Find a flaw

Find a flaw.

Looks like he has acne scars


like a 10/10 girl

Your thinly shaped eyes and how far your eye sockets are apart suggests that you are mixed with some type of alien genome.

strange looking or looking strange?

Pencil neck

those are some serious DSLs


This kind of patchy balding isn't normal. He really should see a doctor if he hasn't already

yea thats probably from starving

His squinty ass eyes, overly boxy chin, and lips that look like they're the result of injections even though they probably aren't.

>find a flaw
posting selfies on the internet suggests low-intelligence

fuck off of Veeky Forums loser

too beautiful that I want to marry him

He scares children

lmao post face boi

he looks gay

he looks fucking gay on hormone pills


>Find a flaw.
He has blowjob lips, for one, which aren't exactly a winning feature on men.

Too orange, he looks like Donald trump's 17th failed abortion.


He need a different chin and brow bidge to have lower eyebrows to be ideal, that's why he look like alien cat

Lack of masculinity, the femenine feautures are more "prominent", that's why he look like a faggot

Blonde isn't good is femenine, with black he would look 10x times better and more masculine

He need muscles but that neck make him look "big"

Lack of sex appeal

Without kidding i don't find him "beautiful" or "attractive" and this website worship anybody with high prominent checkbones

I would rate him 8/10, male models are overrated, i would give him 9/10 if he had black hair.

>post something

pic related, David Gandy, Tyson Ballou and Roman Reigns are 10/10 to me.