ITT: /cyrillic/

Post any articles of clothing that feature a language using the cyrillic alphabet. Designer, milsurp, thrift, you name it.

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You first.

Did you click on the image, my friend?


>I am ready for work and (military) defense
Communist propoganda is one of my triggers.



I meant provide more than just image. Which you did. So I'll post what I have.



Cпyтник 1985






I love "I'm worse than you" edition.

W2C would be ebin in binland winter


should i cop it?

I love this but fuck paying the inflated prices on Depop etc

Fuck yes it would. It's a gosha piece but it's almost impossible to get and I've been trying for quite some time.

Pic is a propaganda poster but I've seen it on a cap before. I'm searching.



W2C colorblock windbreaker other than Gosha ?

cooler than actual gosha stuff

just google search for 'baltika tshirt'
it is a beer brand

>it is a beer brand
just had one today my man

w2c nina kraviz shirt


literally less than retail on dsm. try harder next time chief

Should I cop this? I got buttblasted by actual Russians a few months ago not to buy any clothing with cyrillic text on it, is it that bad? I mean I have tees with Japanese text on it as well, although I do look asian

You can get away with it if it's a historical event like that

i unironically dont even know what it says desu

They grow up so fast

it says sputnik 1985
just as the brands name

That's just the tag

Cпyтник (sputnik) means both satellite and/or companion. And B кpyгy cвepcтникoв (v kroogoo sverstneekov) means Together with my peers or literally In circle with my peers.
Ukrainian ITT

This is the perfect jacket for OP. If he looks in the mirror it says "HOMO"

w2c similar pants

is left a male or female?



As someone from a post-soviet state, these clothes look weird as fuck to me.
And people would stare and/or laugh at me if I was wearing this.

>Not being able to at least read cyrillic

Fuck these westerners, my guy

>$145 on grailed
>£130 on Depop

Basically the same price once you add shipping costs.

Reading cyrillic isn't even hard. I've seen people learn it in under a week.

they retailed for $153 on dover street market how is that price inflated?


Of course not they are afterall like the latin alphabet based on the greek one


sputnik1985 ya dinguses

nothing like having DEATH written on a patch
love having football written on a tshirt

UHHH should i buy this my post soviet friendos or is it cheesy

thank you very much btw

Зaeбиcь тpeд, пaцaны

Fucking slut, had an event in Berlin last month at a record store, I fucking stood in a rain in front of it for like an hour in a queue and then they just told everyone to fuck off because Nina's friends arrived and there was no space left
Yes I'm mad


lmao if you put some effort into it you should literally be able to learn reading it in about an hour or two.


I know people that learned russian fluently within 10 minutes...

W2c this windbreaker

gosha ss16 lurk more

a buddy of mine learned to read cyrillic without opening his eyes in 80 seconds

these uniforms were so good

A buddy of mine had a baby who immediately learned to read, speak and memorize most of the Russian literature within 180 seconds after his birth.

ugh i hate when western brands use cyrillic
just go to any ukrainian or russian city, flights are cheap if ure european, and go to a thrift store and buy some legit shit
and not some western idealization of this fucked up culture

the key is actually remembering it and being able to read it at a decent speed.

what is the best place to order shirts in cyrillic? have tried thrifting but not found anything, are there any relatively cheap sites with cool stuff? I'm not talking like gosha

An old friend of mine memorized the entire Russian flag in only twenty minutes

My fiancee is from Poland and every time we visit there I'm reminded of just how fucked up things are in most of eastern Europe
The ideakizafion of those places by edgy "marxist" teens is so ridiculous

I'm in no way left-wing or Marxist, I just truly love how cyrillic looks and how Russian sounds
My ex spoke Russian and she'd use to always read the Russian translations on different signs to me

you're an complete idiot if you think people are buying cyrillic clothes bc they are "edgy marxist teens."
I'm Hungarian and don't give a fuck if people wear clothes with cyrillic, it looks cool.

It's a bydlo tier beer brand.

who fucking cares? androgyny is very /fa


Any love for Arabic/Farsi script?


lmao fuck no get out of here

Anyone have experience ordering from sputnik to the states? do they even ship here

Pls do not bomb :

I love it yeah

ew arab clothes based out of berlin with witch house playing, talk about trash.
I'll stick to Cyrillic clothes & techno thanks

>muzzies invading places they don't belong

Like pottery

>tfw the worst country has the best flag

fuck off

>arab streetwear
>literally made in saudi germania

whats the fucking point, just get a spartak or cska jersey


show me a football shirt that looks as good as that one tho. and Russian clubs usually have sponsors in the English alphabet, I don't see a lot of cyrillic on them






bumping this q

lol they are literally gazprom overalls. very effay!!

Fug, Fila is korean now? Wtf Italy