Outdoor Style

This thread is about the appreciation for hiking, camping, and general outdoor attire incorporated in casual fashion.


Here's some nihilist coldwave slavs


I don't believe you



From an 80s documentary about a Polish punk festival





I seriously need to upload more mags cuz I'm like a year behind in Go Out special editions. Apologize for the complacency


You're amazing scan-kun. Would love to see more Go Out!

Thinking about getting a down jacket. Not sure what color should I get. Don't feel like getting one in black.




I don't understand why I like Japanese Outdoors-core so much.


Well most of the inspiration is Japanese because we have a bunch of GoOut an amazing magazine and Japan always had a fascination with the nature.

Feel it's how comfortable and eye catching fits of outdoor clothing is.




>old small car
>new big car
Next thing you now nigger is with a van and then a bus.

Link plox

looking forward to a good thread
any of you guys have cool fits that fit in this style?
i'm starting to move towards it more and more but still waiting on colder weather to get officially comfy

if you want to get this style, you have to go outdoors a lot. just build it around pieces that actually give you resistance from the elements and it'll look authentic

why is japanese out so comfy
canada out is dirty and full of mosquitos

sure. i agree
i guess the point of my post was more about asking for down-to-earth inspo from guys who have an interest in it wearing the style well, not japanese magazines (though they are real cool, thanks to the guy who made them available)

jesus this. I just went camping for the "long" weekend. My choicer were either I sweat like a fucker in long sleeves and pants or I get eaten alive. It was nice overall, but damn the hiking was brutal.

But most of the inspo looks nice because it's clean clothing and/or models, not people actually roughing it.


Sorry for shitting up the thread with some western /out/spo

Isn't this just gear fetishism? Hypocritical to ask this on a fashion forum I know, though the gear was designed to be used.

Yeah I feel that it is in a way. There's two factors people have to consider when getting into this aesthetic. How practical and functional your attire is when this is applied I feel it becomes less of a perversion.


I need some advice here, goys. I'm moving out soon and I'll be studying forestry and shit in a cold place. What effay, warm, cheap stuff can I wear while in the cold?

Think of it as work clothes, not just snow gear. Stuff that I wouldnt mind rolling off a cliff with.
It's just that pic related is bloody disgusting but it's most likely what I'll end up wearing under some weird junpsuif I'll be given. I don't know how strict any of this is but none of it is effay for sure. Tippoletos?

For work boots I'll be getting some safety docs, probs.

you wanna get into some gay lumberjack orgy? who cares what you dress like in the forest

Because I'm going to be in and out of the "school" building and I'm not going to be by myself. This thread is literally about how to dress in the forest. Anyway we apparently are given some kind of "cover" thing that is like a work jumpsuit but two pieces so I guess we'll all look as awful as each other, but that's not effay.

austrian commando sweater
it's A LOT heavier than polar fleece though

Yeah, yeah, pic/price/w2c?

90€, ha-ha. It looks good tho. I'll keep an eye out.

What's a recommendation for an affordable shell. 2.5L because I want it light for casual wear. Was looking at Uniqlo's Block tech parka.

>But most of the inspo looks nice because it's clean clothing and/or models, not people actually roughing it.

This is a young Yvon Chouinard , if you don't know who he is, well he founded and still owns the company Patagonia. dudes really into outdoor type shit.

Aint nothing fake about him

uniqlo is garbage buy a used patagonia parka off of ebay or something

>just gardening in my thousand dollar outfit

Something like the Torrent Jacket? Thinking about copping.

I love mine, if you live somewhere cold either buy the insulated version or be ready to wear a fleece/similar underneath. It doesn't insulate well, but works perfectly as a top layer.

Thanks will pick up a mid layer too, the parka also looks great.

Japanese clothing have a relaxed fit to most of their clothes.




I want to cop this Anorak and Long coat. Can't seem to find them





I'd love to find a killer hooded utility \ utilitarian jacket like this, except one that has raglan sleeves. If anybody has any suggestions or recommendations I'm all ears. Some kind of fabric that breathes well and could could be worn year round would be the most highly desired.

