Beige/cream drawstrings ?

Is there anywhere I can buy long jogger drawstrings in beige/cream ?

Thought I could just transform my cheap joggers to look like Rick shit with it, since they're essentially the same except for the string.

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You can get the material from joann fabric and do it yourself use a safety pin to thread it through the waistband

3/8" Cotton Natural Flat Cord for Laces, Drawstrings, and Handles (10 Yards)

I used these for my joggers and they look great

imagine being this poor lmao

I have a Rick leather jacket, a bomber and ramones. But I'm not spending bigmoney on basics with a label. OP's idea is good.

>I have a Rick leather jacket, a bomber and ramones. But I'm not spending bigmoney on basics

So you picked the most basic looking inoffense Rick pieces, but you're not spending big money on basics

I never fucking understood what's the issue with buying "basic" and "inoffensive" rick
Like what the fuck is it to you if he likes them? How much of an insecure faggot do you have to be to instantly try to bring down someone who enjoys designer clothing with this kinda unsolicited horse shit

>Being this butthurt because someone can copy your look by spending $20 instead of $400
Make better decisions fuccboi

Just pointed out the hypocrisy of not wanting to spend huge amounts of money on basics but bragging about owning expensive basics in the sentence before.

Go buy the Rick look for $20, go buy basic Rick, I don't care. That statement above is still stupid as fuck.

jesus fuck
every thought maybe people have different standards than you do?
wow what a bunch of fucking hypocrites for not playing with the exact same rules and mindset as you do

>Yeah I have bigmoney basics. I'm not spending bigmoney on basics
This is simply a retarded statement. My standards/mindset/""""rules"""" or anyone else's don't change anything about that.

It does cause it's entirely fucking subjective
>I like Rick leather, bomber and ramones and I think they are worth it for me even though they cost a lot
>But I don't think Rick sweatpants are worth it for me, I feel I don't want to pay that much for sweatpants

>I like Rick leather, bomber and pants and I think they are worth it for me even though they cost a lot
>But I don't think Rick ramones are worth it for me, I feel I don't want to pay that much for converse chucks

>You filthy, unsophisticated casuals will never understand the sensitive artist that is Rick like I do. I wear pic related when having a sunday brunch with my mom, where we smear Rick's frozen sperm on our bagels and philosophy over the existential notions of his latest runway show.

I know this is Veeky Forums, but you'll make yourself unhappy if you get phased each time someone lives life with different parameters than yours. Value is subjective. Happiness is individually arbitrary.

And quite frankly there is no difference between some cheap china pants and Rick. It's literally just the length/color of the string, while I personally see the argument of buying his jackets and shoes VS buying his pants and shirts.

I found you can buy flat shoelaces by the meter. Cutting them in the desired length would do the trick.

Well that's just as fair if you think that way, this is exactly what I meant, it's all subjective.
Someone might only like Rick sweatpants and nothing else by him and gladly spends whatever retailers ask for them, but buys rest of his wardrobe from Uniqlo. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Of course there's nothing wrong with that, but that's the point, calling one of those things "basic" and saying that you wouldn't spend big money on them is retarded when it can be said about _all_ of these pieces.

Go ahead, dress head to toe in Uniqlo with Ramones on your feet, nothing wrong with that. Almost everyone I know that wears designer clothes started off that way, not everyone is born with a golden spoon their mouth. But pretending that you're "better than buying basics with a label for big money" while being proud of things that can easily be considered "basic" remains a stupid ass statement by anyone's standard and reeks of arrogance.

>it can be said
"can be said" is not objective m8
to him the pants are basic and not worth the money
he appreciates the other stuff enough to spend more to them but feels the sweatpants are too basic
that kinda attitude is silly, try to understand that just because people scream everything is basic on anime forums it's not any kinda authority to anything

Maybe I'm just too dumb to get this but how is this not a basic? How is it not spending "bigmoney on basics with a label" when these shoes cost around 750$ while I can walk into the next H&M and get the same look for 15? How are these not objectively the most basic shoes ever?

ID on the shoes?

lets see the h&m shoes that look like Ramones then

"Basic" is meaningless buzzword, it does not hold some objective quality that is the same for everyone, some people find the design substantial, interesting and worth it, others feel it's, as you put it, basic and just overgrown converse.
Both are equally true, these are called opinions.

Also I guess it's worth noting that reductive design doesn't necessarily mean design without substance or beauty. I feel like internet has probably skewed a lot of peoples views on fashion too as they don't get to actually feel and see the products in real life, touch the fabrics and really get in to the details. And there is the fact that clothing these days are literally designed to look good on retail pics over internet, as it's growing market and it sells the products, and there is the end user social media pictures, WAYWTs on forums etc. that also play to that kinda design process.
"Basic" looking blazer from Devoa simply doesn't look as good and have the kinda 'wow' factor as embroidered Gucci blazer has if you just look at pictures online. But you simply cannot judge a design solely on photos over internet when it comes to any kind of luxury product.

You could have the opinion that pic related is a basic shoe, since there's no objective quality to the word basic. But you would be in the minority with that opinion, even though that yes, all of this is subjective. You can also think that a shoe is basic but still interesting and worth it's price at the same time. Me thinking that Ramones are basic looking shoes not worth the money says as much as the guy above thinking Rick sweatpants are basic looking sweatpants not worth the money.
My point from the beginning, that holding the opinion that "buying basic sweatpants for a high price point is below you" is stupid and contradicts the statement of spending bigmoney on two jackets and a pair of shoes.

Man, you really come of as the autism master here. Just fucking exchange the word 'basics' for 'joggers' then and calm your tits. It's a subjective term, but I get what he means.

>leather jacket
definitely not basic IMHO

a jacket with a specific configuration of pockets, fabrics and physical aesthetic, IMHO not basic

Shoes are never 'basics' to me personally. Also your Converse comparison doesn't fit to me because neither are Converse basics to me.

As 'basics' I understand pieces of clothing that are deeply entrenched into worldwide mainstream, human clothing culture without a certain style associated to them, and which look about the same, regardless of brand. Those would be button shirts, t-shirts, jeans, chinos, scarfs and beanies and so on. Basically things that are sold by a wide margin of brands, but ultimately all look the same, basic shape and construction. (and yes, I'm aware this could be applied to all clothing in general, but don't play a wise ass, you get what I mean)

This is literally the first picture of a male model when you enter the term 'basic clothes'. All you see are the clothes I mentioned and... tadaaaa.... JOGGERS!

>"buying basic sweatpants for a high price point is below you
he never said it's below him
just that he doesn't think rick sweatpants are worth his money


God damn what a discussion about finicky shit. Veeky Forums I swear.

This is literally the second picture of a male model when you enter the term 'basic clothes'. All you see are the clothes I mentioned and... tadaaaa.... CHUCKS!

The internet is not good for you. Go outside and talk to people.