Last one hit 300


>posts cringe

k den

Dykes cant be effay user


name of those shoes?

also pants

My aunt got me this dress and I have terrible taste at times, should i never step outside ever in this or is it kinda cute?

w2c this kind of sweater

are you a man?

Jesus fucking christ, delete this thread and start over


It looks little frumpy. I think it's because of the sleeves though. Pattern looks little tableclothesque as well. I think you probably need to do some tailoring to make it less frumpy if you want to wear it out.

But I'm a guy, so Idk.

Ruined with the shoes.


I like it, get some dirt on those shoes though

can someone tell me the name of shoes

I'm starting a job at an investment bank and need to buy some new suits. My friend who works at the same company suggested I buy 6 brooks brothers suits, 10 dress shirts, belts, shoes etc. I already have a plethora of nice ties so that won't be an issue. How much is this going to run me? i'm budgeting around 7,000$ but I don't know if that will be too much or not enough. Can anyone give me so advice?






hes in his sister or moms room too lol

You dont need 6 fucking suits wtf
All you NEED is dark grey and navy and maybe light gray and black

kill yourself or actively sabotage the firm

>6 suits

I can't wear the same suit two days in a row you fucking numbskulls

>6 suit
>10 dress shirt
>all from brooks brothers
>7k budget
tell your friend to neck himself, here's what you going to do user:
>buy 3 suits, grey, navy blue and black.
>buy 2 dress shirts, white and baby blue.
>get yourself an pair of nice black leather chelsea boots
>1 brown oxford, no brogues
>2 belts, black and brown of course
>a tie bar
> profit

if you wear a different suit every 2 days and work 5 days a week that means you only need 3?

Bad, feels really clunky. Bombers are not fa anymore and don't fit your silhouette anyway


I'll give this a shot, just threw something on today. Please critique, and also tips on what never to wear with rafs


this ight
low budget tech, bretty gud
never wear v-necks again, let the jeans stack on top of the rafs, also that flannel collar unhinges me
terrible fit all around, terrible pic quality, what did i expect from Veeky Forums

work 5-7 days a week at a bank, only have 2 dress shirts. LOL


First time posting here so go easy on me guys :)



Rate my fit. Is it good?

you call that a chin

playing with colors and seeing what i can get away with. everything is a no name thrift except the nike air zooms from 2004
Jeans too tight, especially when paired with a flannel. Like that other user said that collar is sorta abrasive. The rafs are always nice :)
Good stuff, i fuck with this. keep posting your fits
Need a better photo, but it doesn't look like the colors are working together very coherently. Not a big fan of the jacket.
Good fit! All nice pieces individually, good silhouette, simple black/navy/white color scheme accentuates the rafs well.

Thanks for feedback :)

I like the colors, but the pink feels a bit much

get rid of the pink and try again

Bada bop bop ba
I hate myself, denim and corduroy edition

Style your hair



bredy good
what am i looking at.??, post better quality image user
taper your jeans or burn them, everything else is ok
boi or girl.?
pink shoes are no no
pants are too skinny

forgot pic

>Bubbles The Younger

Holy fucking shit pleeeease be bait

Best fit
Perfect 10 if you keep that hate on your face
Unsure about the jacket actually but otherwise great fit

this is nice
good shit


ok that pic is shit but saying bombers aren't Veeky Forums is like saying boots aren't Veeky Forums


Bought some new pants today

the shirt is no good. i would recommend against any button front shirt with this look desu. perhaps a crewneck tee or sweater. that hat looks strange too, like it's resting too high on your head.
i don't come to Veeky Forums as often as i used to, are you a casemods type of guy or actually looking for help? if the latter, this is just pitiful. I recommend not trying anything new until you get in shape. i don't mean to be rude but you cannot get by without at least getting healthier or a significant investment in better clothes and tailoring. exercise will help with the self hate part too
awful shoes even if i can just barely make them out. otherwise at least your jeans fit properly. the tee i am iffy on but the tommy logo makes it seem intentionally 90s goofy
i would say textbook dirty teenager core but your jacket is seriously strange, and not in a cool way. i assume it was a thrift find, look online and spend more then throw that thing away, it looks third world

Why are there 2 threads

I think the shoes are a little much or at least too big, fine with everything else
probably a no
nice work
it's not really creative but everything fits nicely, would go with a different shoe though.
bad pic
this is a joke
nah not really worth a crit sorry
bad, colors don't work and like you're gonna wear shoes when you leave the house, need to see those.
go back to the af1's or whatever other white shoes you had
yeah just a bad mix of different proportions, get a looser jean.
shoes look bad but also bad pic
ur a pretty man, pink shoes might be a tad too matchy but really this is nice
top too big, bottom too small
skinny boi. You're in shape so stuff is fine, but the flannel is a little cheap looking. Don't like the textures/buttons.

