Can someone explain to me why do you hate this style so much?

Can someone explain to me why do you hate this style so much?

Like, can I get a genuine explanation, what bothers you about it? Why don't you like to see people wearing it? Why do you derail every single Veeky Forums thread about it or make fun of people who are into it? I just don't get it.

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Bad fast fashion. If you can't figure out why on your own then you're beyond the point of instruction

everyone looks the same, ripped jeans, yeezy, UB, etc.
no real individuality so never really original, and its all about how much money you spent vs actual quality and original pieces

What is "good" fashion to you then?

Could you post some pictures?

Also how the fuck is this fast fashion when Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh constantly call out other brands for being fast fashion. Virgil recently said that Zara, Uniqlo and H&M are the McDonald's of clothes and the true cancer of the industry.

>how can this guy be a mobster when he just called out every other mobster in the city??

>everyone looks the same, ripped jeans, yeezy, UB, etc.
But it looks good though? Can at least admit that.

in my own personal opinion i dont think it ever really looks good tho

fashion really shouldn't be thought about this hard just wear what you want you fucking loser

>just wear what you want
I do, but Veeky Forums always makes fun of me.

Style over substance.

Nothing fits right. Badly proportioned, everything looks too tight (bottom left) or too large (hoodie above that). Bulky shoes on skinny legs always looks awful. Past that, any of the brands listed here have no merit. They're the fast food of clothing, quickly played out, and soon to be forgotten. Anyone can wear it because it's just streetwear.

The ONLY decent fit here is the one on the far right with the ripped denim and the pink boots, but you can tell he's wearing an oversized shirt which would probably just make the entire fit look like the others in the collage.

kys OP

This has nothing to do with OP's picture though.

please die and stay die
tasteless fuckers like you are ruining this board

I personally think those boots are ugly as fuck. This style goes well only with NMDs, Yeezys or Ultra Boosts.

Hello r street wear

See I was right, there's nothing about thie fit either. The jeans fit better than the others, but even then, it's still ripped up and part of just another cheap streetwear fit. I don't like the color of the boots either.

>Ultra Boosts

Sounds like more streetwear garbage fampai. Ultra Boosts are good running shoes though.

silhouettes look bad for the most part, as longline tees and hoodies make the torso look longer and the legs look stubbier. the skin tight ripped jeans just exaggerate the already small legs, and the shoes are oddly bulky. The pieces on their own are fine and can be used in good fits if paired appropriately, but this particular style of streetwear is lazy and doesn't look very good.

Longline stuff like tees or hoodies is best paired with larger bottoms, like cargo pants or harem pants, pod shorts, origami trousers, rick shit, etc.

Skinny jeans look best when not skintight but slim enough to lengthen the legs' silhouette. tucking in your shirt or just wearing a normal length shirt ensures that you won't look like you have disproportionately small legs.

Yeezys/ubs/ any futuristic runners look best with tech fits, not skinny jeans. Tapered cargos, track pants and the like are the best choices.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that the look is associated with pea-brain fucks who have a little bit of money to blow on clothes but can't think of anything to wear other than what they see on their instagram feed

oversized shirts look so bad, they make you look smaller/skinnier than you actually are. They didn't look good in the 2000's when all the rappers were wearing them, and they don't look good now. Pairing them with the skinny jeans makes them look even worse. It all just clashes. The ridiculous shirt-skirt thing they having hanging from their waist or hanging out from underneath their top should speak for itself.

Not everyone hates it.

Copped this the other day, don't regret it at all, idgaf.

Why do you think so many people like it then?

Isn't this just a "personal preference" and not something that is objectively good or bad? Like, you like your stuff, but a lot of people also love this style, so who can say that it's wrong or objectively ugly?

i think its really just people over mixing styles. jerry lorenzo tried to mix SLP with rick and it looks like pure ass. Off white is just a lazy margiela rip off, and abloh is a talentless hack. He even confessed that pyrex was pretty much a joke at fashion. then you have shit like vetements.

>Longline stuff like tees or hoodies is best paired with larger bottoms, like cargo pants

no way bro

>Everyone looks the same
Like the faggots on this board don't all look the same with their faggy ninjacore bullshit.

people see skinny jeans that look good in SLP. they see interesting looking shoes like yeezys. They see longline tees in rick fits. All on their own, the pieces are fine. but when mixed its shitty.

would you mix ice cream with chili and a caesar salad?

yeah cause his legs look like sausages and the jeans are the casings.

I don't understand how/why can Veeky Forums love techwear but not streetwear.

Sometimes the line between the two can be so blurry it's almost nonexistent.

Damn, I really like this, where can I cop the hoodie?

Because it's a trend? Some people might actually like it, and that's fine. But that won't change my opinion of it being ugly. Other people might wear it because it's popular and they have no sense of their own style. It's like what someone else said earlier in this thread, they're imitating what they see on their instagram feed.

