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Alternative to the 2007 Dior boots
Possibly the RAF Dr martens Collab?

Is it possible to pull off the square toe?

Also would I have to avoid anything skinny on the legs because it'll overaccantuate the boxyness (skinny is going out, but still)?

Do you want to try to pull them off because you actually like them or because they're Rick and on sale

Want to get a long lasting and sturdy but still somewhat fashionable leather boot. Heard a lot about Red Wing and Chippewa. What would you guys recommend?

I don't care about Rick, but I do want to try and pull them off because I really want harness boots and they are indeed on sale. I'll try them on in person when I get back to Toronto but I want a preliminary opinion
I think it can work the way I'm seeing it now, but it might be different when I have them on feet and am wearing the type of trouser I'd wear with them.

Find a local artisan and get something custom made for yourself

Also at this point I've looked at them so much and thought about what I'd wear so much that I just can't think straight about them at all

Would those boots look retarded on a short girl?

I bought that exact boot last year on sale at burgundy shoes coincidentally. anywho, they are fedora shoes, returned them. also chippewa is garbage

Nah, tall boots on short girls are cute. If you're like freakishly short don't though, don't wanna make yourself look smaller than you already are and I'd only really recommend if you're attractive, otherwise you'll just look a freak

I really hate square toed shoes so I'd sag definitely not. Didn't SLP do something very similar ?

Yeah, if I could get SLP harness boots (I'd actually get Jodhpur or London before harness but regardless) I would, but I'm not about dropping more than $1000 on a pair of boots

What is considered freakishly short?

How tall are you?

I'm 4'11 desu

Yeah you're really smol, you might be able to get away with 14s if you're thin or maybe 10 if you're a bit more average


I have some red wing iron rangers, got them like 3-4 years ago. They're great, very comfy after you get them broken in and overall worth the money. I mean, at the end of the day, they're brown leather boots, if you get something quality and take care of them, they're gonna last you and do a good job of looking like nice brown leather boots.

My docs hold up well enough after 2 years.
1919s steel toe, I abuse them sometimes.

>they are fedora shoes

compared to what? other fedora shoes?

Compared to boots made of leather

Honestly my ranking of boots:

+ Doc martens = leather autism trench coat

+ Red wings = sjw/male femnist reddit user liberal arts college kid who wears gap and shit like bonobos thinking he looks amazing

+ Chelsea : effminate obnoxious kid "into fashion" who wears because he saw SLP shoes once and thinks any black Chelsea boot with any skinny strech cotton/spandex motorcycle pant = Heidi.

Engineer boots: slightly older reddit user slightly autistic fascination with STEM because he thinks being associated with "science" the marketing term makes him smart. Watches big bang theory thinks it's smart comedy, collects anything with a NASA logo, reposts bullshit space photos, collects fuunko pop figures from movies and TV shows that he really doesn't know or care and game of thrones. Has only had 4-5 sex partners 2-3 of them being 3-5/10 chubby awkward not indemand chicks he's had really fucking long term relationships with because he can't do any better.

Projecting much?

What kind of boots can give me this tucked in aesthetic?

I am 27 years old and feel it's time to dress more mature. No more sneakers like Vans. I need some everyday boots.

Been thinking of these Wolverine 1000 Mile boots. Anyone seen them or worn them before? How are they?

Copped these made in England new deadstock 1460 boots.50 on eBay. There were quite a few left.

probably unpopular opinion but they are a pretty good, slightly cheaper alternative to red wings.


Just copped pic related. How I do?

ankle boots and thighhighs please

red wing quality/construction is a bit better than the wolverines. Check out the blacksmith or beckman. Also the red wings are a little bit cheaper


Post boots you cringy little fuck

Those are fucking sexy

Post an onfoot when you get them

What kind of pants are you gonna wear with them?

>red laces


how much did you pay

Red laces are actually RASH :'/
White laces are more straightforward racist, no one takes red laces as nazi.

What do grey laces mean? I like the contrast of white laces but I don't want the connotations.

I don't think they have a meaning.

>There were quite a few left.

lace colour only has meaning if you want it to. the average person on the street wont even notice them

Probably some stacked black denim

Around 350 usd

I have never owned boots before. I'm a 5'7 110lbs Manlet. I've been looking at Chelsea boots but only because I can't find any lace up boots that don't have a bulbous toe cap like red wing irs. Does anyone know of a brand that has smart formal looking lace up boots? I don't want to look like a fucking clown and I don't really care about the construction of a boot, just want something that looks nice. I'd rather not get chelseas but I may just have to.


dior fw04 votc moto boots

is there something like a main grail boot? one that almost everybody wants? a perfect one? it would probably be julius

red laces used to mean you've killed someone

can someone outline the difference between chelseas and jodphur boots? It looks like the difference is one has elastic and one has a buckle. If this is true, can someone tell me w2c a good pair of jodphurs? why aren't jodphurs talked about more. The buckle look is a lot nicer than the elastic look tbqh

Musketeer boots.

