Does anyone ever compliment you on your fits? Friends? Strangers?

Does anyone ever compliment you on your fits? Friends? Strangers?

I like to wear flashy sneakers, and that draws a bit of attention. If they're not complimenting me about them, they're probably looking at them. It's the second thing I get the most compliments on, aside from my hair.

Two drunk guiris once came up to me outside a punk gig and complimented me on the skinhead look and we chatted in a mix of english and drunken dumbed-down tourist-tier spanish for a while about the local scene.

yes, unless you are irredeemably ugly, you will get compliments from people quite often. i used to think that this was the world's way of telling me i was fashionable but i've come to realize that some people are just 'fake' nice or those compliments may come from tasteless idiots. i think a lot of Veeky Forums has experiences like this and think they are model potential but just try and be real guys

Yes, I get compliments on my fits on a regular basis from coworkers and underlings at work... but never for wearing anything effay.

Where I work, most people dress extremely casually, so when I show up wearing more professional attire (careful not to be overdressed either) I stand out just the right amount, and this is actually very helpful in my job.

I used to get compliments from a gay co-worker at my old job.
Also I got complemented on some hi-top all white chucks by some chicks once, I think it's because most guys in my area are hypebeasts who only wear nike,jordan,adidas,etc so anything else is different.
I also wore palewave for a while and that would get me compliments from some friends.

Seems to be a common occurrence in workplaces from what I've seen.
I had a teacher that put some effort into his dressing and he was always complemented by everyone.

Yes, but i get more compliments about my hair. Once i was kind of sad and angry after a very weak date and this woman just came to me and told me something along the line of "You have very beautfiul hair, that's all i wanted to say" and then went back to her friends and it was sweet as fuck, thank you random woman

it's laughably easy to get compliments, you just have to know what style normies think looks good
you'll never stand out with solid basic fitting fits, i.e expensive basic items like acne unless it's a shirt or sweatshirt with a screen print
also they tend to not respect some more experimental clothing like a jinbei, or a weird cut of a top or bottom
i've found that dressing hedi slp will always get compliments, people will think you're dressing for an occasion and comment on chelsea boots

Yes. Yes. Yes.
It's all shit I've acquired while traveling to Russia, Korea, Japan and New Zealand. I work in Washington (state)now.

What did you get in NZ?

Wimmin here. Wimmin to wimmin do not compliment each other much and I dont really get close to men so I dont really get much compliments. If they do compliment you and you're also a woman, high chance they need something from you or they're just being plastic. That is so common on the workplace. But really, they dont want to give compliments unless they're really close with the person they're complimenting. It is competition everytime and if they're not paying attention to their looks/hygiene, you'll hear "I'm only a simple woman. I don't need to do much to my looks" as a brag/excuse why they look so unkempt. I mean yeah, that'll work if you're already good looking, but if you look like Shrek then i dont know...
I get lots of surprise suitors tho. One time I was talking to a female colleague, her tounge slipped and she told me I'm a "fuccgirl". I asked her what a "fuccgirl" is and she said it's like "fuccboi" or a "man dressing to attract and fuck women". I only dress like pic related

I am told I look """like a straight chiller""" or that my clothes have a soft or comfy aesthetic. Pic related is my general color palette

If normalfags are complimenting you that is both bad and good, usually they only think whatever is trendy is good looking that or American eagle and h&m

I have resting bittch face so people don't tend to be fond of approaching me

Blended merino wool and angora scarf.

Got it during my Christmas vacation on Boxing Day so it was incredibly affordable given the fact it was sweltering hot but it was freezing cold where I was going back.

It was recommended by passerby customer, a very spunky old lady who reminded me of my late grandma. The kind of old woman who looks like she'd still be running marathons and would sass you if you didn't bless the food before eating. We only spoke briefly but I still think about her from time to time

ID on shirt?

Pic of hair?

my girlfriend thinks i look cool thats it, oh and my mum

what sneaker?

Almost all of the compliments on my fits come from 40+ year old women


Same here

Almost all of the compliments on my fits come from 40+ year old men

I often get compliments on a pair of brogues that look at bit like pic related

ITT Classic effay narcissism.

What do you wear?

that shirt is maddening and i need it right now

I have a Winnie Pooh print t-shirt that literally EVERYONE compliments me on. I have it for 3 years now and every time I wear it, people comment positively on it, especially young women.

The only other person that ever complimented me on my clothes was a spoiled little brat in university. She only wears YSL clothes and all that crap and lives with her parents in a villa. She complimented my ramones. I think it's just because she knows who Rick is and made the association Rick = expensive = good.

PRO-TIP: 99% of all people don't care or don't even pay attention to what you're wearing. They only see the initial silhouette and that's it.

Friends do sometimes. Feels good man

I found it at a thrift store. The brand is "Bass"

I posted in one of the recent hair threads, it's really curly on top

nike kobe elite system 8 - extraterrestrial colorway in pic.

