Comfycore sweater/knitwear thread

w2c inexpensive sweaters like pic related that have cuhrayzee designs

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what pants would be considered comfy core


I like.

Tried this on the other day. Maximum comfyness

that is comfy

Pretty comfy desu

me on the left

id on the pants?
damn thats comfy

Anyone have any experience with Howlin by Morrison sweaters?

Why not learn to knit or duplicate stitch them.

Knitting a sweater is surprisingly less difficult than you'd think. I started knitting December of last year and have made 4 now. I'd have made more if I wast so scared to attempt one in the first place.

Duplicate stitch is even easier. You essentially just sew a design over existing knitted stitches, so you can buy a plain sweater and duplicate stitch over the design you want. All you need to do is plan it out first.

can you post some of the sweaters that you have knitted pls? I have been considering learning but I just never really knew if it was worth it. Want to see the kind of progress that can be made in 7-8 months.

Can't wait for autumn.

where can i find this, w2c

What size did you buy how's the fit?

What size did you buy, how's the fit?



W2c this sweater

Ordered a medium (the smallest size available) from National Geographic's website sometime last year and it fits nicely. Looks like they've removed almost all of their sweaters from their online store though. A shame, as they had some surprisingly nice stuff.

>from National Geographic's website


They have this nice sweater

Nat Geo at one point had a variety of nice alpaca sweaters on their web store. Now they've only a couple options. Pic related was another I was too slow to cop.

kek, I don't think you're in a place to call anything dumb when you post that piece of shite

Pretty sure one is from Prada and the other is from Saint Laurent. Be prepared to spend $600+ for one

Thrift these things.

People are always throwing out awesome sweaters, You can find really expensive threads collecting dust at your local goodwill.

The best stuff at Goodwills isn't cuz someone gave it up, it's usually cuz someone stylish died and their clothes were donated. Also, I'm pretty sure most expensive designer stuff is picked out before it hits the floor so it can be sold online or to vendors.

looks kind of like one of the sweaters in the upcoming uniqlo collab

thats just a shitty basic sweater





>1200 dollars

Remember seeing this photo a few months ago, really want to cop the sweater, looks so comfy.

That scalping thing entirely depends upon the individual store. Im convinced the goodwill nearest me does that but I know the one halfway across town doesn't.

Patagonia is having a sale right now and you can get the "Retro X" for 50% off

Ive got one myself and its a pretty warm jacket, doesnt keep the wind out thou

what nike joggers are these?

No bullshit, no blah-blahs: What is the best basic-colored (black/grey/navy) crewneck sweater that's also reasonably priced ($80-$120)

Would appreciate an answer asap

Aran sweater market have some good shit.



extreme comfy

Steve McQueen is pretty much my fashion idol but for the life of me I cannot find nice sweaters and cardigans that are either cheap enough for me to afford or so cheap that the fibres rub off on everything else I wear.

I bought a Uniqlo sweater once and I had to throw away a black t-shirt because no amount of lint rolling and washing would get those fibres off.

Hey pat

Gonna cop these.