Okay boys, I keep hearing complaints about /r/streetwear or /r/mfa so let's clear this out once and for all

Okay boys, I keep hearing complaints about /r/streetwear or /r/mfa so let's clear this out once and for all.

How did you find Veeky Forums?

>liked clothes
>used Veeky Forums
>the rest.

it was the opposite for me desu i only got into Veeky Forums because of Veeky Forums

I don't even like coming back here anymore.

This, lurk of chan + liking fashion I end up here.
Now I'm here just for nostalgia and shitposting.

>came here from /b/
>decided it was better
>actually helped me in refining my tastes
>the trips were helpful and the memes were contained

cut to present day
>completely uninspired
>full of right wing vs left wing discourse
>any discussion about fashion and style is strained and dishonest

now i only visit here like once a week to see if anything cool is going on. never is

I've been on Veeky Forums since 2006. At some point I stopped going to /b/ and started lurking boards that were relevant to my hobbies and interests. Veeky Forums was one of the boards that I started lurking from that point forward.

>start lurking on /b/ right before summer of 2007
>checking out other boards based on my hobby changes
>come to Veeky Forums
>become fashionable but develop mild depression

>contemplate suicide everyday but hey at least i dress good

I heard Asap Rocky's hit song "fashion killa" and the rest was history

>browse /k/
>haha guys look at these fags on Veeky Forums
>go to Veeky Forums
>not as bad as /k/ hyped it up to be

>browse other boards on Veeky Forums
>"hey there's this board about fashion let's see what's going on there"
>i liked it and it actually really helped me out and showed me new things
that's it

>Lurked on /b/ since like 2004, ended up switching to other boards when /b/ turned to complete shit

boyfriend posted my fit

came from reddit

this place hurts to visit nowadays

whole website and to a lesser extent internet is polarized politically

not really a damming condemnation of fa T B H

Not him but it wasn’t like this when I started here either

that doesnt contradict what i said?

i said is, as in currently
you can't really get upset at fa for being influenced by prevailing culture my dude

It's only polarized because retards from /b/ and /pol/ seem to think that their shit needs to leave their boards. Shit like that was always quarantined because people used to know that you don't need to take your shitposting outside those boards.

>come to Veeky Forums
>lurked a few boards
>"man, I wanna get bitches, I know I'll go to Veeky Forums!"
>still kissless virgin, but I get occasional for compliments

>used Veeky Forums
>into fashion
>never bothered to go on here because i thought it would be fat neckbeards talking about etnies shoes and graphic tees
>finally looked at it around 2012/3 and liked it

it's definitely got worse but there's an occasional thread which is pretty good, I only come on here like once a week now though, at the most

i think its more indictadive of a larger cultural issue that encompasses more than just Veeky Forums t b h

If /fa is so shit what is there to substitute it. Im lookig for something like caretags but with more movement? does that even exist? where does everyone lurk?

>contemplate suicide everyday but hey at least i dress good

Veeky Forums is no better than reddit these days. r/mfa is mostly just basic non-hideous fits with a few really good ones, while every waywt thread on Veeky Forums is 95% awkward cringy shit. Mfa can at least competently pull off their boring style most of the time.

what I wouldn't do for Bateman's hair.

>started browsing /r/Veeky Forums when I was 13 because a friend showed me
>started browsing /b/ when I was 14
>went to /mu/ and /tv/ when I was 16, continue to go to /mu/, stopped going to /tv/ when it became/I realized it was trash
>went to Veeky Forums and Veeky Forums when I was 18
>now 20, still browse Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums, and /mu/

>Came to Veeky Forums
>Wanted to improve myself
>Started to visit Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums, and Veeky Forums

samesies dudebro

>get into music
>start going on /mu/
>am somehow convinced Kanye is good
>want to dress like Kanye
>check out Veeky Forums
>find my own style and realize it's much better this way


same except i saw the "i'll be your plastic toy" jacket from undercover and psycho candy is one of my favorite albums

>/r/Veeky Forums

>visit /3/ 3DCG (as it's my profession and hobby)
>accidentally clicked Veeky Forums
>already had an interest in fashion and design
>the rest is history

Correct. We are in a state of massive political polarization and acceleration. It's not the /pol/ users are going out an shitposting on every hobby board, but that politics has colonized the minds of the people who normally post on those boards. We are past the event horizon with this. Every single thing will be relentlessly politicized and everybody will be forced to choose sides until one side overpowers the other and deals a decisive blow that renders it unable to continue. There's no escaping this. Politics is going to consume everything you love until there's blood in the streets.

Read Nick Land.

>decided I didn't like looking retarded
>started lurking on Veeky Forums
>Thought it was stupid
>Lurked more
>Began enjoying it

And I still look retarded


coming here from reddit
what does kek mean?


>Had fashion related jobs on and off for years
>always been surrounded by people interested in fashion, art, music
>ended up in hospital for several months late last year
>lost apt. clothes and job while under medical sedation
>started living back with parents in different city while regaining health to work again
>needed some sort of outlet to humanity, humor, and culture that wasn't so serious
>was always an irl person til now
>am newfag

Since this place is so shit, where else can I discuss fashion?
I know where to get inspo but discuss fits without it turning into autistic screeching is beyond me.

I found Veeky Forums in 2008(?) while exploring the non-/b/ parts of Veeky Forums. I had never really considered fashion before then. After years of on and off lurking, I still dress like shit.