Because they're idiots just hating on shit that's popular and accessible. Making excuses like street wear all looks the same, yet they themselves all look the same as well. Hypocrite faggots

julius, from at least 5 years back.

>not being able to differentiate between streetwear and techwear

Are you retarded?

Not everyone on Veeky Forums likes techwear. This place has just never been streetwear friendly, at least not like how it is now. Stop being so upset and go somewhere more suited to your tastes if you don't like it here.


No thank you.

Even Off-White hoodies cost less.

one tripfag named trunks was selling his for $125 circa 2 years ago. sorry you missed out.

Because people are complete faggots and hypocrites hating on what's popular these days. They try to be as contrarian as possible but in actuality they don't have a style of their own and everything they wear looks the same but they don't even realize it. They all look the same, that's the biggest irony here. Yes, there's a lot of hype that surrounds streetwear, it's really popular. A lot of white teens wear it, but that doesn't mean shit. Because streetwear is accessible and because reddit likes it Veeky Forums decided to hate it. It's as simple as that.

Also, at the risk of sounding superficial/vain/whatever I'm going to say that you will get zero pussy if you dress """Veeky Forums""". Well maybe like 1 or 2 pussy. But you are squandering your pussy potential. Fact of the matter is if you're 18-28, streetwear is the way to go. Getting basic bitches is just so much easier. A lot of people here are just bitter virgins that hate streetwear because it reminds them of Chad, but they can't let that bring them down.



>all these streetwear apologists on Veeky Forums

Disgusting. How long have you faggots been lurking on Veeky Forums? Probably no more than a few years. Abhorrent. Vile. Repugnant, really.

thats cause the majority of this board are fucking douches that feel the need to start a hate thread or put others down to feel better about their own shitty lives

>Apologising for streetwear, even though it looks way better than half the faggot shit posted on this board.

You are the le wrong generation of Veeky Forums

>doesn't know how to greentext

fuck off newfag Veeky Forums has never been for streetwear

>Well maybe like 1 or 2 pussy.

Kill yourself, dumbfuck racist.

>He scolds someone for greentexted wrong even though they did it right

I think says more about how long you've been on the board more than me.

Hello /r/streetwear

Post your fit, jealous loser.

Why do streetwear fags purposely leave streetwear-discussion websites, go to places that don't like streetwear, and whine when they get told streetwear is shit?

>not liking streetwear makes you a racist /pol/ack


>run on sentences




Low quality b8

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>I choose to have my purchase decisions be externally influenced

the epitome of teenaged plebeian behaviour

>externally influenced

How else are you gonna get influenced? Internally? Dumb pseud.

This desu

>maybe like 1 or 2 pussy
Kek. But pretty much this post.

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the youtuber vlogger style


because the only reason people wear clothes like this is to show how much money they have and how in tune they are with popular rappers and such. a hoodie, tshirt, jeans, and running shoes is not fashionable, its something you wear to the gym

Longline tops and skinny pre-distressed denim give rise to an awful silhouette. The pre-distressed denim in particular disgusts me because the distressing makes no sense. Unless you've been on your knees for the past month sucking cock your knees aren't going to tear open like that. Most of the distressing naturally occurs near the crotch/thigh. The boost shoes silhouette does not work well with skinny jeans, it's really jarring and only really works well with techwear fits that have things like cargos etc.

Different strokes for different folks, OP.

I like those fits, but it's just a temporary thing and I won't dress that way when I'm 30.

because the cool kids dress that way and i am jealous of their life

if you like those fits you'll probably dress terribly for the rest of your life


>calls Zara, Uniqlo and H&M the cancer of the industry
>sells alot of shit that looks like it belongs in H&M & Zara sale bin

Are you honestly saying that people aren't capable of determining style on a basis apart from other people?

fair enough if you think it looks good, but to me it all just looks the same and just chasing some kanye hype.

Please tell me this is bait.

Why would I bait? That Off-White hoodie is fly as fuck.

because it's all about trend hopping, showing off your wealth, wearing "hyped" items without realising what makes them work in the first place
it's shit-tier fashion that looks like fucking mish-mashed garbage with no style or color coordination, no originality, just trying to wear as many coveted items as possible
it winds up looking basically just like overpriced Zara / H&M and it pains me to see that this is what fashion means to many kids

looks like garbage
is obnoxious
puts showing off your weath and "being in the know" before actual good fits
the culture surrounding it is pure cancer with a tendency for spreading to different communities

do you like techwear?


Like any style of fashion, the true problem lies in actually seeing it in person and not on models, celebrities, or fancy bloggers and in look books.

