People with the mentality "90% of Veeky Forums dresses like shit," please post your fits here...

People with the mentality "90% of Veeky Forums dresses like shit," please post your fits here, I am interested in what you think good fashion constitutes as, and tell us why you think this outfit is good.

Shill thread. Sage and hide.

you know dressing like an adult. the average age of this board is 15 or fob asians though, so you shouldn't be surprised at the fits.

look at the grid thread. The OP image for that thread should make it obvious this place dresses awful

Just don't dress like you're from Assassin's creed, homeless, "street wear" or the 1980s.

>Arizona tea and hotfries
shit taste
>not eating semechki

calm down edgelord lol

Your colors make it seem like you enjoy male genitalia in your asshole.

Post. Fit.

how aren't you honestly on a fashion board and you think wearing color is gay?

full rick

Didn't say wearing colors is gay, but your particular color selection is very homosexual.



Literally generic. Where's the avant garde boundary pushing shit that you autists crave?


you need to notice the subtlety is what makes it fantastic. I mostly like it for the texture of the jeans.








Most of these are very similar to what gets posted in WAYWT threads already, though some of them belong in r/malefashion.

You would be considered a faggot for wearing most of this though.



I think that problem is mainly to do with Veeky Forums being exclusively highly insecure teenagers and nothing wrong with the outfits themselves. But many of the outfits in the WAYWT are poorly executed.



What is this guys name again?

shui tsang

i know a dude who dresses exactly like this nd this meme fucking triggers me

Those who talk shit never post fit.

Op don't cry just because someone raped you in the waywt.They probably dress worst then you.

You wear basic stuff, why do you lurk in a fashion board?

why would I post a fit? you just want to see what's early adopter tier to copy it and make it laggard

I feel like people only drink Arizona to fit in.

this fit just sucks
w2c shoes

grailed. These are Ricks, but I can't come up with their name.

Rick owens "Dunks"
they got discontinued after Nike got pissed that it looked like a swoosh.
They go for some big dollars nowadays

who thinks this fit is good?

>please post "your" fits
Not one original picture

fits on my computer so my fits

please lurk for at least 5 more years before shitposting

op obviously got btfo by some suburban 15 y/o for his clarks

augusta/slp/slp/cp/ferragamo/tom ford

you must be new, those are dunks

OP is bitter because he got trashed for his shitty fit in a WAYWT thread lmfao

fucking awful

Here's my gym clothing.



You don't actually visit the gym do you?

It's easy to make fun of waywt when you don't even get dressed in the morning :)

desu it wouldn't be a bad fit if maybe different shoes were used and the colors were ABSOLUTELY swapped

snooze. do more lurking newfag

Do Americans really eat seeds as a fashion statement?