Do you think that edgy subcultures like punk, metal, goth and such can be effay?

do you think that edgy subcultures like punk, metal, goth and such can be effay?

no, they're floating around in faggotry

some of the styles on that site are actually kinda effay


yeah but if you're a poser you won't be able to pull it off. I'm a metalhead but wearing tasteful and simple band shit (mostly hoodies) with simple clothes can look pretty decent.

Helps to not wear basic band shit too. Like you're not going to pull off a Slayer or Slipknot shirt but you could with an old Metallica shirt or something. No slam bands either. Their merch is almost always as bad as any core band.

pic is how I dress more or less every day minus the joggers. Usually wear dark brown pants or something.

if done right most can be yes

>tfw i discover this is my current look


This is the only Veeky Forums one.

>literally every college kid/townie who isn't a chad
>Veeky Forums


t. post rocking hanger on

>forgeting the old-school emo

Install Gentoo


Strawman desu.
You wouldn't wear a bomber with a fred and you wouldn't wear a belt with braces.
This kind of combines all skin styles into one. Chops is trad, but short hair is Oi! The crucified skins is trad, and all of the white pride paraphernalia with the white braces and white boots does not match the rest of the outfit.
An Oi! Skin would wear a graphic tee under the bomber, no belt and no chops.
A trad skin would have a longer buzzcut and probably yellow laces with a ben sherman shirt, burgundy/oxblood pattern.
Levi's is universal, but not mandatory.
Skinheads are pretty effay on their own, but not when mixed like this.

I used to be nugoth myself. Fashion subcultures are either hit or miss depending on what you look like, how good your aesthetic eye is, etc.
Personally I don't think I pulled it off very well because I was broke and couldn't do makeup for shit then. If I tried it now, maybe things would turn out better.

Punks are effay.

got any skinhead inspo albums?

everyone knows you just take elements from all of them

I don't know, user, try historical pictures and research the subject. I've done my fair research and I could try and answer questions in the fits.



carabiner is always effay. i'm just learning how to skate but listening to pinkerton or blue while cruising is just heavenly

the punk aesthetic can be seen as the modern adaptation of the "cool" parts of rock from the 90s and the natural successor to grunge.

mac demarco, bedroom pop, post-grunge and the pacific northwest RAPED the 1991 grunge aesthetic––flannels, skate shoes, straight jeans, etc all seem really juvenile now, to me at least. like you're some bored rich white kid who totally vibes to tame impala and mac demarco as you puff the peace pipe brooo

if cobain were young and alive today he'd be dressing like ronnenfelt or rieder i think. not clean-cut or rat-packy like alex turner or queens of the stone age though. i'm talking worn-out black boots, tucked in button ups, rings, monochrome tattoos, etc. i'd consider that punk, though i'm not sure if the drawings above would agree

but yeah to me at least, punk is very effay man. punks and some skaters

racist skins are shit
the only Veeky Forums racist skin is the one that him and all his friends have been beat to fuck and kicked out of town

With how skinny your arms are, you'd better wear some more fitted shit. It's not exactly like your fit is baggy clothing but you still manage to look like you're still swimming in it.
And did you seriously tuck a band tee into your pants? Without a belt or a jacket even.

Punk is from the 70s and 80s. You probably think blink 182 and green day are punk

That might be the most clueless description of punk I've ever read.

i agree that blink and green day are pop punk, and...

sorry if my music noobness is showing, but would iceage not be considered punk? how about bleach-era nirvana? is damaged by black flag punk, but my war not? am i using the incorrect word for the genre that these bands are in? am i not a real punk fan then?

black flag - six pack
nirvana - mr moustache
iceage - you're blessed
rites of spring - all there is

that's all the same genre right there, to me. i've never seen mohawks, studded jackets, patches, etc in all of the punk i've consumed, so i figured that image was a strawman. but i guess i'm not a big enough punk fan to really know?

from my previous post:

>monochrome tattoos
henry rollins has this kinda, i would consider this part of the punk look. like i'm talking the tattoo layout where it's just a bunch of small things that aren't one full sleeve, mostly in black. harry styles, dylan rieder and elias ronnenfelt have this kind of tattoo layout, would you not call it punk-inspired?

along with painted nails, i think this looks awesome. iggy pop's got that skull ring. i know lemmy and ozzy aren't punks but they wore them too. i'd associate rings more with punk than metal though

>black boots
doc martens are considered punk too right?

>tucked in button ups
sorry for the elias spam and i'm gonna look like an ass if the consensus is iceage =/= punk, but looking at this image––what do you call this aesthetic? it's like dirty formalwear, like dressed-up grunge. that's why i call it punk, but i don't know, what would you say?

