Is Jewcore short wavy/curly hair the cutest thing a girl can possibly do with dark hair?

Is Jewcore short wavy/curly hair the cutest thing a girl can possibly do with dark hair?

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Why is straight long hair the only way women style their hair?

It's annoying desu.
Plebs would never understand how patrician cute women with short hair are.

I'll just leave this here

Fiveheads desu.

Personally I like my women to look sexy not androgynous

Why can't androgynous be sexy when you perfectly know you are looking at a woman?

I think that androgynous yet clearly feminine is the sexiest thing.

>tfw this is my fetish


Anna Frank sexiest waifu desu.

>not sexy

Being andro and good looking is one of the hottest things ever.
What that fuck are you even doing here?

>pic related is a guy b t w

Posting best Jewess waifu



Tfw no jewcore pale gf.

Why live?

This. What a fucktwat pleb, bet he finds long blod haired tanned bimbos with bolt-ons sexy.

D i s g u s t i n g

Andro is great.

Stare at this picture intently.

If you find it in any way attractive you should off yourself.

why are you telling us this? We don't care about your fetish. /r9k/

Do you advocate bimbos over adorable cute girls?

oh yeah

user, why live in a world where normies think this is not attractive or Veeky Forums?

>user, why live
i ask myself that often

Why live when there are awful people like and who clearly belong in regional shitposts in /s/ and not in Veeky Forums when they can't recognize the patrcianness of the jewcore?

Off topic, What's the point of these shitty "Minesotta 927 girls" threads when its generally just random af pictures? They are generic and bloat the boards.

i've only visited /s/ a few times and those threads confused the hell out of me. apparently there are people who get off on knowing that the girl is from their state

I find them cringey and bloaty because they arent about a theme. Its max shitposting. Just based on a pretended location but random pictures of amything baka.

Tfw no ellie kendrick gf tho.

are her tits actually that big or am I seeing some fish-eye lens trickery?

Giant fake disgusting shit.
She's a bimbo, degraded her own body for them to actually be like that. No trickery that I know of.

No photoshop, she's in a trailer to another porno in one of my pornos. It's having a 16 inch dick. Where would I even fucking fit that.



god austin is what i wish i looked like as a guy

If she's really hot and can pull it off, a pixie cut with bleached or colored hair of some sort is the "cutest." Other than that, a bob is pretty hot desu senpai.



Frogfu isn't a jew tho

get this nigger out of here

Yeah but jewcore=/=jew. Also she played Anna Frank.

Frogfu bestfu.


>tfw no cute short haired fa gf

>>I will never put my goy dick in one of these (((girls)))

Who is this wise looking woman of color?

Bobs are hot desu.

I love her.

Patrician taste.

who is aggie?

who is she?

Agatha, look her up.

Nigga, fuck off. Disgusting.

Jewcore is cute af as long as the nose isn't stereo type tier in size.
>pale white women with jew-core hair
Muh diq

hey I live there

Right? Diamonds.


Bump for jewcore appreciation.

Someone post some rare aggies.

No Agathas

Go orbit girls on /r9k/ she's like 15 or some shit anyway

Bet there are some nice jewcore gilfs out there.
She's probably at least 17 tho.

>not knowing our lord and savior Agatha

She's legal, baby

Woop woop.

She's 18, pleb.

Dude I just want a cute pale jewcore gf.

Why can't faggots orbit their waifus on /r9k/

She's not even attractive imo

>tfw Agatha genuinely hates all Veeky Forums posters, but half of her audience are Veeky Forums posters.


I just wanted to discuss the female hairstyles of today desu.


good grief she's gorgeous! got any guesses who this girl is?

Not really.



I love my short-curly haired gf :~)

How do I ask for this cut without showing this photo?


Do you guys believe in open relationships? :^)

dark messy hair big eyebrow t swift is my dream desu



so do they curl their hair or is it natural


>post feet tho

>that receding temple
he needs to get on fin

She's 18

don't post her unless you're going to give us better shots (post more). she looks a little bit like bjork with her face obscured

annie gave this crowd some great fuzzy guitar improvs but they were too lame and typical of festivals to appreciate it

Growing mine out

Cute desu.


what are those cuts on your arm from? are you a mechanic?

One was from a fence and the other was broken glass in the dishwasher. Weird accidents really. Uglier scars than they were cuts.

And the little ones are from playing with my cats.

Cool.I remember when I cut forearm by accident removing a saw blade at work and it looked like self inflicted cuts. I had a family dinner the next day so everyone thought I was suicidal.

Where do I meet girls like this and not thick eyebrows instathots.

Try a scene. If you are a fuckboi and listen to hypebeast /mu/ shit you will never meet more than thots.

What scene? All I know is hypebeast mu shit.

>clearly feminine

I don't think you know what that word means.

Only time she ever looked good.

Go with anything semi-normie like rock and work your way down what you actually like.

short in general is cute

The best one

what a thing to say