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I've never ordered a fake before and I've never had any interest in them but I liked this enough to give it a shot


from the back?


front again?


slide to the left?


neato, let us know if the quality's good


did i fuck up?

I don't think that phrase fully captures the magnitude of what you did

well shit


Danner Combat 503
They don't seem to be on their site anymore but they're god-tier all-weather boots


where did you get it

aliexpress, friend

Did i fucked it up?



they look like those shoes 14 year olds who cant skate but skates when ppl are out to look cool

Impulse cop, how bad did I fuck up

t. numale

Recently wearing this. R8

this coat

holy shit so bad

Impulse buy, the colour just looked really nice in person

bought these for $150, pretty nice steal so

uhhh yeah dude puma is pretty bottom of the barrel right now. kinda just weirdo normie shit i would expect some single mom to wear because her walk to the local mcdonalds hurts her feet. sorry dude


if you havent worn boots or at least this style of boot before you have fucked up tremendously

kinda just normie shit, like, its fine but nothing special.

sorta neat, might be weird

i can dig these

do you ever shut the fuck up about being an authentic skater? it is such an autistic concept and you never stop harping about it

>uhhh yeah dude puma is pretty bottom of the barrel right now. kinda just weirdo normie shit i would expect some single mom to wear because her walk to the local mcdonalds hurts her feet. sorry dude
well shit i am fucking terrible at this. guess i'll be returning them.

for 190usd, it's being shipped to me right now


hey man, i know what i said is kinda rough and in all honesty i was just trying to have a bit of a laugh, but dont lose hope. just lurk for a while more and shit, and you'll get a better handle on what looks good and what doesn't. and hey, if you really truly like those shoes, try to make em work,

its just gonna be really hard

it matters to some ppl...for a lot of young ppl skateboards are their identity, like how some ppl are passinate about a genre of musix ans hate every other type...if you attack ppl for posing as skaters but not living by the code of the board it makes it feel more authentic, more important

just stfu you stupid kunt, if youre going to say a brand is shit dont have a nervous breakdown because somebody replied to you lol

btw Puma is fine, same as any other sports brand, dont ask for validation from 14 yr old autists in the flyyover and make your own mind up

needed something for the concert

whered you cop

but why




where the hell did you get those for 150?

The coat


damn i thought you copped the floor he was on.

i like the coat though.

DOPE! w2c?

The world would be a better place without you and your friends in it

living by the code of the board

fucking hell man come on

If you got those for 150 its 99% chance they're fake


>living by the code of the board

Thinking about getting it for work. I'll take suggestions. I'm not looking to break the bank

Rate it lads

they are so comfy

>code of the board

how many inches do you get out of that


Don't wear the band's merch to a show. More often than not you'll look like a douche


Lovely jacket

They aren't bad. They fit well and look good, but after a couple months the seams started splitting. I still wear them because it looks kind of cool but I don't think they're built for heavy duty work.

Yup same here.

Really nice, wouldve bought leather but too expensive.

Thrifted for $1.50

Just Got this Undercover AW09 piece for 300

winter is coming

Docs quality has been in decline for a long while.

It's true. I work at a store that sells Docs. The canvas is just terrible

hella fre*king epic

What is that cringy asterisk meme? Krautchan poster?

My Club 85's turned to shit, got these instead for € 40.

wings+horns white leather slip-ons.

Pretty damn happy with them, managed to find the last pair online I could find in my size at gravity pope. Wanted to upgrade my Vans Vault slip-ons to a pair that I could comfortably wear to the office without offending anyone but didn't want to dish out the $500+ for a pair of minimalist sneakers. Way cheaper than Common Projects/Bottega on sale (I got them from Gravity Pope for $170 and they're originally $380).

I'm trying to get into lunarcore a bit and I've been looking at some anoraks.
Should I be getting a black or a white anorak?

i tought he would say that they looked like a dildo for some reason

I feel like whites look better as outer layers with lunarcore



slide to the right?


10 dollars at a thrift store, did I do gud?

why ty

Nice. How much did you pay

113 gbp but seller is giving 20% back because it's missing a button (and paying for the costs of a new one)

it's roughly 1.5-2 inches tall on the heel


Just thrifted 55 lbs of iron weight plates for $10 cad fucking good feels. Was just gonna order new 25 plates for like $40 each


also been needing a normal step platform for the calves, been using a couple cinder blocks. Suddenly found for $5 the exact thing I was gonna order.

Bought on a whim cuz on sale. Looks cool idk

You gonna ride to the mall on your skateboard to get a soft pretzel and a icee? kek

i kinda like this one, but with taxes and shipping it cones to $75 usd

Any promo code?

Nah m8, wouldn't buy from their website. Try mountain steals

Good one. Solid, congrats.

Some SLP raw denim D02 jeans for $150.

From the tags it seems like its from the slimmer F/W 2013 season.

How's the sizing? Can you post pic?

Is the quality good for the like 30 bucks

V nice looks great on you

just copped; coming in two weeks from now

this is a Christian board. no cursing allowed, friend

I won't have it for like a week and a half, but I will when I get it