Is existentialism Veeky Forums?

is existentialism Veeky Forums?

Camus is an absurdist, not existentialist....

*teleports behind you*

because jean paul sartre
had his picture taken by henri cartier bresson
and he used a leica
leica is Veeky Forums

the french faggots that made it prominent were Veeky Forums, the legions of whiny 20 year olds imitating them are not

sartre is was a fucking cuck

Now wittgenstein, there's a real philosopher

never seen that name before
and i'm a self-proclaimed philosowhore

stop proclaiming yourself to be things you aren't then


wittgenstein the jew
sure mate

nope it's basic as fuck.

French postmodern philosophers are shit, and so is Veeky Forums's opinion on them.

b-but you are here

Veeky Forums, less me, of course

Degenerate and played out as fuck

Asking "is x philosophy Veeky Forums?" with the intent to take up said philosophy for the purpose of posturing is very not-Veeky Forums, user.

Camus was not an Existentialist.

No one mentioned in this thread is postmodern.

>Sartre is literally in the third reply
I'm cringing

unbelievably. Besides stoicism it might be one of the only schools of philosophy that actually pertains to normal peoples issues. Camus is also Veeky Forums beyond belief. as for Sartre and Nietzche, the first was about as manlet as a human being can get the later would have posted on /r9k/

>there's a real philosopher.
Somebody who never studied philosophy, was a blatant ignorant and never explained clearly what he meant. Sure m8.

you have to be 18 or older to post here

Sartre was and he was absolute garbage in addition

t. never read Witty

nothing personnel kiddo

You just make sad. Like Wittgenstein. Congrats.


only hardcore protestantism is effay in 2017

Not anymore; now it's pathetic and immature.


would you fuck off with this shit
the idea that you want to adopt existentialism/nihilism just for the purpose of physically appearing inquisitive is like a joke

You're from Veeky Forums aren't you?

No, I'm someone who actually reads every now and then. You should try it sometime.

trying saying that to the hipsters on tumblr and Instagram

technicalities you fucking mongoloids