Thank you for the info

I get compliments on individual pieces a lot and sometimes full outfits.

A homeless dude told me I looked cool as shit the other day and there's one gay homeless dude that used to tell women passing by that I was a sexy man.

Middle aged women frequently, sometimes by just randoms. My friend recently said that I was the most fashionable person they knew, so that felt good

>my hair. Once i was kind of sad and angry after a very weak date and this woman just came to me and told me something along the line of "You have very beautfiul hair, that's all i wanted to say" and then went back to her friends and it was sweet as fuck, thank you random woman
Can't find it dud post.



Evet get compliments on your outfits when you think you're dressed like shit? Thats the worst.

I've gotten a lot of compliments but it's usually not on the stuff I want to get compliments on

For example I've gotten tonnes of compliments on my Off-White hoodie that to me is just a cool hoodie I picked up at Milan Expo (didn't know about Off-White).
Or I was wearing the Gosha scarves sweater out on the street and some guy just screams "Hey, is that Gosha!" From the other side of the street. I'm pretty sure he wasn't being ironic cause he was fitted in streetwear

Meanwhile I only rarely get compliments on Haider or Ann D fits that actually take time for me to put together and think about

Random guy took a photo of me couple of days ago. Thought I was not watching, but that is quite obvious with a DSLR... Not sure it was because of the fit though. But otherwise I wouldn't know why. Or maybe he was just desperate and wanted a photo of any breathing female human being.

women compliment each other all the time they just don't compliment you because you probably seem like a snobby cunt

>Wimmin to wimmin do not compliment each other much

damn you must have no fuckin friend

Women do compliment each other. Every time I go out I get compliments from women, also on my clothing a lot. And I don't think all of these are all by accident hitting on me or something, because I look like shit. I think they just compliment me because I wear whatever I want now, so I might look a bit different and apparently many people tend to prefer that.

Green timberland boots
I love them, and wear them a lot of the winter (Detroit), definitely get people coming over and saying they look nice

Plus it doesn't look actually that loud with grey jeans + colored hanes tee

must be a great way to attract the

Also these pink + off white asics get more comments from the woman side than the men side

Plus, then you respond with "not too pink right?" and chat from there

STFU they look nice

These get some nice looks too, mostly from non-fa people who think the leather looks cool

If this isn't bait then what is... Had a good laugh though.

At my uni I get compliments from older men and women when i wear my smarter outfits(kacki dress pants, white dress shirt, navy blazer etc. I.e. Modern Smart casual), and compliments mainly from ladies my age when I wear chinos/ dress it down.

Black twink detected

Not me just an example.

From time to time, yea.

shit looks like a football

Someone complimented my shoes the other day. He was wearing a pink crop hoody and a top hat while working in a vapeshop, so I don't really trust his opinion

I wear black jeans and a tshirt and get compliments from girls a lot...

Although I'm a non-ugly male in Asia so girls flock like crazy, they want sex.

I've come to realize that people compliment other's to simply initiate a social interaction. Whether they really wanted to start a conversation to just say something to someone, or they really liked your piece , you can't really tell.

I do get compliments though, probably weekly.

> I only dress like pic related
> Shows a pic of a man
What did she mean by this ?

Last time I was in Soho I actually got stopped by a few people and complimented. Felt really good desu. People mistake me for a celebrity sometimes, it's strange.

I always get compliments on unexpected pieces. Like one of my most complimented items is a heather gray fruit of the loom sweatshirt lol. Also a generic black backpack that I seamripped the logo off of. Usually I get complimented by people I know but every now and again I'll get the odd compliment from a stranger which is chilllll

Usually I get compliments on hair sunglasses and hats.
Girls say I look like Tom Odell, probably as a compliment, but I don't take it like that, cause his music is thrash.

the girls hot?

I've got a stranger stop riding a bike just to tell me that I have long legs and ask me about the lenght but besides that only a few people I didn't know complimented my clothes/looks. Some children think I wear a wig (I never do) which they mention sometimes. Friends/Partners doesn't count because they always want to be nice to you

a simple black turtleneck has got me some compliments

You can usually tell which it is, if they linger or not after they compliment you. It's the safest way for someone to cold approach a stranger. I've come across some women though that are real cunts about it, saying that they dress the way they do for themselves and not for someone else's (a guy's) approval. Really annoying, just take the damn compliment.

What were you wearing?

I've never once been complimented on anything. I don't know if its because I dress shit or because I don't look "friendly" I guess.

Maybe you just look intimidating?

No lol

I'm perceived as ugly and creepy by most people I meet

most of the compliments i get are from my shoes, no wonder after all i spend a shit load of money on them.

the fits ive been getting the most compliments on has been black shorts, plain white tshirts and black/white ultra boosts