Hey Veeky Forums, need some advice

Hey Veeky Forums, need some advice

1. Is this a good hairstyle or is it too 90s
2. Am I a fat cunt?

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Side perspective

Did Mexico pay for your forehead?

jesus christ put some clothes on

1. hairstyle looks weird with your forehead
2. yes, you are one fat fuck

you're pretty fat not even memeing
go for a run you fat cunt

Oy cunt, you already got an answer on Veeky Forums

You're fat and the haircut doesn't look good on you. Eat better and less, run, lift.

bro you look like a huge baby, i dont know why but you just look like a baby that got really fucking big

how does that even happen

The hair looks alright on you imo but yeah your a bit fat

Bro why do i wanna breast feed you and give you milk bro

>Reverse image search
>No results

lol spot on. i would like to read more sentences describing op as a large infant

What the fuck is this? Why is it on Veeky Forums?


good hair, lose weight

You look like a baby

You look like if Conan O Brien got hit by a SUPER-BABYFFIER-RAY in a skit.

If you're still reading this, and you're on Veeky Forums so I know you've got this in a new tab reading through all the criticisms, start working out. Get a haircut. Come back to us in a few weeks for a checkup

dude, you're FUCKED

No, he just needs to start running and eating less and healthier.

perfect. shut it down boys, we're done here.


i want to suck your cock


You're not fat but you have an overweight BMI. Remember, you're on a board full of failed or wannabe models who starve themselves on purpose. You are the type of dude who would put on tons of muscle if he would actually fucking lift weights.


You're fucking delusional if you actually think that he isn't fat.

How tall are you deau?

I said that he is overweight. Fat is a term I would reserve for severely overweight to obese people. I'm trying to encourage him to work on his weight, not destroy his self-confidence or claim that he is past the point of no return.

Joooooooohnny test...

Your stomach bulge protrudes further than your dick bulge

You're wrong, though. He is a clear example of a fat person. You don't have to be severely obese to be fat. He's not even average; he's fat. You're not going to encourage him by lying about his weight problem.

Congratulations on the baby! Who is the father?

You are! Now gimme them child support payments

OH SHIT! I'm going to get some cigarettes...