Streetwear is popular, easy to get into, and has a culture behind it (skating, and hip-hop) and is cheap enough to imitate. You'll get a lot of people that are lazy dressers, not physically proportioned well, under aged and awkward looking, trend followers, sweaty and dirty from being outside skating or jumping around in some warehouse underground rap show. These things makes the clothes look terrible and try hard.

This happens with other styles of clothes but we don't see them as much in person. So it's easier to hate on streetwear because it's common and accessible.

You see ASAP Rocky wear something or shout out a brand on a song, or Kanye releases a new piece of clothing and the next day people are all over it. It makes other fashion fans roll their eyes.

Kill yourself you utter waste of life.

it has the potential to look good, unlike this garbage
>mfw I made a hypebeast babby upset
just gb2 r/streetwear already, noone will hurt your feelings there

So, from what I understand, Veeky Forums doesn't have a problem with skinny jeans or Yeezys or oversized hoodies on their own, it's only when all these pieces are mixed together that Veeky Forums thinks it looks like shit, right?

Ripped pants are always awful to my frugal self, user - pants are suppose to last long when you wanna move around while not end up exposing your crotch.

Speaking of which...

>a hoodie, tshirt, jeans, and running shoes is not fashionable, its something you wear to the gym
Who on earth wears jeans to work out at the gym?

I want /pol/ to leave.

I like streetwear because it looks laidback, cool and rebellious.

I don't like all the white kids wearing it though, most of them are huge pricks.

This site has never been so toxic and /pol/ infested. Every board has literally become a 99% shitposting hate machine.

you realize you can leave at any time, right? maybe your needs would be better met on reddit

Same with Ic and Fit. Reddit is now better for fashion. The invasion of 16 year old normies, who are jerks, destroyed FA.

the style is awful but it's black roots have nothing to do with that

what we need to do is convince /r/streetwear that it's actually good so we stop getting these aspirational nobodies that want to "move up" to here and /r/malefashion (and a few other places i dont wanna mention)

You're a nigger

Can you imagine a college educated average American making $70k/year coming in and lusting after Kanye West sneakers and being relatable to unemployed welfare niggers?

Its a fucking shitty style

go back to waywt thread with your sneaks, jeans, and tshirt.

you're just a regular faggot, you don't like fashion. chances are your pants fit like shit too cause you got em for like $20 on sale.

streetwear IE off-white FoG etc is shit but what's even more shit is being a boring faggot without balls to try something besides a tshirt and jeans

People always seem to think that wearing Veeky Forums "approved" shit or being classy looking is better when all you do is come off as an egotistic ass that wants to be credited for how much money and how above you are compared to other people.

Keep in mind the worse people on earth wore suits, so let's be realistic here, streetwear regardless if you hate it or not is far more relatable and humane and actually genuine for someone. I could relate to them more cause they're not some high up dipshit trying to be something he's not. Streetwear feels free and makes you look like someone down to earth rocking shit that others can have and relate to.

You don't go to a damn club or party and see everyone rocking suits and formal shit unless it's some high end motherfuckers. Which again proves my point.

Stop being a faggot. Veeky Forums has never liked streetwear. Why would you purposely go somewhere that doesn't like streetwear and then whine when everyone shits all over you? This board isn't for you. Fuck off. Go somewhere else. This isn't a difficult concept to grasp.

>Streetwear feels free and makes you look like someone down to earth rocking shit that others can have and relate to.

You're projecting. Not everyone wants to appear """down to earth""". Not everyone cares about how many people they're able to relate to.

You're wasting your time.

Can you imagine a young person rocking streetwear outside with friends and have an active sex and social life? The answer is yes for both you idiot.

When did I say they couldn't? What the fuck are you talking about?

>a young person rocking

Please stop. Veeky Forums isn't for you.

>Please stop. Veeky Forums isn't for you.

who is Veeky Forums for?

the losers wearing shirts from target, jeans from H&M and chucks that dominate our waywts?


assumes i wear sneakers and jeans
assumes i only wear suits

are u guys schizophrenic or something? where are you getting this?

>streetwear IE off-white FoG etc is shit
why the fuck are you arguing with him then?
he never said he's into boring menswear

My point isn't really about being Veeky Forums approved, or wearing suit. Honestly, streetwear in general doesn't bother me, it's just this particular style that I find ugly.

Pic related is still streetwear and is definitely more my speed (except for the hat).

I hope you realise there is almost no difference between the people in OP and H&M
this is literally the kind of style shitty fast fashion brands try to emulate: derivative garbage focused on the latest trends and nothing else


Streetwear counter-culture "punkish" style only works until 20s. After that it looks dumb on everybody, like they have nothing better in life than lurk on Hypebeast and praise some nigger-rapper. Neither is it high-fashion for people to respect, nor is it expensive traditional menswear.

>I feel free
>by dressing like every one else

Dope what's your YouTube vlog channel

underrated post


Just cause you asked for it.