Tfw no winter afghanka.

you picked the only photo before those in the thread that has an actual hiker in the outdoors doing something. the rest are a bunch of people posing in clean clothing for a magazine photographer

Hope you guys don't mind if I post some of my own fits. I have a few that range between full out and city wear, let me know if you have any preferences.

Great work spreading the outdoor love, keep it up.

Something like this? I got this at Uniqlo awhile back. It wouldn't be good for winter and isn't waterproof, but it's been great for everything from hiking then back to the city.

Yeah, I find there are two groups of people who wear clothes meant for outdoor use. Those who like the style but rarely rough it and then people who bring everything for any situation. This a photo of the second group.

And one more photo before I go. I'll post more if this thread is still up when I get back.

Think in layers.
Wool or cotton (or even linen if it's not that cold) baselayer, wool midlayer (sweater, or even two, pullup and a cardigan), cotton or nylon outer layer (jacket).

My new wallpaper.
I love you, user.

Any good recommendations for a lightweight rain jacket under $90?

really appreciate these scans. I've always wanted to do serious camping/hiking, but I've never been inspired enough to try.

For the base layer, synthetics are good as well since they breathe well and wash easy. Look for dry-fit stuff.

FUCKING DO IT. I had been having a super shitty year until I went hiking with some friends and it was great. If you buy a backpack, make sure that it's at least 65 litres because I bought a 55 litre and it was really fucking inconvenient.

Depends on what you'll be doing and what you'll wear it with. I feel that two-tone jackets are more eye-catching than just solid colors though.

The anorak in this picture - does anyone know how I can cop in Canada?

Most stuff on Go Out is hard to find. I checked a few used clothing sites and couldn't find that exact anorak. Be prepared to pay ~$150 + shipping for something by that brand....yen has rebounded like crazy

W2C pants?

They're a pair of Levi Commuter Jeans I picked up two or three years ago. They're pretty comfortable, stretch well, and water resistant too. Don't know if they sell this color anymore though.

Oh thanks, user. I do like the color of that one, but I'm hoping to find something with a hood. Also, the more rough-looking \ robust-looking the better - 'cos that one in your photo looks about as thin as a T-shirt.

forgot to mention that raglan sleeves are just more comfortable for me when i'm wearing a backpack.

cool photo from mt fuji, btw

Fleece, lots of fleece and waterproof/resistant clothing.

A good quality fleece can last you a couple of years and retains heat even when wet, water should dissipate quickly from fleece anyway.

Get a thin waterproof layer, you can wear this all year round and stay dry, get something with a DWR coating so you can re-coat it yourself - it will end up lasting you years. And in the colder times your fleece and sweaters will trap that warmth

Levis and other brand do "commuter" wear, which is water repellent and very stretchy, so you're never uncomfortable if it rains. Levi's also do repair services.

Get a decent pair of leather/nylon boots and some military surplus socks. Look at Denner boots.

Really good coat, sounds like tinfoil when I first wore it but it broke in pretty quickly. Don't get the insulated because you can wear it in the summer - just buy a Patagonia fleece and layer up. Buy gloves as well because the water rolls into your hands and in the cold weather it's fucking unbearable

I need to wait for the required safety homologation until I get the boots. About my problem with Fleece, it's stereotypical of low class/retards to wear polar fleeces, doesnt help that I am overweight. Either way, thanks for the tips. I'll figure something out. Levi's are to expensive around here, min for a second hand pair is 30€ and a new pair is around 100€ I'm sure a specific brand + shipping is going to cost me too much to be able to afford using them as work gear and much less acquire multiple.

Low class in the white trash way, not working class. It's just, egh, in spain. Not effay

if anyone here lives or is going to new york soon. you can buy this magazine at kinnokuniya books across the street from bryant park

is this year the year

>podgy in tool belt
>lanyard and pole harness
>hard hats

are they some sort of ninja linesman? where do I get a pair of those ninja safety shoes and overalls?

I don't think they would cut the OH&S standards here in aus but I want a pair anyway.

Thankfully those things don't exist outside the US

Japan is the same irl, fucking mosquitoes everywhere


Yeah, where can I get that long Pata coat? Waaaant.