You can call iceage punk if you want. It doesn't matter in the slightest. But, if you call them punk, that doesn't meant that everything they touch is punk.

If you tell me to imagine some punks, I'm going to think about my buddies that dress up in skinny jeans and boots and jackets with patches and go to shitty shows in shitty bars and get trashed. That's what I call a "punk aesthetic", but shit, it's different for everyone. There's lots of people (a vast majority, really) who made music under the "punk" umbrella that don't have a punk aesthetic at all. Most musicians just wear whatever is comfortable onstage.

Shoelace and braces colors aren't universal. Where I live it's white=nazi, red=SHARP/antifa but sometimes it's the actual boot color or jacket color

15 year old punk historian detected. Punk rock was always shit. The Sex Pistols were literally a boy band complete with a manager that told them how to dress, a bass player who was only hired for his looks and "shocking" imagery. Pop punk is at least self aware and knows how ridiculous this genre is

Subculture is dead, fuck off

punk was meant to be shit, and was never supposed to become what bigger more technical rock bands were. Which is being praised as some musical gods and praised as a time "when music was good" total opposite of that genre/subculture's point and part of the reason it's as much of a joke as hair metal now.

Same with something like Nirvana, I laugh when someone who clearly wouldn't know what good playing sounds like believes anyone like Nirvana because they actually sounded good. Nirvana sounded like shit, the only person in that band who had some talent on his instrument was Dave Grohl and even then he's not that great of a drummer.

You sound like a pompous faggot who only listens to post rock or metal with weird time signatures and 10 minutes long solos. Nirvana were loved by a lot of people because their songs were catchy. Just cause you don't like them doesn't mean they weren't good at writing songs. I hate to be that guy but you're a fedora tipper

Sounds a lot like the people in your area took that shit back. Around me, red still means you've curb stomped someone.

Used to play pop-punk shows since hardcore bands and pop punk bands would split bills. Pop punk has easily the worst aesthetic of any genre.

Op, yes i agree sex pistols were shit, but it doesn't mean all punk and hardcore were shitty boy bands,which also doesn't mean pop punk is ok

Doc martens are now sjw tumblr boots made in China

that's a really fair and balanced answer user, thanks for helping me understand. i guess i've gotta try and find a different word for that aesthetic i described

interesting point man, and i wasn't aware of that fact. thank you

yeah gonna agree with the 2nd user––you can spend 10,000 hours learning how to truly express yourself on a pentatonic or you can spend 10,000 hours learning how to write a hook over non-diatonic chords while maintaining a strong poetic intent. neither are more valid but fuck man, there's a reason why post-grunge is shit and there are more instagram math rock wankers every day. writing is hard, the song is the most important thing, your instrument is a tool for the song, and cobain is an extremely good guitarist

not technically of course, but as a fellow guitarist i'm sure you can appreciate just how different the concepts to all of his songs are

have you listened to PUP? i think they fuse the pop punk developed in the 2000s with the indie folk craze in the early 2010s really well, especially with their songs in 3/4. they dress pretty eh but their album and single artwork and their videos are top notch.

i'm gonna say australian indie has the worst aesthetic. dirty long-haired cunts from newtown writing "psychedelic" music that's just fucking noisey reverb, dressed by tumblr

I'd call Iceage post-punk

>doc martens are considered punk too right?
You're 20 years late on that, bud.

Most modern day punks don't try that hard when it comes to fashion. I usually just wear boots, some jeans, an m65, or my crappy fake leather jacket. I think punk is pretty effay if you ask me. Most people within such communities are actually the coolest people you'd ever meet. I highly recommend people to go to a punk show at least once, and just lose yourself. Go crazy, and have a good time.

lol no I didn't tuck it.

>Most people within such communities are actually the coolest people you'd ever meet
I dunno I've gone to punk shows in the south, Midwest, Seattle, and northern California, and most of the people were fat Mexicans with Meteors shirts who drank shitty beer

Only ugly manlets and lesbians identify as punks nowadays.

Modern day punk is mostly just SJWs in punk costumes.

well, going against fashion, or at least disregarding fashion, is part of most of those. I would say the styles themselves are not effay, but the person wearing them can be effay. to do so, though, you would have to still basic rules of style (dressing in a flattering way for your body type, balancing the elements of the outfit, etc.), and carry yourself, if not with confidence, then at least with a lack of overt self-consciousness.

The only accurate post in the thread and nobody replies
Really triggers the ol' Donkey Kong think-along