at my bank and ask you to look after my small children.

You obviously do care about fashion, otherwise you wouldn't come here to ask what we think. But, to answer your question, you look just like every other current generic "metal guy," and I would assume that you're just another bandwagoner. Your style is pretty much the 2017 hipster.

Patches are scattered around, shoulder patch doesn't look like it's sewn on properly and the amount of patches just doesn't look right. Either fewer patches nicely ordered or more patches, so that you fill some of the blank spots. And ditch the bullet belt or the bullet on the vest. Bulletbelts may work in combination with a thrash metal outfit or a vest full of black metal patches, but not with a vest with Slayer and a Kreator patches, merch from entry level metal bands in combination with accessories that bands only wear on stage or for album fotos just doesn't work.
I guess this is a battle jacket thread now, so I'll drop mine.

pls don't judge me for the meme division patch.

Found my old vest. I made and wore it 2012 to 2014/15 so there are some patches on there from bands that I don't really care for anymore.

The empty space on top of the slayer patch was filled with the darkthrone patch on my bomber jacket

I'd probably see you as someone to hang out and enjoy a couple beers with

You can be Veeky Forums with the metal-aesthetic

at a concert I'll probably think you're a cool guy and maybe I'll talk to you
in any other place I'll think you're an autist

>sup Veeky Forums
>please don't judge me
>judge me

>no interest in fashion
>customizes every piece of clothing and accessories that match

nice venom patch
fuck your ghost patch tho


thanks. I was thinking about getting rid of the ghost patch, as the band and the audience are getting worse with every released record. But I wear the vest on so rare occasions, that the patch doesn't really bother me and I still enjoy their first album.

Keep the long hair + hat.
Assuming you already wear boots, keep those.
Start wearing long jackets and start dealing drugs.

You'll be aesthetic as fuck.


like if i'd care what patches fit to a bullet belt.
also i'd love to have a vest with lots of patches, but i don't just put any thing on it. i buy most stuff at concerts and this takes its time.

>entry level bands
do you think this is a RPG where i have to level up?
here is a list of all bands i have on it:

>Watain (Backpatch)
>Dark Funeral
>Manic Adrift
>Suicidal Angels

Please find some guys that are fresh into metal, that like Tsjuder, Behexen, Gorgoroth or simillar bands.
Just because Slayer and Kreator are mainstream i wont remove them. Seasons in the Abyss, Pleasure to Kill etc. are sick albums.

Now my cup of tea to your jacket:
This is an awesome urfaust backpatch, i like the other patches even if i'm not really into apati or stuff...
but the joy division patch is imo just ugly.
also not the biggest fan of bomber jackets, but you do your thing.

you're the same guy i replied to before in this comment aren't you?


and you judge me for my "entry level bands"?

nice man ;)

i never said "please don't judge me"
i even asked for "give me your worst" you retard

well maybe i should have stated "no interest in popular fashion" or somthing like that.

yep, i got the boots in the pic.
i'd like my hair to be longer but growing takes for ever.