Can normal humans pull off their haircuts?

Can normal humans pull off their haircuts?

Not even he can

idk man it takes quite a bit of force to rip off that much hair at once

you tell me

These guys have FAS or something? They look alien.


most models look like this

>normie friends tell me I can model
>I say no
>they say why
>because I know this is what true models look like


What's with these guys' faces. The look like weird cat people.

post ur pic, i'll give you an honest opinion


>they're about to die
>they act like they're winning
Never got that.

They might mean "I Never should have come here" (they say "never should have come here" (without the "you"), but their tone is aggressive), but nobody's sure.

guy on the right is legit ugly

Say what you will about their hair, but those are two beautiful men.

Isn't Jordan bald now?

I think the primary deciding factor behind which haircut you should get is based on the shape of your head

These are the kind of haircuts that wealthy insecure people pay hundreds of dollars a week for in order to look like they just rolled out of bed. So yes, they would probably look good on anyone with a decent face but hardly anyone gets hair like that "naturally."

Holy shit look at Chicos hairline

Punished Chico

if you have good hair then it doesn matter what your face looks like. good hair boosts an average face. good thick flowing hair is always a plus.