Picked up this guitar, would it be Veeky Forums to throw a bigsby on it?

Picked up this guitar, would it be Veeky Forums to throw a bigsby on it?

Bigsby in second image

Bigsby = tremolo

But it's bolt.on and removable

no man, don't ruin it with a bigsby.

bigsby's make guitars sound better in my opinion and they look cool so do it

Do it and get rid of the black hardware

All the hardware has to stay minus the string bar.

Everything else will as is since the kit won't include replacements

Jesus christ, you can't have a regular bigsby and keep the black bridge. That looks disgusting.
Case in point

You're a faggot for buying a satin finshed one fcking loser lmao

Body bends are way more Veeky Forums than a bigsby.
However, I don't know much about hollow bodies or your particular guitar (it differs per individual instrument), so you might absolutely destroy your guitar by doing a body bend.

After thinking about it, it's a set neck guitar so you will ruin your shit by body bending/neck bending.

That guitar looks like shit, the edgy wood aesthetic is fucking reddit tier and gay

What are you talking about
Bending the neck doesn't cause any damage if you don't completely overdo it and twist your neck off

i have this guitar, it doesnt have any finish, i bought it because i didnt wanna drop loads on a 335 in sunburst, but all the cheap sunbursts look hideous

pic related is the guitar i use

Who cares man, I have a black Les Paul and a black Strat. Can't get more bland and unimaginative than that but they make all the right noises.

Bigsby all the way, my buddy has a Gretsch with a Bigsby on it and it sounds so nice, i'm not a hollowbody guy personally cause i mostly play metal, but if i played more rock i'd get a Gretsch with a Bigsby

Dadcore guitars for music that won't be Veeky Forums again for at least another decade.

shows how much you know lol

what kind of music do i play again? funny how you think you know from a stock picture

Good luck looking like a fusty 70s revival twat from 2007 on stage bro.

someone's jealous hahaha do you even play guitar? do you even play live? i'm confident i look and feel cool doing whatever i want, the firebird is cool, in london everyone plays fender or shitty 60s teisco guitars, i bet you're one of those fags who thinks b stock 60s guitars are cool. how about you start posting some of your gear you poor retard, if you think your opinion has any weight in this thread, you are mistaken

bigsby's are shit, make your guitar go out of tune all the time, makes it more fragile in a case, big and gets in the way of playing

>cheap looking sapele top
>cheap satin finish
>horrible burst
>horrible les paul studio knobs
>black hardware

this instrument is ugly as fuck

Gibsons and Epiphones are the worst instruments on the market. They're unironically Korean knock off tier. At least Epiphones are near their appropriate price. Gibsons are a straight up scam. Some look nice, though.

Only buy Gibson if you're buying vintage.

Glad this thread is here. Is this Veeky Forums? feel like Ibanez looked terrible a few years ago but they're pretty aesthetic now.

>if you think your opinion has any weight in this thread, you are mistaken

Not that guy, but this is a hilariously stupid thing to say. stop being so butthurt that your guitar isn't that cool right now. It really isn't

>would it be Veeky Forums to throw a bigsby on it?

No, not with that finish. A Polished chrome Bigsby will look horrible. That black hardware or some sort of aged looking hardware will look much better with the satin finish.

If you want a bigsby guitar, just get another guitar ;)