Floral/Paisley shirts

Are shirts like pic related effay?


not like that, go for something more subtle.
pic related, my man john lennon had some taste

also make sure you're wearing dark, boring pants and shoes (that or some good dark chukka boots). if you're wearing floral stuff make sure you keep the attention on the floral stuff.

I want this jacket so much.

looks good

I have a few floral and paisley shits but I usually wear them under a Kashmir sweater or with a suit.

I like them but i have never owned one. Worried they will make me look a bit tacky if i get one.

I was referring to the paisley shirts. Don't own any floral ones but i like those too.

holy shit, from far this looks like it's covered in blood

If you want to pull of florals learn from this guy

Anywhere to cop these apart from hideously expensive stuff like SLP, short sleeve fuccboi tier ones, or thrifting?

Got this Undercover one for 240$.
Beautiful af.

Where can I get some decent floral or paisley's under $50?

Well for paisleys I found a website called atom retro that does them. Not a very good selection tbqh. I'm the op and it's where I got that pic from. If you like that then go for it. It is uk based so you will have to pay for shipping. They are around £35


Only if you're really attractive, otherwise you look like a Mexican in a nightclub

maybe the mexican in the night club who sells acid and coke

take drugs dude wear a paisley shirt under a drug rug and take tons of acid and make industrial noise psychedelia

>your pic
no, this is shite
yes, but why would you pay that much for a fucking shirt

I got my best floral shirts (and hawaiians) from the thrift shop

By themselves shirts with that style of print are a bit much and can seem pretty loud. I try to use them to accent clothing.

are you an edgy, pretentious wuss who does drugs and resents your mother for kicking you out over doing drugs?
get shirts like that


Because there is difference between trift stuff and Undercover/Yohji/CdG Homme+.

Damn, that's really good looking

>not just wearing a good Hawaiian shirt, the superior floral button up

He wears them really well cause they fit really slim and he's a famous singer

I actually like this

Is this considered a Paisley shirt?

well let's see... it has paisleys on it, so it's off to a good start