How much has all the time you've spent researching fashion paid off?

How much has all the time you've spent researching fashion paid off?

What are the tangible benefits to your life?

I've found a certain aesthetic that works for me and when I'm dressed in an outfit I feel good in, my confidence boosts a little bit. Plus compliments are always nice

I feel less autistic when dressing myself

It's been highly useful, and it's improved my work.

I have never, and I would never, consider taking ANY of Veeky Forums's advice personally.


learned how to not dress myself like a goof.
and learned how much i love raw selvedge denim and workwear.

I feel more confident, looked better and gotten compliments becuase I don't look like a fat weeaboo faggot

it's turned something that used to be a chore into a fun hobby

for me it's vice versa

I've learned how to dress myself well and now I dress like a flamboyant retard to be "avant garde", I also have the strangest urge to try and bring back the Toga or the Tunic, and to dress like a priest.

I'm definitely not done learning about fashion but I'd like to think it's helped me at least present myself as more mature and professional while still trying to be individual. I wouldn't be taken seriously in the least if I still dressed in ill-fitting, unmatched everything like a sperg.
I also work at a snobby retail store, and although I have a uniform, I wouldn't be making any money if I didn't look the part with shoes and accessories.
As everyone else is saying, it obviously makes me feel better about myself too.

Now I have at least one thing I am able to say about myself if anyone asks me what are my hobbies/interests

I don't trust the internet for fashion. In my mind, fashion should be unique and stunning... also you can't go wrong with the classics. I go on this board to see if there's anyone else on here like me who can give me straight forward advice on color matching, since I know how to wear clothes that fit.


honestly none. I've been here for 4 years and gone threw a lot of different styles, but none of it matter as much as working out did. got depressed in college and stoped so I've climb way back up weight wise and now i don't even lurk here anymore. I just wear comfy shorts and loose button-downs now.

You don't really understand the benefits of better materials or designs until you try them, like merino wool or raglan sleeves. I've also learned the value of things like polarized glasses.

I have a lot of sex, an expensive wardrobe, and feel happy. Not a result of being into fashion, but it has given me something to do.

>better materials
>merino wool

>better designs
>raglan sleeves

>polarized glasses


made a lot of money own all expensive things I can turn into more money if I wish.

Yes. Why?

>What are the tangible benefits to your life?
i now know what looks good on me and built a wardrobe that makes me incredibly confident when i go out for any occasion

I've had one female who wanted to talk to me just because of my clothes, and we've chatted a few times since. Things are getting pretty serious I gesu.

To buy the clothes i want, i needed to get a job. Now that i have a job, the back pain from sitting at the computer all day is gone since i stand at my job instead. in a long term sense, this is very good for me.

am seen as cool and get invited to way cooler extremely underground parties and experienced drugged out pleasures of the highest sense

have sex easier

helped me be confident