Why are people so obsessed over this shit?

why are people so obsessed over this shit?

im not really into fashion so i dont understand why people are dropping shitloads of money on ebay for this stuff.

only heard about Supreme a few days ago because a friend shared some story about a bunch of unprinted shirts being sold in kmart and people were literally buying out all the inventory they could find.

It's shit

cuz it's Supreme

basically supreme starting out as a skating brand then slowly got taken over by teenage hypebeasts. it's all hype, 99% of their designs are shit, avoid this brand like the plague if you're just getting into fashion

im just intrigued by the brand. their logo looks like cheap bargain brand shit and their clothing seems average and there are only 10 physical locations in the world but i heard the stores pretty much sell out their inventory in a few days and then they close till more stuff comes in and most of the stuff they sell gets sold on ebay for huge mark ups or put away in a closet and never actually worn.

just seems really interesting how people are so obsessed with it. like there are plenty of other boutique brands out there but this one seems to be some sort of holy grail.

it's because just like you, it's often one of the first "cool" "fashion" brands (not really cool but kids will follow any trend or hype, see: yeezy shoes) people hear about and so a lot of them fall for the supreme meme. as long as you realize that it's just a shitty logo and meh quality clothes you're already doing better than a lot of people. as far as the huge markup goes, supreme has always released in limited supply, even as demand has gone up over time (more and more people hear about the brand).

Its "”""""""" cool""""'"
A lot of rappers wear it

But unfortunately the teenage hypebeasts that buy into it are often nerds so they still look like dorks

Its a normalfag thing. They wear supreme to say "hey look at my supreme logo, I'm in the know about fashion". That's literally it

>nerds so they still look like dorks
i notice this with a lot of people who camp outside stores in my city for new sneakers and shit.

just a bunch of literal autist dweebs and virgins hoping their 400$ shoes will get them some attention and a girlfriend.

People buy Supreme for the logo alone. The brand could produce a bag literally made of shit and people will still buy it because it says Supreme on it.

I wouldn't be surprised if they actually do that in the future because their designs are already shit.

its just a SupMEME

Yep. If you're gonna be autistic about physical appearance over developing social skills, then at least focus on working out rather than clothes

Good advice you should always follow, by the way

>because when ebay was newwish weebs would buy a hat for 10X retail price.
>I sold 3 and kept 1 B A L L I N G

supreme starting out as a skate brand is a half truth. the creator never skated and liked the aesthetic of skateboarding and themed the brand around it. the local skate community supported the store and vice versa, but it still is not really a true skate brand.

people are victims of hype and get excited about shit because it's out of reach

>a bunch of unprinted shirts being sold in kmart and people were literally buying out all the inventory
Fucking poorfags pretending to know anything about fashion, no better than the girls who buy counterfeit bags from mall kiosks

Don't they do fruit of the loom rebrands? Or Hanes? I remember seeing some on Craigslist for like $40 a pair, even tho it still had the generic brand over it.

I know they also rebrand North face stuff. There's an add for a high vis North face supreme jacket for $1500 locally.

All seems stupid to me. If it's literally just a matter of then stitching the supreme logo on-top of other shit, there's no actual value over the original brand. It's just like paying an extra $10 for a "rare" comic cover. Books still the same, and unlike a comic book, no matter how careful you are the things gonna wear out in a few washes(especially if it's just fruit of the loom... Wtf? It'd be like Porsche slapping it's logo on a vw beatle. What retard would pay Porsche prices for vw build?)


It started off as just a skateboard shop in NYC in the late 90's

When skateboarding went mainstream, Supreme decided it would be more fun / cool to try to be as anti-mainstream as possible.

So they played loud aggressive music in the store to scare people off. The sales associates would either straight up ignore you or be moderately rude. Any time you went in the store the staff would all be hanging out and talking with their friends. Essentially if you wanted to buy something you had to fight every step of the way to do it.

Then they made everything ultra limited. If they did a t-shirt there would only be a hundred of it and they'd never print it again.

For a skateboard brand the founders had really great taste in music and art. They'd collaborate with people like Larry Clark and Peter Saville.

This was pretty much the recipe for their success. It was like a private club that you wanted to be a part of.

