Tfw fashion model and virgin

>tfw fashion model and virgin
what do I do
I'm romantically and sexually and flirtingly retarded. I have absolutely no idea how to do any of those things or how to spot if someone's doing it to me. Talking to women isn't a problem at all but I have no idea how sex or relationships tie into anything. The only girl I've kissed actually kissed me. This was when I was 13 (she was 17).

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i guess you have a shit personality

work on it by being around people

You ask her out. You hold her hand. Feels good? You kiss her.
You pull out your penis, you put it in her mouth.



post pic

This. Works every time for me. Now I'm a pick up artist.


i mean if ur attractive you could just pull a girl on that and invite her to your place
starting kissing her and you should be able to just fuck her

shit if i was good looking it'd be easy as that

I mean, yeah, sure if you want just any abomination of a girl.

I don't think this would work on attractive girls.

>tfw fashion model
Pics of you or gtfo. Most "models" on the internet are really just saying "I have an Instagram" or "My mom's photographer friend used me because it was cheaper than using a real model."

Honestly, the best way to better yourself is to stop jerking off, hit the gym, and actively work on communicating with people in the real world more. Make eye contact and try to start small talk in random places (if you are waiting in line, etc), i know it might seem elementary. Practice does make perfect and if you can learn to joke around a bit with random people (men and women) and listen to what people have to say they will like you. All it takes to flirt with girls is joking around and maybe a little competition, girls are very competitive too.

If you're not being paid you're not a model


It does if you are attractive enough and you charm her enough. Some girls are not really into men being this direct though. You gotta look for hints.

Thabks for the advice so far.

I do it for a living. I'm not posting pics because I'm sure someone here would recognize me.

If you're really that attractive and you haven't been able to get laid yet our advise probably isn't going to help.

I'm getting semi-desperate. I have close friends and have no problems talking to new people and makimg new friends, but it's always non-sexual. I might have too high standards myself (I'm not interested in any of my female friends). Also, my emotional development might be stunted since I didn't realize sex was a thing you could go out and do until I was 20; before that I was like a child who thought "oh that's what grown ups do" without realizing I was an adult myself.

So you were on SLP Hedi's runways?

I'm not that guy who's known to be on Veeky Forums, if that's what you're asking. I've never posted about myself here.

Yeah, I dont believe you for a second. Or youre one of those ugly models. You cant be ATTRACTIVE and NOT ATTRACT FEMALES.

It works even better on attractive girls believe it or not

I'd say it's much about body language, small hints, etc.
There's more to interacting than just what a person says.
Imo hitting the gym and all that doesn't really help what you're trying to achieve, as what you don't is not more confidence but better intuition.

So, to get better intuition, try to understand more underlying things of what they're saying and acting and why, and try to see things from their perspective.
Kind of hand wavy advice, and take what I say with a grain of salt as I haven't studied psychology, is pro at this or whatever.

I think I know what you mean. I don't even really understand flirting as a concept and need to learn stuff I should've learned years ago.

tell why are you still a virgin, why were you unable to when you were in your late teenhood?

underage hormonal teens pretending to be fashion models

welcome to Veeky Forums

Yeah. I have only seem Tom here. But I watched a lot of Hedi runways and know names of most models. Anyways. I wish you best luck mate. I have similiar problem to yours. I have been changing myself for a long time. I hope that by New semester things wilk be different.

Tim* sorry for typos

Maybe you're actually gay.

f a g g o t

What if she bites it?

How does one be around people?

you use your limbs that are hopefully connected to your body to move yourself into the vicinity of other humans


Alright I'm at game stop. Brought some lunch just in case.

Now what?

talk to people

>game stop
This is just political correctness gone mad.

Pikachu looking like a real nigga here.