Is there a more cancerous fan base in all of fashion?

is there a more cancerous fan base in all of fashion?


whatever your favorite designer is

Rick, but it's a close one


lol. fashion is for children.

Does any adult seriously think this guy looks good? He's wearing an open black shirt with a graphic t shirt like some high school kid. He's not even as well dressed as MFA.


Fear of God
Yeezy (even though I like the shoes)
Supreme (Even though the brand is good)

Supreme is 10x worse. At least RAF makes so nice shoes

his job isn't to look good though. his job is to design

That's not Supreme

Don't talk shit about based Raf-core.

They say cancer isn't contageous, but then how does cancer move from rap to fashion so quickly?

So many designers don't dress well. It's one of the many ironies of fashion.

>It's one of the many ironies of fashion.

>Yeezy (even though I like the shoes)

you are the cancer of cancer

>Calling someone cancer for having an opinion on something

Why are you even here?

Raf usually dresses pretty well, tbqh Veeky Forumsm.

reee stop liking what I don't like reee etc.
nice quads by the way

Lol. look at those brogues, fedora cringecore. all black what is this, Veeky Forums 1901? nice cuck hair. why doesn't he just kill himself?


are you Americuck by any chance?

Not all of them


glad you think Raf is cancerous, that should keep you from touching mine

I like how Raf dresses his own ass but desu his designs are un-creative.

Fashion has been stale lately. It shouldnt be so quick, artists are not like that.

THIS is why we're never getting another Hedi Slimane Dior era. Ever. The way extreme Capitalism has twisted the art of Fashion triggers me.