Sleazecore inspo?

Sleazecore inspo?

How do I make sure things stay sleazy without it looking like some stupid costume? (that's the biggest mistake I usually see)

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you gotta live the lifestyle
start doing cocaine, beat up your wife, drink till you pass out and then wake up with a headache
when you wake up, don't change your clothes
then go to a gas station to buy a pack of smokes
also, it helps being rugged and at least 30 years old

sounds better than the life i lead now haha

I'm actually interested in sleazecore

don't forget to hang out at strip clubs, have at least two failed businesses under your belt, and have an old sport car that looked cool 20 years ago but is now worth nothing

is this a movie? would watch/10


I have two very large (real) gold chains. I'm thinking doubling them up with velvet track suit and a beater will be pretty sleazy. I have everything but the jacket, purple velvet addidas pants are my shit

Are you an Eastern European gangster?

Stop washing your hair
Only shave every third or fourth day
Start dating women half your age
Start drinking and smoking heavily
Stop paying your bills so you start getting hounded by creditors
Have a couple ex wives

there's not much more pathetic than the affectation of sleaze

nah just from jersey

My two cents:
A lot of people think sleazecore = leisure suit larry, but that's just wearing out-of-date style.

sleaze transcends eras through some defining features:
too many buttons undone
trendy haircut (mullet -> slick back undercut?)
showing off material wealth through jewelry/clothes

I haven't slept all night so I'm not gonna add more stuff. basically I'm trying to say that you have to dress for the current time but stick a sleazy twist on it.

Go for maybe a nice, fitted, single-breasted suit with a floral camp collar shirt, but keep the collar inside the suit. Pair that with some horsebit loafers and boy you're cookin.

obviously you also gotta smoke and beat your wife, not pay alimony, not pay rent, day drink, fight policemen, and wear sunglasses at all times. sleaze is a lifestyle with a fashion associated with it which is desirable due to its lack of fucks, so you gotta become desirable by simultaneously giving no fucks but also getting fucked a lot.

These guys had some pretty sleazy looks going on in this movie

Hair has to be a part of it too.

is sleazecore the only core where balding is a plus

I might actually be relevant for once. Can manlets into sleaze?

you bet they can

is Bob from Becker sleaze?

sleazecore films, taken from the last big thread.

city of god
The mexican
Romeo and Juliet
the counselor
once upon a time in mexico
Donnie Brasco
boogie nights
big lebowski
killing of a chinese bookie (watch this)
the nice guys
kitano's boiling point
leaving las vegas
taxi driver
wild at heart
the act of killing
the kid stays in the picture

oh, forgot to add these.

killing them softly
bring me the head of alfredo garcia
american hustle
boogie nights
bad lieutenant (original or new one)
repo man

is he /ourguy/ lads?

i think being a burnt out cop can help in a big way

fuck i knew someone exactly like this

>owned his own boiler room business
>whenever he got a 'recco' (yes he called them that, his favourite film was boiler room) he'd go abroad, do drugs, smuggle drugs through his car so he had plenty for his holiday and spend every single penny
>had a massively toxic relationship with a girl
>short and curly greasy hair, smoked all the time and constantly asked for a cigarette
>drove a 10 year old 6 series convertible with an M6 bodykit and badge
>dressed quite sleazy but still modern (bright white trainers, jeans, shirt with sleeves rolled up and a few buttons undone, glasses always perched on his head)
>despite all this still lived in a rented, basement flat

I'm 20, 5'10 with naturally wavy hair and I can grow a really shitty beard, can I into sleaze?
How do I make it subtle enough that it doesn't look like I'm dressing up as tyler durden?

Yeah, look at Keanu Reeves portrayal as a motel owner in Neon Demon. Undercut, beard, shirt with too many buttons open, flashy watch, shady cash business, sketchy friend with baseball bat, etc

Are there any sleazy tech jobs that don't involve being a russian hacker?

professional ed snowden?

Can someone post the pic of g-eazy in the green shirt and gucci shades?