Over the last 5 years it's reached insane levels though. Celebrities started wearing it but Supreme kept their production numbers just as small. So the brand has finally come full circle and got mainstream appeal but they want nothing to do with that so they still keep their numbers ultra limited and act like insane dicks when you visit a Supreme store. They straight up don't want you to have the product and that makes people want it even more. It's like a girl playing hard to get. As a result a $45 Supreme t-shirt at retail can be re-sold on eBay for $300.

So that's a quick explanation for why people were going crazy for the K-Mart t-shirts. It's like finding $300 on the ground at K-Mart. Even if you don't like Supreme or think the whole thing is lame. That's a huge come up.

brand for normies, best avoided

Literally Odd Future period


Basically, they have a strong connection to history/NYC culture. I'm one of the biggest haters of Supreme and Hypebeasts on Veeky Forums, but I will admit they have importance in spearheading the a movement. Whether that's a good movement or bad movement is up to you. Same kind of deal with Common Projects pumping up the minimalist sneaker trend.

It's mostly worn by teenagers or hypebeast (so the same). People don't even know artists which works they print on tees, it's just brand whoring.

Also it helps that retail price for supreme is relatively low-class and teens can afford it with their NMDs.

As long as you don't wear more than one Supreme piece at a time it's fine. They put out some good stuff that's high quality.

The people who hate on Supreme are as bad as hypebeasts anyway. Actually worse--because their overriding emotion is a negative one. Focusing your energy on negativity over something so laughably trivial is the most laughable thing of all.

I'd rather be a swag fuckboy with money who has fun and and gets hypebae Asian girls wet than some latte sipping nu male with a stick up his ass.

I also love how Veeky Forums hates Supreme and worships Rick. Like Rick isn't hype as fuck lmao get out of here. (DUUUUUDE RAPPERS WEARING GEOS.... DUUUUUDE HE USED TO COLLAB WITH ADIDAS).

(For the record I'm not even a Supremehead, I own exactly one Supreme piece).

I wear all my sup shit. fuck resellers, fuck hypebeasts, fuck normies that cant skate. Reee

>fuck normies that cant skate

"If you can't skate you shouldn't wear Supreme."

Fuck off with this shit.

Literally the brand for every teenager fuccboi, avoid it if you're over than 15 years old.

If you can't ball don't wear Jordans

If you don't own a horse and play polo as a sport don't wear a polo shirt.

If you aren't a baseball player don't wear baseball caps.

If you aren't a blue collar worker or a farmer you're not allowed to wear denim pants or jackets.

Why are you in a suit or collared shirt if you aren't working in an office?

lol what's the point of wearing those boots if you're not hiking or marching?

Take those sneakers off if you aren't on a tennis court.

Omg why are you wearing that bomber jacket if you aren't a pilot user?

Stop appropriating clothes!

Ngl I own a few tees and one hoodie.
I like loud clothing and supreme is one of those in your face brands.
Some graphic tees aren't bad, I agree that resell prices are fucked. If you pay 250+ for a hoodie you're a cunt.

You're a dick. Supreme is no longer a skate brand, Raekwon and public enemy collabed with supreme and theysure as shit don't skate

>If you can't ball don't wear Jordans

can't help but laugh when people say this, knowing that most Jordans these days (and the people wearing them) will get fucked up on the court.

theres a complex documentary on it, look it up

Facts I never see someone in js on the court

pretty much this post.

Skating explodes and dies every decade or so and when it came around again in the 2000s, Supreme made sure to stand firm against this wave of acceptance and keep the "Fuck off" semi-criminal vibe alive that east coast skating brings with it.

With supreme, there are no airs of exclusivity, it's not prohibitively priced like fancy design houses and the clothing itself isn't bizarre like the high fashion designers. It's simply "fuck off, let me do my thing" and the response has been positive. That aspect of skate culture was something that the fashion world had been in need of for years and supreme became the tuning fork that streetwear and urban fashion holds themselves against now.

fashion doesn't really come back again like people think, but states of mind are generally cyclical. Streetwear is the new punk, which was the new beatnik and one of the biggest players in streetwear now is the brand Supreme.