"Normal" core?

How can I look "normal" but still fashionable? I don't wanna go all out in some kind of lunar-, post-, satire-, urban-, tech-core outfit, I just want to look "normal".
>21 years old
>work in a market garden
>play acoustic guitar
>have a very religious girlfriend
>go to church often

pic unrelated

go to h&m or zara and buy whatever you see

this literally how I dress for work, trying to accomplish the same thing. It's a tech company where some people suit up and some people wear tracksuits, so I try to fall dead centre.

But this image makes me realize I actually kinda look like a dickbag. I need ideas too.

I want to dress normal after almost a decade of posting on Veeky Forums but it's so hard. help

Remember the days of just going to the store and unknowingly buy several items you pick up and think "Thats pretty nice!". When you could see a jacket on a clearance rack without knowledge of the label and say "Ah this will do!".

only wear banana republic and be attractive

Is it because I'm too conscious about it that's stopping me from purchasing and wearing normal clothes? I'd rather dress full Rick and be confident than dress in a Veeky Forums attire and be insecure.

quite a conundrum

I think just paying attention to the fit of your garment and getting solid accessories such as watches and bags adds a lot. Make sure you look groomed and hygienic and you should be fine.

This guy isn't bad, but he's a little too /mfa/ reddit-core.

>Wear plain T-shits with minimal graphics. No V necks, no pockets.
>Straight legged or modern fit jeans. Not skinny or boot cut.
>Be careful with cuffing stuff, especially pant legs.
>Instead of fgt desert boots like this guy has, get a couple pairs of nice kicks you like for the summer (AF1s, NB 574s, Vans, etc). Wear them so they're a little beat up.
>For the winter get a couple pairs of nice leather boots (Blundstones, Red wings, Rossi, Wolverine 1000 miles, any good boots that will look good a bit beat up).
> Ditch the bracelets, they look stupid. Get a decent watch when you can afford it.
> get a decent quality silver or gold chain in a style you like (figaro is ugly af tho). Not too flashy, only get a pendant if it fairly understated. It should feel solid (even if you get silver, you should likely be spending over $100 USD, if its cheaper its probably shitty). Then wear that chain all the goddam time until its a little beat up and part of your look

And keep the chain tucked in your shirt most of the time. It should look like you inherited it as a kid and now just wear it all the time.

Also: don't wear hats. They pretty much always look stupid

Opinion discarded, you should have listed that first so we all know you're an idiot

i just realized on my last laundry load the amount of colored or even white clothing i have i can count on two hands.

feels bad man.

Its cool, you can take your ass right back to the corner of the party, trying to get people to listen to you talk about how your fit is full rick

>wanting to be normal


years old
>>work in a market garden
>>play acoustic guitar
>>have a very religious girlfriend
>>go to church often
Nice blog but I have no idea how that is relevant. Anyway get some high quality clothes that fit well (if can't tell then ask in store or look up how to on the internet), that should make you look better already than most people.

If you want to go further then look up more socially acceptable styles (depending on social circles) like prep, streetwear, or minimalist. Or you can look for elements you like in more experimental styles and try toning them down.

you're autistic and it's painfully obvious

neutral shirts dark jeans sneakers that aren't hideous. then you'll look as boring as you are

focus on finding clothes that fit you well, that's like 50% of fashion, just making sure you have well fitted clothes. get pants tailored, dont wear any baggy shit, etc

I'm autistic cause I dress like a real person and not an in the closet faggot?

uh try suiciding yourself youre an hero

Are you Italian?

No, I'm just not a faggot like you

are you unhappy with your current wardrobe/style?
your greentext lists out some stuff that isnt actually appearance-related.

i recently redid a lot of my wardrobe and the #1 thing that helped me do it right this time (fingers crossed) was buying a couple of storage bins from target and sorting through all of my stuff several times and packing what doesn't work away.

after a while i guess the plan is to give it all away, but storing it for now means it is there if i need it, but when i look at my closet, i dont see options that arent actually options anymore.

so lets say you combed through what you have and stored away some stuff under your bed in a bin. did that leave any holes in your wardrobe? if so, fill it with a basic staple this time. your wardrobe is going to consist of items that you like, that fit well, but you aren't going to get any statement pieces.

That pic looks like indie-folk core.

Just buy plain and minimalist pieces that fit well. It's simple as that.


You can literally get away with anything as long as it fits well.