Girl shorts on dudes?

Girl shorts on dudes?

seek aid

lol, do it
especially if you're straight
make a statement

ok this is crossing the line
its gay, not in an "androgynous and trendy mysterious" way but its legit fucking gay

This subhuman comes and posts these types of pics at least a few times a year. He comes on here in short shorts and ask how they look on men, he repeats this over the next few days when his thread dies and sometimes he'll come back after a few months or so. I'm surprised no one has noticed.

Anyways, OP is a fag (literally) and uses these posts to elicit responses from other fags (gays).

I wear chick jeans. Thinspo is good

not with that face

im more concerned about the fact that he wears vans and doesnt skate

you've been posting pics of you wearing girls shorts for YEARS now, can you fuck off?

you are an ugly ass faggot, also girly legs and 40 years old face

lolwut so you can't wear combat boots if you don't fight vietcong in the jungle? Do you wear shoes specificaly made for faggots?

Jesus chirst you have been doing this for years, what is your problem? What kind of pathology causes you to post this same shit again and again, why don't you have anything else to post?

For real though this "40 year old twink" thing is spot on. Even though you're thin your (lack of) musculature contrasting with a masculine face makes you look really off trying to dress like a 16 year old girl. You have no hips and no ass so these shorts really don't look right on you.

You are allowed to do gay and sexy, but this isn't it. Try anything else and accept looking your age.

u can if look like this

look at this glorious white man

alpha as fuck

Can't wear stans unless you play tennis, can't wear gats unless you're German army
Can't wear Hugo boss unless you're SS
Can't wear lunarcore unless you're Neil Armstrong
Can't wear terrorwave unless you're in the ira

Go fuck yourself chief

Why do you constantly shit up the board with this


low quality bait

Despite the old nature of this pic and question... yeah girl shorts on guys is fa. On tall or thin guys the shorter length is different than the typical long baggy ass shorts most males throw on. I'm always telling guys to look for girl shorts they like and just wear them.

Men penises inside dudes?

this, don't forget we're full summerfags tho

Could never pull of girl pants, nowhere for my junk to go and I'm not about the bowie bulge

>posts these types of pics at least a few times a year.

what. I've been here since 2012 but never heard of this.

maybe if you're skinny as fuck

Upper thigh length shorts are pretty effay

Teenage girl shorts aren't


I wish I was badass enough to pull that off...

Eat some protein or inject testosterone you fucking faggot. No healthy male shoulf have such little muscle mass. Disgusting.

post more inspo for this look