21 years old

>21 years old

Should i kill myself now?


I don't see the issue. My hair has been that way since I was 17 and nothing changed now that I'm 26.

just keep an eye on it, eat healthy and exercise. Enjoy your youth

enjoy your life and yourself man. this is the only one you get and the only you you'll get to be. don't consider drastic measures because your own perception of others superficial expectations of physical attributes you have no control of.

This shit has gone too far. If you really are that concerned go see an actual doctor. Or don't, either way stop shitting up the board with your shit threads.

> off the rack babby wardrobe

Same here since like 18, 22 now. Dad has the same thing, just a little bit of thinning on the crown, barely noriceable. You're fine.

you have an inflammation. Take antibiotics, then probiotics, and you should be fine.

If it gets worse than consider going bald

>Hello doc I have inflammation on scalp, give me antibiotics

What antibiotics?

You know what's even less attractive than thinning hair? Low self esteem

If u stress about it, it'll just get worse.
If it's genetic, there's nothing u can really do about it.
& if it happens, own it, just look at dudes like Jason Statham & The Rock.

At like 24 girls won't give a fuck if you look after yourself & dress well. Just don't go the hipster, fully shaved, pedo goatee, black hipster glasses route.

I'm not bald but I've shaved it completely off twice a week since I was 19 because I saw my brother balding at 32.

6"2, 90kgs (like, 200lbs) and have no disadvantage with girls.

Honest assessment. What's your face /10? When they say it automatically takes 3 points (or is it 4) off you appearance, that's not entirely true, and not entirely false. It really does depend on your specific bone structure. If you're a 10/10 with a square jaw, and striking features, baldness with only draw MORE attention to your face, and can actually make you stand out even more. Fashion and attraction is an art, not a science.

The best advice I can think of is that you're probably going to have to transition mentally from young buck fuckboi to grown ass man earlier than other guys may have to. The twink look isn't going to work for you anymore. You need to get physically fit, basic mass, probably an extra 10 lbs of muscle that you wouldn't otherwise want if you were trying to pull off the average fit on Veeky Forums. It's not necessarily the end of the world, but you know yourself better than anyone else. You can make an honest assessment of the likely impact on your appearance. Assume you're going to be full-bald, and stop worrying about it.

>jason statham in every bald thread

look at costanza and every other bald person who isn't a celebrity

Don't over freak out about this

When I was 18 I was convinced I was losing my hair. 26 now and my hair basically looks the same and is better than a lot of my friends

Like another user said eat well and exercise. Even 30min of light cardio a day works wonders for your body. Nature did not intend for you to sit around on a computer all day

the issue is OP's hasn't, he's been noticing it getting worse and worse every haircut he gets and every time he gets out of the shower for the last 1-2 years.

No one gets worried that their losing their hair when their hair had looked the same their entire life. if he couldn't see much or any scalp growing up and its now that at the age of 21, you will be bald, and it will get to the point that if you don't have it it'll just look terrible. I'm 25 I've been rocking a buzzcut for like a year when I accepted it was inevitable and I'm so fucking glad I took the plunge. You get used to it fast and after all your friends and what not see you a few times and they are too it's nothing. I legit almost forget what it's like to have a full head of hair less than a year later, it's a non thought in my head instead of being on an ISlamic State sympathizer IRC asking if I should an hero.Get a abuzzcut, get fit, get on a diet and you will look way better in any outfit you wear than how you look now in any clothing you could pick

>I can think of is that you're probably going to have to transition mentally from young buck fuckboi to grown ass man earlier than other guys may have to.
so much of this. Hairgays will think this is hyperbole but it'll legit teach you very valuable life lessons if you embrace it and make the best of it. It's either that or become a sulking, bald slob who talks about how he used to get pussy when he had hair 10 years earlier. Don't be that guy.

my bald father is fucking girls my age. You're good.

he wouldn't look that bad if he just shaved it.

>Should i kill myself now?

Definitely user, don't hesitate. I killed myself when I was your age, and I've never once regretted it.

>You get used to it fast and after all your friends and what not see you a few times and they are too it's nothing.

I shaved (not buzzed) my head two years ago, and I have to move for work. Several of my new friends who didn't know me before I shaved have said that they can't imagine me with hair, and that they link I'd look weird. An acquaintance even said he was pissed off at how well I pulled it off, because he's afraid of losing his hair. Staying a little tan, and working out definitely helps--a thicker neck make a HUGE difference.

Some things to consider.

-If it goes away just shave it or keep it short, people know it's a normal thing that happens.

-Your hair would look fuller if it were free of grease, dirt and gloopy hair product. Stuff in it weighs it down and makes it look like there's less of it.

-it might even just stay the way it is for years and years and you won't have even an oddly high hairline until you're old enough for it to be expected.

So don't be concerned about it and don't buy products to fix it, just style it to a shape you like no matter how much of it there is. You probably have Body Dysmorphia and anyone else who sees you thinks your hair looks fine. I saw the thumbnail and was like "what's this post about? Is something wrong with his hair?"


Conflicting opinions here

Op should meet somewhere in between. Like half suicide. Best of both worlds.

Permanent brain damage could stop you from caring, op.

Is my hair normal? It grows like this my whole life, 20 years old btw


Is it normal for you? Has it changed recently? Do you think you're losing hair? If you think you are, you are.

That being said, it looks normal to me.

My dad rocked it bald since he was 20. I'm more blessed, but going bald is something silly to kys over.

>quit doing adderall, meth, uppers
>stop smoking weed, esp stems and seeds
>limit masturbation to 2-3 times a week.
>rub semen in your hair,scalp
>have a woman piss on your head on particularly hot days

hope this helps anons

is that brad pitt

Well I have both, and I'm ugly!

Get on fin