Fa couples

Elias Bender and Sky Ferreira.If they really are together, they are going to be one of the most fashionable couples out there.


my dick n your mum


this is dumb


This is a gay thread even for us

Elias is gay.

Sky is ugly as shit.

wow yeah hideous my penis is so sad

eww. why do you keep positing this whore. look at those split ends.. i bet her pussy smells like Vienna sausages

She's not that good now.


bitch looks like a cyclops

the fuck do you mean?

dude looks chill

He is :^)

oh yes

interracial couples cannot be Veeky Forums you fucking idiots

Lol. Off yourself polyp

It's effay, not Veeky Forums newfag.

Also effay=/=cool. The Lemairs are definitely effay.

normally i'd agree but

this is getting old

this guy


dude got fat

yeah wtf happened cant even see his collarbone


They can if the man is white

your gay mate


fuck i love sky so much
there was some dude who had a folder of like a thousand pics of her and promised to share but didnt

deans current is way cooler