This is my first time in Veeky Forums

Are all of you gay or something? Why do you care so much about what you're wearing?

it's less gay than Veeky Forums obsessing over the male body, user

Well you HAVE to wear clothes why not put some fucking thought into it while you're at it


this is real pretty

how much of looking good in these threads is actually style just making a good pose and taking the picture outside instead of a mirror selfie?

I just like to look good

Please sauce me on those pants

you look uncomfortable, like you're pulling your shoulders up. fun tee, but i don't think the sleeve cuff does you any favors, as your arms look very soft no homo, guys look better with strong/sinewy arms. frankly the raf thing does not suit you, you appear to be imitating it. i wish i could be more specific but i can't quite express it. full disclosure i hate ozweegos so maybe take my outlook with a grain of salt

W2c jacket

all those things do a lot to make a fit look better. take for instance about half the pics in any given waywt thread, taken in dim lighting, in dirty mirrors, in awkward poses, at weird angles that tend to make their tops huge and bottoms tiny. simply shifting weight to one leg and/or putting your hands in your pockets makes a huge difference. hands in pockets make pants look better, i'm convinced. as another example, blazers and sport jackets look better with arms crossed. good posture does wonders as well.

all that being said, the fitness/aesthetics of the individual and the fit and quality of the clothes do probably 60-70% of the work.

Those are American Vintage!

Sweater is H&M and shoes are Raf Simons Velcro

Didn't see that there was WAYWT thread already existing when I made this one sorry for that btw, kinda new on fa but I'll keep posting!

Those are American Vintage!

Sweater is H&M and shoes are Raf Simons Velcro

Didn't see that there was WAYWT thread already existing when I made this one sorry for that btw, kinda new on fa but I'll keep posting!

nice shoes! i have a pair too, took a huge chunk out of my paycheck though...

appreciate the feedback dude! Soft arms comment made me laugh, just a funny way to put that.

Thrifted, St John's Bay.


Forgot to say all grey

you look ready to suck on some gloryhole dicks what the fuck are you thinking

is this bait?

w2c pants, shoes and jacket pls help

w2c the shoes?


people may question your sexuality, but dont get me wrong, i dig the fit.

What shoe size are you? I feel like high tops that aren't incredibly slim look like clown shoes and I don't even have big feet (US 10).

9.5, I do like mine but they can look a little clownish occasionally, just got balance it out with the rest of the fit.

why would you only buy 2 dress shirts? do you think someone working at an investment bank could do laundry in the weekday? fuck off neet

Is it ok to wear the same boots to uni every day?

I mean in the pic they look nearly as slim as chucks. How is the sizing on them compared to regular sneakers.

id suggest cuffing the jeans but still looks good

I think they fit similar to cons for sure. I'd just go true to size and see how it works out as that's what I did, pretty sure they do returns.

just to make sure these are the shoes you're wearing, just with them "rolled up"?

The best outfit so far
The jacket doesn't do it for me
Honestly would be better with no flannel, just the black shirt.
mmhmm yes you get it. ya dont need to wear 10 pieces of clothing to look fucking slick
Good too, but maybe unbutton that shirt it looks forced. The bag may be awkward for day to day use if it doesn't have a specific purpose (gym, work, your spraypaint)
P. good. IMO, long, white, longsleeves like that look better pushed (not rolled) halfway up your arms so your elbows are still covered or just past your elbows. makes your arms look bigger too.


get looser jeans and crew neck tees. drop the shirt / roll sleeves down / button it up
rafs are sick but you need to par them with better things or theyll loose all of their impact

You ever go these threads and think to yourself, "these are the people giving me fashion advice". This is an atrocity of a thread.


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>that gyno

this is what happens when you drink the tap water


teach me how to not take shitty photos please

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not a single good fit in this thread

i was making fun of that picture you massive retard

Veeky Forums on a budget, i like this
iron the shirt though