Just when you thought he was gone

He does it again....

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what ever happened to that live stream he was doing? Is it still going?

So he dresses like a doomsday prepper and you think he's some kind of icon


ID shoes

How does he lead a fit lifestyle yet remain skinnyfat after so many years, no discernible gains

>muh specialized bike

get a beater

Does what? Robs REI?

He can obviously get fit when he wants to, hes done it before. He might just stay neutral between roles




based Shia is based

Say that to my face user, dare ya


Shia is a confused boy

this was all just an inside job that shia designed to expose the ignorance of the left and give voice to the redpilled. Hes literally /our/s

Was it Dylann who started the walmart camo trend? Some rappers did it before?

Who is this and what did he do, and then do again?

It came out that he was claiming to have joined a reserve branch of the millitary but it was confirmed a lie

He went around claiming to be a soldier for a movie role for over 2 years

lol Would it even surprise anyone if Shia was OP?

>not knowing who this is


That's not Walmart camo

Shits expensive I have a hunting bow dipped in camo

Hydro dipping is some cool shit

the museum abandoned him

It is though. Looks like Mossy Oak or some such shit

Is this the "I'll put up a flag as a protest against Drumpf and /pol/ will go full weaponized autism on me to track it down and destroy it every time" guy?


He used to be in movies

If I realized that a legion of Veeky Forums wackos had taken an unfriendly interest in me, I'd be going full grey man or deep innawoods, far from any cameras.

Yeah they invented this shit


Why hes a former child disney actor

Everywhere he goes people will make fun of him for even Stevens shit

A bunch of millennials from the Midwest calling and hanging up his agents phone number is the type of shit he deals with everyday why would it scare you?

I guess I'm out of touch. I know nothing of this person beyond the flag thing.

Kinda mired him and his style before all that live stream bullshit he pulled. That thing made me realize how much of a dumbass hobo he is.

isn't that supreme

>getting memed by /pol/ this hard

/pol/ is always right

Pretty sure it's realtree camo...mossy oak is a little darker...

>replaced my 99 jeep cherokee's sagging headliner
>could have done it in redneck camo
>did it in original light gray instead.

It would not have matched the visors in rednect camo

>heavy ass chain
>saddle tilted to the front
>no spd pedals
>no spare tire kit
>a fucking cyclocross

>these reflective strips

I copped one of these coats on eBay a little while back. Would be funny if he dumped this in a goodwill bin somewhere and it's his coat I bought.

How did he go from jew tier gross hair to what he has now?

let them grow or cut them short

how does he keep doing it, lads?

none of that matters to any normal person or at all

He may stray away now and then but he still remains.... /ourguy/

beard and muscles

he literally looks like a completely usual person who didn't think for a second about what clothes he was gonna put on

i don't get why the hell you guys idolize him.

Lame ass backpack pixel camo in 2107
tryhard pleb bike

shoulda ride an old ladies road beater like you just dgaf

youre right, you dont get it

something like this

Shia you are such a tool next time ask me for advise


Blurring method acting and cosplay

Damn I would put mon penis in the one on le droite

Is time to shave that shit off bro, it makes you look older and not pretty. Also work on those weak ass legs.

Oh it's the same shitty VASQUE Breeze 2.0 from way back


rate my shia core/terror wave

more like mallwave

nothing in this is shiacore. get some combat boots and slim jeans then any basic well fitting tee. throw on a baseball cap

if i saw you in real life i would punch your dick so hard it would explode

all haters.

cya at Seinfeld.wish me luck

Fucking walmart bikes in service. It's actually a great idea for a utilibike.

jesus cringe christ

He's clearly trying hard to look manly, so I assume he wants to look older

k this is bad

no lol

its a bike for men

the color of those pants is garbage

ID on shoes?

what language is that belgiumese?

You're observant as hell mate

>carrying helmet
why bother at all

Not everyone wants to look like a little pretty twink.

He looks like he is in his mid or late 30s and his room looks like the on of a poor teenager

what do you mean by "grey man"? you mean you'd become like that cannibal proto-Leatherface guy from the movie??

Serious question 'cos I actually need a bike: is that a chick's frame? Or does it even matter? Or is it for men, but so they don't smash their balls as easily?

If you're getting a bike go to /n/, it's a slow board but people there tend to be nicer than this fucking board.

this looks like the average guy in Texas lol


Sieg wtf. YEARS have passed and you're still here? god damn man.
Veeky Forums is fun and all but jesus.

I hope you're not the same one ;~;


it is
he's fat and pathetic

it always surprises me the amount of melee hell users in Veeky Forums.

holy shit senpai, thats fucked up. bye time to leave Veeky Forums for another fucking year. Seeing Sieg makes me realize I have a life to live.

whats the brand

i make more money than you. all cash, no tax.
and im an artist.

jerry was amazing. hilarious truly.


>not even riding a fixie
how can someone fail at tryharding

WHY the fuck are Bikes so fucking expensive ? i really wanted to buy one but holyshit its way too much

Frame is called a mixte. It's a hybrid between a men's and women's frame. Unisex. Works incredibly well and has room so you don't smash your balls. I have a Raleigh super course from the 70s and it's a hell of a bike. I'd recommend getting one, the ride is so comfortable. Also have a cinelli fixed gear bike and a canondale road bike, I prefer the old one to those.