ITT: effay esports players


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what core is this

Heaton, 1.6 legend

Not knowing any esports players is fa. Why do you know this shit?

Big Leff


Bearded Atour was effay

Dosia is effay god

dosia is ahead of us all desu

there is only one answer

there can be only one



>graphic tee under a blazer
You're fucking joking, right?

Why are all the foreign smashers Veeky Forums and all of the Americans not?


w2c haircut

sperglord core

rip sweden

kill my hue dreams mibr rip


lol no

List of Esports players that browse this site:

Adrian Ma

League of Legends players are surprisingly Veeky Forums



he looks like he hasn't been in a store other than H&M in years

>not peanut

Darien from moscow5 RIP

pure sex

I wish whoever managed these eSports teams would realize that they could get more of a backing by getting their members to be more presentable and shit. More less ugly people would bring in more viewers and more fans.

Get that Alpha M treatment for all of them. People like people who look good. We know they're all good at games, why not elevate the current image of gaming by giving these guys some makeovers?

The hardest part would be getting stylish clothing because they need to slap all the fucking sponsor logos on

To be fair, he is korean

On the right


s e x g o d


More like sh1t

>not posting /our guy/


It's not fashionable to spend all day playing video games, even less so if you're doing it professionally, because that takes the comfy fashion aesthetic it could have off it.

theres lots of good looking players, its not 90% obese lards like most people think

its been a while since i last watched csgo, but european csgo was filled of handsome guys that were pretty fit. of course you got some fatlards like jwow and dosia, but its overall good


Dude just throw hard in TI, feel bad he will never win any TI

can't believe that fat fuck dressed like that to his own wedding

hullo? Clearly this guy?

How do you know?

Post Dendi


Missing Zai and PieLieDie


broodwar (starcraft 1)


shox kinda is

What went wrong between SC1 and SC2? Did none of those player migrate over?

w2c jacket?
nice pseudo techcore

Kripp is good
RL dwarfnose

B-god obviously


They purposefully stifled support for SC1s competitive scene to make SC2 more appealing though everyone thought it was inferior.


byun is bae


any """e-sport""" that isn't a fighting game is a fucking full faggotry bitch game for fags and fag fuckers





just fucking lol at this ugly ass gook thinking he looks good in hypebeast shit

I'm not even talking about fat neckbeards, I mean just like in OP's pic. He's not fat, but a nicer haircut and better glasses would elevate him to even more exposure.

holy shit you are autistic

this. qt been rocking that 800 dollars gucci shit

Imp!! Cutest and best ADC


twitch money sadgreenfrogface.jpeg

People always mention how much money esports players earn

But I was looking at their 10-year career earnings and it's like $40,000 across the board after they split with their managers and 5 other teammates.

In what world does making $4,000/year (not counting expenses) qualify as "rich"

Maybe rich to loser kids who watch twitch all day.

But the average accountant would bring home at least a million dollars in a 10 year span if you're measuring by the same.metric which is raw career earnings.

it is completely different between different games. LoL has very low prize pools compared to dota, LoLs highest tournament is 1 million, compared to Dota 2's 24 million+

what sports do you play user?

mad that he is more successfull than you? where are you from mongrel cuck?

It really depends on the player/game. People like Faker make millions of dollars a year from their salary alone, let alone sponsorships.

Ita just like any sport. The average earning is low, but the good ones makes a lot of money. Its not hard to understand

l o c o t e

anybody know what watch he's wearing?


I don't know where you're getting those numbers from. In LOL, factor in streaming and sponsorships. No one really gives a fuck about the salary given by riot because they get an individual salary from the team itself in addition to bonuses.

Yeah, a challenger team (minor league) released their player salaries two years ago (when the scene was much smaller) and it was 60k (65 to their mid laner). I got 5k as a scholarship for subbing in for my college team.

I said watch, but th-thanks.

So the kids are arguing all esports players are rich because 3-5 players were hand picked to be the face of esports and make an avg salary?

Veeky Forums and /mu/tant

People who watch "E-Sports" are pure cringe.
At least the ugly cunts who Play these games make money, but people who watch it?

Who the fuck said all esports players are rich? Also, a lot of their income comes from streaming and donations, which you can't really keep track of.



Jack effay as fuck

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