Rain gear

I'm tired of getting soaked when I bike to work in the rain. Where can I find an attractive and useful poncho that will protect me from the elements?

Pic definitely related.

Affordable would be great too.

yo that's me, dunno if want an id but that's the arrivals element poncho, you might have luck with a jp market such as rakuten (and ebay), or local milsurp.

copped this on grailed
should be arriving in the mail soon

cop fenders for your bike first!

>fenders for your bike

you could try rains, I don't have one because I already have a norse projects rain jacket but they feel lighter and probably just as effective. I feel like its not breatheable enough for biking though.

I want a jacket like this in black with a zipper, maybe a little bit baggy bit with the same textile.
what do i need to search for? been searching for a year and i'm out of keywords to search for

Buy any hardshell jacket, they look pretty good an gives a good silhouette. Ive got a great north face one

Holy shit thank you so much. I remember dragging this photo to my desktop ages ago and it took me fucking forever to find out who made that. I appreciate the confirmation that it is the Arrivals Element poncho. I'll definitely check out rakuten / ebay / milsurps too though.

Also really need to do this.

Actually not so much into the hardshell jacket thing. I really like the poncho look though. Something that can be worn well over another jacket (if it's cold enough) and possibly over a small bag is really what makes the rain-cape kind of thing so appealing.

windrunner is what you're looking for

I was eyeing that lol. Post about it in recent cops because I only didn't cop bcuz it didn't seem like it'd be rain proof

Id on raincoat in pic?

Why is it so hard to find a poncho that opens at the front like in OP's picture that isn't over $100?

shoes and pants?

kommandostore meme boots (Austrian paratroopers) and pants are from Express when I got them for prom couple years back lmao, photographer suit pants I guess is the name

how do you possibly expect to get a piece of outerwear that isn't absolute shit for under 100

uniqlo manages to do it
you're delusional if you don't think basically every article of clothing you've ever seen hasn't had some sort of ridiculous mark-up

>Genuinely believes that all of these things we're buying cost as much as we pay
Christ man

They do have ridiculous mark-ups but that doesn't mean all the makers don't sort of agree among themselves to sell a shit coat for around X, an okay coat for around Y etc.

In the case of materials like goretex there might even be more organized price-fixing on top of that. They may agree to charge a minimum price when they get the goretex to keep its perceived value at a certain level.

if you don't believe you can get a decent piece of outerwear for under $100 though then you've lost the plot

i mean really i bought a rain coat from uniqlo for like $70 and it's breathable, stretches, and totally impermeable to water

Cuz the zippers are expensive and a poncho is, by definition, pullover
You can get an L6 for about 100 bucks. Patagonia pcu will cost more than the other surplus ones. Size down

You're talking to two different guys. I'm not disputing what you say exactly but it's my experience that there's a lot of rain coats that aren't that great and they usually make you put down good money for good ones.

Unlike raincoats, ponchos don't need a well designed cut to allow a good range of movement, nor do they need pit zips, or to be breathable at all. A poncho is just a waterproof sheet with a hood that you throw over yourself, it doesn't have to be expensive.

thanks based bro

barbour makes a surprisingly nice poncho for just over 100. tried one on at my work the other day. might pick one up. looks way better in person than the pics online

true but the difference between a good and bad one is whether the material actually deflects water. if it isnt at least dwr coated the water will stick to it even if it is not permiable, then once you go inside a building youre left with a giant wet sheet to carry around. a higher quality one would let the water roll right off

Surplus police and military waterproof parkas and jacket are usually a good bargain...

Pic related is a German police parka.