Tfw i just realized we all dress like snowflakes

>tfw i just realized we all dress like snowflakes

when did you grow out of being Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums?

You cant unknow how to dress yourself.

this is true
you could easily start dressing more lowkey though
I think I might go full lemaire in a few years

There's different ways of being Veeky Forums. I hope I still aspire to be fly and sexy when I'm 70.

join us


i'm not even cherry picking here. this was just from the waywt thread. i'm gonna dress like a normie now bye guys


yeah if I ever become a responsible adult I think I'll go full lemaire / margiela

yall are fucking slaves to high fashion

I can tell you didn't cherrypick because I have no clue what you're talking about when you say half of these look anything but absolutely normal


maybe if you're a gay man or live in brooklyn. if you think these are normal fits then you are in too deep. sorry user.

Bottom right is good except the shirt

I think you've got a weird understanding of sexuality user

Honestly i realised this a few years ago.

I only come here to laugh at WAYWT threads and save aesthetic photos with my girlfriend, most people on this board ( who post in waywt) look absolutely ridiculous.

I find it so funny how many people come here trying to dress better to pick up girls and end up looking like pic related.

I used to dress to try and impress this board, but then i realized i didnt even like the clothing i was wearing. I just wanted internet validation.
After that i started buying and wearing what i actually like and find comfortable to be in.

This desu
I don't dress for the vaginal Jew though. Wear what you like and feels good to you and also don't bother posting in WAYWT threads

I like this outfit desu. But it's true actually taking advice to the dot and thinking you're better because you browse this board is stupid. The best part of the board is inspo pics or when someone posts a deal or brand that you haven't seen

legit most of my clothes is mall-tier shit with some designer thrown in here and there

>this projection
Only autist and Veeky Forumsggots dress in over expressive stuff like hereFrom what I've found a lot of anons have more subtle taste like in pic related

I think a point of contention to be made is that within fashion there are different avenues one can follow. If your singular purpose is validation, especially from the sexual group you want to attract, than is the story you'll see time and time again regarding fa and people on it. But there is more to enjoying fashion, clothing, etc., Than simply trying to get your dick wet. If that is your intention, than I'll have you know a gym pass is far cheaper and abs get you a lot farther with thots than mm gats.
The other avenue to fashion is appreciating the style of clothing, the materials, silhouette, etc etc. Those folks will greatly enjoy the high fashion industry because they see it as an art form that does need to be aesthetically pleasing.

That said, there is also a lot of highschoolers here, with their highschooler budgets, that cannot afford spending more than 200 on a single item of clothing. Their cheap taste lowers the quality of posts here.

The highschooler issue here is definitely real, not just on Veeky Forums but Veeky Forums as a whole.
And I'm talking from online and irl experiences.
I can barely talk though since I only just graduated myself, but since coming to Veeky Forums I'd like to think I've changed my taste and habits to be a bit more expressive of myself rather than expectations.

that's a great fit, would be better with different colored shoes though
it's not even that out of the ordinary

i've seen the joy division shirt guy in berlin a few weeks ago. would berry my dick deep inside him tb honest