Prep Thread

Nu Prep, Frat, and Classic Prep welcome. No need to argue about what is and is not prep as long as it fits into these categories.

Prep Brands Tier Ranking

High Tier:
Mercer and Sons
Frank's Khakis
Ben Silver
Andover Shop

Good Tier
J. Press (Could be High or Declining, depending on what you look at)

Declining Tier:
Bills Khakis
Brooks Brothers

Good Value Tier (Although not as good as it used to be):
LL Bean
Land's End

Mall Tier:
Vineyard Vines
Southern Tide

Metrosexual Tier:
J Crew

Lacoste Has Become Complete Shit Tier Please Don't Buy It:






Sunspel make god tier polos

That's true. However, I wouldn't consider them a prep brand.

It's really a shame. Lacoste's quality has gone down the gutter. Their shirts are extremely thin and the cotton is uncomfortable to the touch.

My old Lacoste polos are my favorite. I went to buy some new ones and literally didn't believe what I was seeing. I went to the Lacoste store because I thought for some reason that Macy's must not be caring the real ones anymore.

I was wrong. They do have a small Made in France line which is good quality, but is more overpriced and most of the items in the line are gaudy.

>Frank's Khakis
isn't it Bill's Khakis now?

nvm lol

Bill's Khakis was bought out semi-recently and has suffered a quality decline.

Frank used to be one of the people making Khakis for Bill's. Essentially, Frank's is what Bill's used to be. Although, it is a much smaller operation without it's own website.


any examples of a good prep windbreaker out there?

I would suggest looking directly above your post

baracuta g9

i thought this was a /pol/ gore pic of someone dressed really nicely holding up a decapitated head
>i should stop using /pol/

Is it possible to work t shirts into the "classic prep" category. I've seen some people say it is definitely doable but I haven't seen relevant inspo pics lately. I live in a place where it is over 75f 10 months out of the year.


T-shirts should really only be worn around the house or maybe for sports.

Wear a polo shirt or a button down and roll the sleeves up. For a button down get a summer fabric like seersucker or madras.

Nobody wears polos or button downs to the grocery store in southern USA except old people. Polos do not look good on someone that doesn't have muscular arms and shoulders.

Cop or not? Already have a grey flannel suit but this one looks nicer for the warmer months.

What to buy from cordings? Trousers?

London btw. What other shops are preppy here? Already know of Gant Hackett and Ralph Lauren.

john simons

What is some preppy winter wear?

Do any of you prep fans ever dabble in English football/causal wear? Pic related.

No one gives a shit what goes on in the south bro.

Not my fault you are a limp dicked faggot.

Well, corduroys obviously.

Barbour, Dubarry...check out Savile Row.

Ralph Lauren is mall tier. It's okay, not bad really, but there are better things to buy. The purple label is obviously really good, but overpriced.

Bean Boots, Shetland Sweaters, Cardigans, Flannels both top and bottom, Wool coats or Parkas, Corduroys, Cable Knit Sweaters....

Every damn thing on here. Summer is what no one posts. Who can wear sweaters in the summer????