Rate my parents fit Veeky Forums

Rate my parents fit Veeky Forums

I like your sister. Unless you are your sister. In that case I like you.
Also are your parents artists or something?

i took the pic and yes. They both run an art gallery in NYC

Probably inner city liberal sympathies, survived the love generation just to fuck the economy hard enough that no citizen will A) Own a house before 80 B) Pay off university before 50 or C) Be able to pay hospital fees from whatever the fuck shitty chemical waste made yah dad bald in the fucking first place.

Dads shoes are kinda cool tho.

Your dad looks cool as shit, not sure what the girl on the right is wearing but it doesnt look bad too
Not a big fan of your mom or the guy on the left tho

>art gallery in NYC
Name? I own an extremely valuable and controversial piece of 70s art that has been lost for years. Kenneth Anger was involved with it. I'm looking to do something with the piece, maybe sell it. Would they be interested?

10/10 would stalk again.

So they are gallery owners, not artists.

I'm serious, actually. However, I understand your hesitance.

Is it the tattoo fetus film?

I hate talentless hacks unless they create themselves they're total frauds

Looking at this pic I now know why white people hate blacks. They're literally scary especially when you don't expect to see them.

this photo doesn't even look real


Want to get fucked by a guy in an SS uniform?

How are they scary? Are you 12 years old or something? It's just two guy sitting on a couch.

typical amerilards

dad looks cool, mom needs to get her shit together and stop dressing like a basic slavic "alt" bitch

He sounds really shelter and like he's only every been around white people. Most likely from a flyover state

I have a strange anger burning up in me.
I hate rich people.

(But they're prob lovely)

Are your parents retired circus clowns, just wondering, otherwise the fit isnt awful. (But it isnt great either.)

Wealthy new yorkers have to be the biggest cancer in the world. I wonder what it's like to be so insulated from the world and so full of yourself as an individual.

Why is your mom bald?

and yet judging people based on one picture is a totally grounded, humble thing to do.

this is true
I get the impression user like me has been around these sort of people though


this is just what it looks like when yuppies get old

dad's fit is dope
mom's is not though i'm sorry

Corrado Soprano/Six flags guy / 10

Chris "Cristobel" Griffin / 10



>tattoo fetus film
what is this? link info please :)