Is mac demarco Veeky Forums?

is mac demarco Veeky Forums?


undoubtedly yes. don't expect any of the autists that live here to admit it though


I love that shirt

he's got great taste in graphic tee's

Just noticed he's got some pretty small feet.

It's sickeningly self-aware, that's my problem with teen and twentysomething fashion. It is so obsessed with cultivating a specific aesthetic that it loses sight of individuality.... everything is ironic and has a wink and a nudge with it. But of course these kids are too cool to wink and nudge....

He was Veeky Forums in 2014. Now the only people that think he's effay are trend followers who use Instagram too much

maybe Mac legitimately likes Michael Jackson and FFVI? is that so far-fetched?

Really? A shitty drawing of Michael Jackson that is clearly "lel look at me" means he legitimately likes him and is trying to show off his fandom? I don't think so. FFVI is fine though, whatever, it just goes a little too perfectly with everything that is so curated to look like he doesn't care. And maybe he's a trailblazer in that regard, but I'm sick of teens dressing like that.

doesn't the fact that you're labeling his style with a specific year indicate that you're the fucking trend follower? you don't know shit about what it means to be effay. it's about developing a personalized, cohesive aesthetic.

I think you might be projecting a bit.

I didn't dress like him in that year, and few people did. It was pretty original at the time. Now every teenager dresses like him. Not much personalized about that

so other people started biting his style and it became popular, is he supposed to change based on that? he practically invented the style. he can wear it til the day he dies because it's HIS. go back to your urban tech-core thread or whatever shitty 2017 trend you're riding you faggot.

>being this mad
It's overdone and unoriginal, obviously it's not unoriginal on him because it's his own style, but at least every day I see someone dressed like him. When I saw Mac Demarco live the majority of the people in the audience were dressed like him

i think mac's fans fall victim to that, but for some reason mac himself seems to be able to pull it off. maybe because he doesn't seem "too cool to wink and nudge"

Yikes hahaha

I hope they dont notice im trying this hard to make these people seem like they are actually mad and crying over something when in actuality its just their opinion on something on a forum that is meant to spread opinions

how ... ?

mac is effay
the teens and young adults who copy him aren't