When is it acceptable to wear tweed?

When is it acceptable to wear tweed?

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you mean "tuede" idiot?

I do not.

When it doesn't look like a costume

The guy you posted looks like he's wearing a costume, so don't do that

ive got the need

It is because this guy is not within a context where a three piece light brown tweed suit works.

If the weather is reasonable, and you own a well-fitting tweed suit, do it. Be warned that it could look pretty much a costume-like affectation if you're wearing it above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, though. Wear it when the weather makes sense.

the need for

lmao if youve spent your whole life spelling it like that

Winter and autumn



When you are British and born a millionaire.

During winter, as a sport coat, not a full suit like your pic.

whenever you want
fashion rules are for people who don't know what they are doing

I agree with this, but in OP's picture that tweed suit just looks weird. Too young for it.

preferably during winter

all clothing is costume

this mindset is why Veeky Forums is so boring

When you're a professor of history



holy hell. never seen anything so true.

In the country

It's more like 60F tbqh but this is correct otherwise.

Wow man that was...like...deep man


post fit

keep wearing your cps and black skinny jeans though

when the weather justifies it.

wear what you want when you want to

thanks michael scott

I strongly agree with this. Tweed is not a good suit material.

Once you have your master's

if u live in the country side and have money

When they're hoisting you down into your cold dark grave

I am wearing my Harris tweed suit to my sisters wedding. Granted it's on the family farm so it's suits but yes there's no problem with tweed. So long as you're not in the middle of somewhere like LA and it just looks like you're a hardcore hipster.

name a context in which a three piece Tweed suit is applicable

inb4: hipster wedding or a Mumford and sons music video

Pheasant shooting.

>When is it acceptable to wear tweed?
When you go back in time 100 years and want to blend in

This is hype tb h