This thread is about the appreciation of horology...

This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.

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ID on this?

got this, it's pretty good

I'm not a fan of digital × analog watches



Nice faggy movement there DW...

Copped an Omega Seamaster 300 Professional today. Like that most dumbfucks have no idea that my plain watch cost 3k and shits on their faggoty TAGs

Quartz. GTFO

sorry to hear that

i don't know too much about watches so i wear a seiko s5 every day because i read it was a reliable watch. so far it has been great. can anyone who knows some shit recommend my next watch sort of in that price range, $100-$300 of same or better quality? what are some other brands to check out?

Bauhaus bitches

Got this 3 days ago

My watch is Citizen's best mechanical, the NA0000-59B. Essentially like a Grand Seiko, but it ain't even got that branding - it's just a Citizen Automatic. Great if you don't want people noticing your Rolex.

get a different band. blue on blue is pretty terrible.

Was thinking getting another one with a creamy tone yeah. I'm having a look at how to swap the bands.

What brand/price range should I aim for?

That's a beautiful piece, how accurate is that?

Haven't been checking it, but I guess its within +-20s/d. I could always regulate it myself quickly if I wanted.

are you sure you want that bro? its fuckin hideous

>Daniel Wellington


100 %


I like the combination of class and tool watch design in this, the dial makes it stand out from the crowd and the elegant case finishing solidifies the timepiece's position in the dress watch section. What a treat!
Wear it in good health my friend.


I wanna get a nice watch soon, is Tissot any good ? If so, which tissot watches would you recommend ?
Tissot is a decent brand, you can get better with more money though.

>you can get better with more money though
no shit

Also you can get better with less money
pic related

>cccp maymay


I'm just going to recommend you watches that I like:
>Seagull 1963 (apparently a good auto despite being Chinese, very good looking original design for the price)
>hamilton field
>Mondaine, (quartz and apparently a shitter according to a few people who own it, but I consider it Veeky Forums as opposed to /g/)
>Baltic (some microbrand with good looking auto, very Veeky Forums but no guarantee that it's reliable)
At this price point you should check out /wt/ on /g/, although they will recommend you a better Seiko like SARB035

Too big

Is this peak retardation?

watch the link fagmaster

Get a vintage omega or some real shit instead of a fucking designer watch. Jesus.

>he didn't watch the link

Tissot V8 2017 version

thank you very much user, all very cool watches!

thoughts on this?

Cant go wrong with a Casio

U just did

Get out dw wearer

>people unironacly falling for the bait OP
might have to buy a DW now

>niggers and cunts walking around with pip boy size watches and not feeling bad about it
>this is "too big"

fuck yourself

>lugs hang over the edge of your wrist
Too big

Is my Citizen eco fa?

Where can I send a Seiko 5 to be modded? I was originally going to go with yokobies but he doesn't have the hands I want and won't put in parts from another company. I also called the closest watchmaker who said she wasn't interested in doing mod work (???). So is there somewhere or someone I can send the watch to to have the parts put on? Model is SNZH60

Nice. What model is this?


I bought it thinking that the case was metal. Nope, it's just painted plastic. Looks like brushed steel from a distance, though. In retrospect I should've gotten the A158WEA-1EF.

That's about the stealthiest luxury watch I've ever seen. Love it.

Vintage Tissot is quality. If you're buying brand new I'd go with Hamilton over Tissot in that price range.


Burn that strap. Face is okay.

Start calling jewelers or watch shops around you. If you're willing to pay, eventually you'll find someone willing to do the work.

Everything about this screams cheap and disgusting.


ah thanks for the heads up

Come back to us in 3 weeks. Draw the watch on your wrist and think hard on it. Then if you haven't changed your mind we'll tell you what it is


Good :)

Bought this Citizen Eco-Drive watch 2 years ago and since then is my everyday watch, what is your opiniom about it? I'm a watch enthusiast btw but still wanna know your opinion. Greetings

The back side

>have fuck tiny wrists
>want a dive watch so I can go swimming/in the ocean with a watch
>look at the Orient Ray/Mako, and the Seiko SKX
>around 42 mm is really pushing it for my wrists
>realize the Seiko Alpinist is water resistant 200M, and only 38 mm
Guess that'll be my next watch.

200m WR which is what the alpinist and Orients are rated isn't really the same as 200m Diver which the SKX is rated, but you probably wouldn't ever notice the difference in practice I guess. Also, the SKX is pretty small wrist friendly despite its size.

Hahahahahahahahaha because that tattoo thread you read that one time.

I do like it, though it's chunky. I usually favor slimmer faces but I think this would look very good with long sleeves. Might be a bit too emphatic for a t shirt, which is what I wear most of the time.

Be a man and stop wearing plastic Casios

Thanks! Here's a couple more pics, it's very rare in the EU and USA, so there ain't that many pics on the internet.



I've been thinking about copping a vintage omega constellation. Opinions? Anything I should look out for when looking around?

If you are a man, i would advice you to stay out of mesh straps. Otherwise good choise. Just don't buy one from Spain or India or under 50 bucks.

Tudor minisub

Almost 4 years of shitjobs and it wont fucking die

Seiko SKX013 is 38mm

You do know that they are extremely thin, right? Unlike most watches on these threads, they are partially made by hand.

>hey bro what time is it?
Oh it's 10 past 50

WHy not from spain?

I found cheap LLoyd 1888 shoes from Spain, you think they might be fake?

I have a $100 aussie dollar budget and want a Seiko 5. I have 3 days left until my ebay $20-off code expires. How do I pick which dial color is best. darkblue/black dial or silver/white dial? Help.

>as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine watch, clock, or other timepiece.
Your absurdly overpriced metallic chunk of timekeeping device does not contain cutting-edge materials, nor does it require extensive and elaborate displays of elegant micro-engineering.

I have this

And this

If you are looking at ebay watches, Spain spams watches almost as much as India. Many of those pieces look exactly like those pajeet shitters.
If you wanna pull the trigger on a spanish seller, make sure they actually are from Spain and make sure you see pics of the movement etc.

Nice taste, this is my dress watch

Opinions on this watch?

Uuuhm, don't say you prefer theese for dress watch

It will never die. Just do not bring them on a date ;)
Trust me

A Brathwait has always intriqued my so much, the man who inspired these watches is the epitome of a English gentleman.This timepiece signals that style too. Definitely a keeper.

pretty reasonable price too, looks much better than the Daniel Wellington in OP's post.

Overal nice wtach if its real leather strap
Quatrz movement? Don't be fooled and pay more than 50€ Ok max100€ of you realy like them. I would go for mechanical watch if possible, but thats me.
That quartz movement cost like 5€
I know people paying for watch like 300-400€ with this shitty movement. Dilletants in my opinions

It is time to get into replica business. You will learn to see deifferences and spot genuine/replica/fake watch. Yes, replica and fake are two things ;)

I was thinking of a yellow gold constellation with black leather strap, to keep it simple. What do you have against mest straps, though? Think they're too feminine?

Nice watch, good taste too !

>all these shitters ITT

When a timepiece doesn't cost more than a years wage, it means it's DOGSHIT, PHUCKAS!

You need to add a thai whore and a wall full of paid advertisements on the backround.

Don't listen to him. Mesh is ultra comfy.

My seiko mechaquartz chrono. Can't go wrong with a seiko imo.

>wearing anything produced in Geneva the red

As a native you done fucked up. Terrible city, terrible people. Also fuck frontaliers.

Almost every modern watch that has a mesh is a women's watch and most people associate mesh with that immediatly. If this doesn't matter to you, then go for mesh.



Wrong pic

no u