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In need of some reclined seating in my office and have a chance to order one of these for $2550. Do I go for it?

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Here it is in graphite leather. Not getting the black because everyone has that color.

Do it and get the white one

Post a pic of your office so we can choose the color
I'd probably go for the white one anyways, looks really good

OP the white one is awesome , unless it really clashes with your office

If you have the money go for it


Chairs are for plebs. Go standing work station with hammocks for taking a break.

Ordering the Ivory one like was suggested. I felt it looked the best too. My office is being remodeled currently and is in the capable hands of a commercial interior designer but she insists I make decisions on places I'll be sitting.

Those are really nice. Are they bespoke? Martin's site doesn't list them. They are likely out of my price range. I've learned that tufted leather = $$$$$

I'll post a picture of the chair for you all when it arrives but honestly there is so much personal information and documents laying around my office I don't think I could take a picture safely.

Next up tables: I've been given two options: Noguchi Rudder table

Standard Noguchi table

these two are fugly imo. post more (others)

Just buy something cheap off of Craigslist and pocket the cash difference.

Re: London Chairs. I'm not sure. I found them on a museum's website, I think. There might be a handful of them, but I don't think they were ever commercially produced.

Still, I'd love one or two if you could find someone to make a clone. But yeah, $$$$


If I'm gonna be honest both of these tables come across a little edgy / off kilter for an office. At least for my taste.



you child. don't listen to some shit teeny bopper for advice. I'm assuming you are getting employee d/c from Herman Miller? Do it, don't skimp out on the leather quality. Also, if it isn't a vintage original/ Vitra/ Herman Miller, go kill yourself pls.

I'm purchasing directly from Herman Miller. I don't buy knockoffs. They are an insult to designers.

I'm trying to find a match within the same brand for the wood finishes. Its a challenge if you use a different manufacturer. The triangular design makes it more accessible to where the lounge chair will be in regards to the sofa. Edgy or not it's going to be one of those 2 tables.

A little promo video of the history and construction of the chair in case anyone is interested.

>I don't buy knockoffs. They are an insult to designers.
user here.

Yee, I kinda feel like that, regarding anything I'd want a clone made of. I want to support and "honor" the original artist/designer/developer(s) that made the original product. But, what if I just have no hope of ever being able to afford the full retail price they ask? Or, if it's a very limited production item? Or like, say in the case of some of Rick Owens's women's shoes (pic related), or those by other designers that don't go up to my size (I think maybe 44 Italian. About 12-13 US mens)?

Would it be justifiable then to seek out a clone that fits my needs or budget? (And how might I still alleviate my guilty conscience, and still send a little monetary support the way of the artist?)

For what it's worth, as example, Rick even started out learning to make clothes by working for a company that cloned pieces by other designers.

Also, I'd personally go with the Noguchi, if I had to pick between those two tables.