Ahhhh yes, good goym. Don't aspire to be a successful clean young man and start a family. Be dirty and a failure instead. Goood

>start a family
I don't have a weeb reaction pic smug enough for this
>b-but muh white race

ed snowden isn't a job m8
I was thinking of something like a shitty enterprise applications programmer at a really big firm who weaseled his way into a cushy "don't do shit all day" position, has insomnia and a caffeine addiction

I work for one of the bigger travel sites and we've got a few sleazy Nedry clones on our dev team. The kind that see the younger kids using Ubuntu and Mint and go "Aw that's cute", argue with QA that their code is perfectly fine, and not much else other than slam Monster Zero Ultras and humble brag about their college years.

no, too moral



tons of sleaze in cassavetes

ben gazzara was an especially sleazy actor as well
this is how you act sleazy

Unironically sounds like a cool guy.

sleaze isn't really about the clothes, or
how many buttons you do on your shirt

it's about style, attitude. short twinks in goodwill hawaiian shirts that are overly concerned with how others see them just don't have it


What's a good sleaze jacket that isn't a blazer?

This describes my roommate and you do not want to be this way


Sleazy enf?

i like ur scar

wat is that? a scar

Looks good. The hair is too clean cut. Though it would pass if you had a permanent scowl on your face.

you forgot the ultimate sleazecore masterpiece

back to

Leather, not biker

john malpezzi from louis theroux and the nazis fits the sleazecore title perfectly as well. i can't find a high-quality shot of him, but if you pay attention to all the shit he says and dresses like, he fits everything. watch the documentary as well if you haven't, he's a real treat to see on screen.
>sleazy manager
>always dresses in unbuttoned shirts
>hair constantly greasy
>has strange connections, has a random prop from an old 70s blaxploitation horror film
>works for neo-nazis

i guess you're right, all three of them did look pretty sleazy in husbands. cassavetes played and dressed like a huge sleaze in love streams, i should have added that to the list.

read the damn book

whats the point in that

What's the point in anything

>Start dating women half your age
This is not sleazy

It is when you're 30

One guy throwed a beer mug at my face in a bar after a fight at 5 am
Sounds like the sleaziest thing ever but it wasn't that funny for me, the good thing I haven't lost my eye

Totally spot on mate. That guy is the definition of real life sleaze.

be over the age of 30 will be the easiest way to make it not look like a costume

google kiefer sutherland

>tfw want to go full sleazecore but that would require me either quitting my current job or getting fired from it inevitably

sleaze as a manlet is EASYMODE.

Fuck that is a good movie. His role surprised me and legit creeped me out.

everything about the 70's was pure, undiluted SLEAZE


Literally just dress and live like a Grand theft auto protagonist

or a white guy over 43 from Philadelphia.

Mean streets and sexy beast are sleazecore kino as well

Bumping because sleazecore aesthetes are the new po├Ętes maudit.

Have been replaying the first Max Payne game for ps2 and holy fuck lads This is one of the most scumball sleazebag video games ever made. Incredible settings too like the run down NYC hotels complete with vibrating beds, porn, junkies and low level effay as fuck mobsters.

The latter part is my daily life

Also where do i get this shirt

y'all wanna be eddy so bad

Gainsbourg is what you need

miami vice
Get Shorty
Inherent Vice
the professional
Saint John of Las Vegas
suicide kings
The Chase
the departed
To Live and Die in L A
Mondo New York
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
old primetime soaps from the 80's

fuck, i forgot

Get Carter
Get the Gringo
Lucky Number Slevin

This is the last great tarantino movie. And that parking lot scene is my life.

I feel like my life is a sleezecore meme. I currently work as a janitor/ karaoke singer/ occasional pit boss in a shitty hotel in the outskirts of Las Vegas. I live in one of the supply closets in thr hotel and am posting this from I computer I stole from a hillbilly in Baton Rouge. If you any questions ask me and I can do a shitty AMA.

P.S. I have been stabbed twice

I wish this were real.

Also not sure if this sunk into my psyche subconsciously when I was a kid, but I often channel his Cape Fear behavior, just without the cigar.

post a fit.

w2c these shorts?

fuckin kek

that's some good advices thanks bro

Sears, K-Mart, or a thrift shop by old people developments.

I probably shouldn't date 11 year olds

lmao this guy clearly wanted everyone to think he doesn't care about clothes

nh just new yorkeaze

w2c scar?

You call this a fitpic?
You call that sleaze?
I mean, sure, you're sweaty but apart from that all we know is that you wear an ugly shirt.

Johnny quid from rocknrolla


from dusk til dawn

so, its in now to intentionally look like shit, as well as anti social? what the fuck has happened to this board

I'll try to find a phone to take a picture with. or maybe I'll find something similar to what I wear

high school kids cosplaying

sleaze has been a thing on this board for a long time, only it went by other names. for example slp is basically sleaze for young fuccboys. the lead singer of iceage was posted pretty often too

I think I got the exact same jacket - snap buttons levis sherpa



Sleazecore best core

Wish my squad would roll with it