Wolverine 1000 mile
Dayton service boot

the boots I see mentioned most often are
Dior aw07 combats
Balmain aw11 rangers
SLP wyatts

my top grail boots would be
Guidi combats
Guidi 788z
Layer-0 x Inaisce highlanders
Rick Owens destroyed suede combats
CCP tornadoes


If you like it go for these. Very good pair of boots for a first you'll definitely be happy for sure. Check some threads about used 1000 miles to see how they hold up after years

How do I make my Docs not look like stupid retard boots? The laces look like they go too far between eyelets and expose too much of the tongue. The tongue looks stupid and bulgy on its own, but when I dorsiflex my foot, the tongue juts out and pushes the eyelets futher apart. Also when I walk for like 30 minutes, the tongues usually shift way over to the side and you just see my pant leg in place of the leather. I've had them for a few weeks, are they just not broken in yet?

[spoiler]or did I buy into a meme boot?[/spoiler]

1. You got unlucky with the quality.
2. They gavent broken in yet.
3. You're doing something wrong.

Mine did all that shit too at the start but now the tongue doesnt get displaced ever and I can tighten them up much more.

>How can I look like this without looking like a retard?

Be shredded.

>2. They gavent broken in yet.
That's a relief I guess. I've been NEETing it this summer before classes start again and even though I've been using them as my main shoes, they probably haven't gotten much wear yet.

>Copies the typo.


Lace them in the standard way or pic rel as tight as you can until they've broken in 100% then do whatever you want, you'll never be able to get them tight enough to do bar lacing without doing something else first

are you fat? it looks like ur legs are too fat

>he doesn't just highlight text and then click the post number
Nope. Not skelly mode like most of Veeky Forums, but I'm built pretty average.

its hedi

noice cop

these would be perfect without the extra straps

American 'average' or human average?

Nigga, not him but Im fat and my lower legs arent sausages. His look fine. Its just the boots making them look like that.

you are the worst poster on this board. please off yourself quickly

None of the tongue is visible in the upper part of the boot for me and I've always wondered if that looks bad. Maybe I have thin ankles and you have thick ones.

No, you dont understand. He doesnt like any brand that anyone has ever claimed to like in history. He's the epitome of this board.

It's not 1980, you fucking faggots. Nobody gives a shit about your laces.

People still do associate white laces with racism but that's the only thing. No one actually believes the yellow laces killed a cop and shit like that.

Hi shine or greasy black for 8 eye Solovairs? Can't really find good pics on either other than the store site, don't want too shiny but not entirely matte either.

t. own a pair

What i've seen the nazi boneheads wear white laces still

Re-read, boneheads still use white laces, and sometimes RASH use red laces but other people could also be using red laces for aesthetic purposes.

Still, white is uncommon for aesthetics and more common for /pol/acks.

t. RASH skin who uses red laces.

You've got fat legs, should have sized up. If they look too big in your feet sized up you need a different brand/style to accommodate for your kankles

fucking faggot stole my pic

There's some Red Wings in my size on sale that I'd like to cop, but I'm not sure which pair to get.

The Iron Rangers are probably more wearable and a safer choice (and cheaper), but I've always been tempted by engineer boots. Anyone actually own a pair of Red Wing engineer boots? Do you like them or regret getting them?


I use white, red, yellow and pink laces just fine without any faggots coming up to me to ask about politics or nuthin'. Went to play at a gig the other night, there were a few obv skinheads in the crowd that I had a small chat with, they were just wearing red laces to show off their boots. Only faggots like from the "Suomen Sisu"-club use white laces for "muh white power".

Does anyone know, where to get or how to find spare zipper-tongue things for BW pilot boots (pref Europe)?
In my pair they are different from each other (because of different years, or sizes or idk) and i'd like to have a set.

>calling me a faggot
Whenever I make a new thread I go through the last one and pic the pic that stands out the most as the OP

Also you placed that photo into the public domain etc. etc.

Does any of you know some cheap alternatives to guidi 988/788.

they have a frontzip on sale at the store here for 500 bux in my size...tempted to buy but it's reverse stag (i.e. the "suede" side facing out with the smooth leather surface inside)
would prefer it the other way around

that being said, no idea where to find cheap alternatives

but with chinks on their guidi hype right now and guidi even QR coding their shoes because of fakes you could probably find something on taobao lol

is this the real sieg heil?

what do you think of berry chan being the whore for some gay latino sugar daddy now?

Check german ebay typically when you look up those boots those pieces will be in the results too.

yeah true, lmao didn't mean to bitch, great way to start thread desu

Stopping in for a quick question. I bought a pair of the Austrian meme boots and need to buy laces, should I get 60", or longer?


thinking of copping white laces for my docs. good or bad idea? im asian if that matters lol

who cares?
docs are fuccboi tier^2

Not if you are a cute girl or a skknhead, just fuckboi for fuckboi hyoebeasts.

Sucks that the quality is a lottery.

exactly why i invested in the vintage 1460 model. it's a bitch to break in tho. chafes my achilles but should be worth.

The Last Conspiracy does some Guidi backzip inspired models that are cheaper. I'd just save up for Guidis though. They really are worth it. Comfiest boots I own.

Posting my boots because why not really

R8/h8 post your collections

cool i see you browse tumblr too?

How did you know? I left out my Michelangelo pascal 1461s

my collection is mostly lmao so posting it

how have those solovairs stood up?

these aren't worth £400, right

baka I just want timbs that aren't gonna fall apart in 1-2 years