Why do all girls dress like this?

why do all girls dress like this?

>all girls
Get out of your basement

99% of girls shop at H&M, Forever 21, Uniqlo, Hollister, and Vans. They're incapable of dressing uniquely and there's a groupthink that's always at work. In short, women are fucking whores.

like you streetwear faggots are any better or unique

all of you are carbon copies

go back to

maybe cuz its the fashion you fucking idiot

to fit in.

Social peacocking isn't as big of a deal for women as it is to guys. For a man, it is important to be seen as influential and powerful- this is done by taking risks and standing out from the crowd. For a woman, seeming different from the herd is detrimental to her social standing and can make her seem like an outcast.

I work as a gas station clerk. I'd say a good 50% do. In Switzerland anyway.

I almost fucked a ladyboy that looked identical to that thing on the right

For you to get upset at this remark you either must be one of those girls, you're a white knight or you do not have enough contact with women that you have perceived the pattern that OP has and see the truth in his generalization.
In any of those cases you are pitiable.

why r we so angry
get a personality

They want Chad.

you should have

why do chads want this? do chads have no taste?

I want that. Its miles ahead of the whole leggings and uggs that I see for 8 months of the year cause canada. Some of the best fucks I've had are from girls that dress like that so there's some positive reinforcement too. Thot-core is easy to do and looks at least decent

Everybody has a smartphone and is on social media, Influence skews heavily to the top 0.001% of users, so everyone sees what Kylie Jenner does and how well shes liked.

more tit exposure = more likes/follows

They're dressing to be fucked, casually. Men don't generally make very high demands of women they fuck.
This is also why no woman that dresses like this deserves an ounce of your respect.

They are asking to get raped. So do them a favor and rape them.

is this notaskingforit-core?

why "almost"

Reminds me of what some of the Jake Paul fangirls wore.

Ironically, dressing up like this makes their figures seem bloated and hence more unappealing...

About 99% of them do where I live. Most guys also do the generic streetware fuccboi look. Everyone wants diversity and uniqueness but ultimately looks bland and soulless. I wish girls would move on from the tumblrcore hipster look.

This, women often purposefully try not to stand out. Almost all of them have some autistic interest or hobby they would never tell anyone about.

That being said OPs pic looks good so I'm not complaining.

Chads just want to fuck the girl, and the girls look good and dress inoffensively so no problem there.

They need white sharia


makes you fit in with you friends.

low-effort because you can just copy the look.

ideal for people who don't really care about fashion but don't want to look like a slob.



>thinks Veeky Forums is mainly or even mostly streetwear
back to redd it with ya

>if someone doesn't agree with my generalisation then they must be wrong

please provide proof that all girls dress like this, emphasis on the all part

Because after pleated skirts, shorts are the best way of showing your legs off, and people enjoy being seen as attractive.

because it is pretty simple, easy to get, and every instagram model wears it so its kinda influential

Is respecting women effay?


this kind of clothing is fucking repulsive

girls look more attractive in a fucking beige wool survival suit than this


So many girls in Switzerland dress like this

What side of the country you on?

I was in Lausanne last fall, how is it that Swiss teenagers look so fashionable/cool?

They really don't

I'm from Nyon, you?


I like how mods keep these non-fashionable threads here

It's just what's in most stores + they copy off each other. I find it funny how all women 16-27 just look like some autotonamous group who dress, act and think a like

The answer to this question 90% of the time is, "Because a Jenner/Kardashian did it."

Bonus points if they say "I'm not like other girls"

Lmao do you live in a brothel? I've literally never seen anyone dress like this.

Because good men are taken so they have to peacock to get scraps.

Do you live in a small city in a cold country? That's probably why.

>having your pick out of millions of slutty teenaged thots

Never been so fucking angry envious in my life.

There's no way they're any older than 14/15 though. They're just caked in makeup to make themselves look older.
You can't be older than 15 and find that guy entertaining.

Let's laugh at this virgin with rage.

That's actually true, but it also depends on where you live. Everyone dresses the same fucking way in here too, but we live in Northern buttfuck-Europe, so it's no mystery on why people only shop at Zara, H&M and Carlings, since those stores attract the most customers because they're in the middle of the city centre.

>In short, women are fucking whores.

Because it gives Men a fucking boner?
Sadly like 70% of all women I had Sex with or was in a relationship were pretty manipulating. They rarely showed their real emotions and kept the illusion of the always happy thot.

Because it gives Men a fucking boner?
Sadly like 70% of all women I had Sex with or was in a relationship were pretty manipulating. They rarely showed their real emotions and kept the illusion of the always happy thot.
On the other hand you sometimes meet a women who has a real character and is honest and not just some piece of meat you want to fuck.

Because they all shop at the same places

trying to find the basic bitch look common in Scandinavia right now on google
>Fjällräven kånken or Jansport backpack
>denim jacket

I have pictures on my phone but I am uncomfortable posting them. dark hair thing isn't so common here as it can look terrible, especially on ruddy skinned girls

>There's no way they're any older than 14/15 though.

At any concert most of the girls selected to go backstage and get fucked are underage. Famous musicians almost all prefer pussy that is young, tight, and off-limits to normies.

Yes and yes. I'll shut my mouth then.

Lmao autism

its comfy and cheap? probably or its a look they like?

you should feel uncomfortable posting them, it's fucking creepy that you have those pics on your phone

Women have literally been the backbone of fashion for centuries, given that historically, making clothing was one of the only forms of artistry they weren't laughed out of. Women are continuing to push boundaries in fashion all the time, both independently and in the industry; and the fact that your angsty cherry-picking /pol ass will bend over backwards to make historically unsubstantiated, culturally oblivious, facile claims in order to paint them as shallow reflects way more on you than on anybody else.


Doesn't really seem to matter too much irl though. As long as I am female and alive, there always seems to be guys who try to hit on me, even though I am not particularly good-looking and I often wear pieces of men's clothing because it is comfortable and basically just whatever I want.

I won't lie, that's hot as fuck

>he considers the OP to be cutting edge fashion

nice dubs, i'll save this pasta

more like 14-24
if women act like this into adulthood thats pretty sad

ugly girls get hit on 10x more than hot girls (who almost never get approached), just remember that

they just see you as an easy fuck, they dont actually find you attractive

Obviously it's not. It's cherry picked to be bland, is all I'm saying. Most people dress blandly, and of the people whose style is unique, most of them are women, bc fashion is one of the most accessible ways for women to express themselves. OP is using anecdotal evidence (pic) to generalize women in a way that makes no sense when looked at with respect to the history of fashion.

have you been on this website so long that your immediate reaction to a cohesive rebuttal is
>mur-mur-meme pasta

I'm shy and not the best looking, so that is possible. But when I tried to look and dress like others, I got basically no attention, while now I am getting quite a bit more. I enjoy the compliments most of the time and all but eventually some guy always ends up falling in love with me for whatever reason, which sucks because they are so hard to get rid of.

This, I don't think I've ever talked to a woman I found attractive.

The women I do talk to /sleep with I find unattractive in some light and are easy target for free sex

Generally poor and stupid


sorry i didnt know you were being serious

Because you're fucking teenagers who've only fucked 2-3 people. Fuck older dudes who have fucked more than 30


Teenagers are gross though, but 30 is just a bit too old.

This look is common in California. Denim jackets and mom jeans, especially stone wash, are definitely in

because not everyone is "into fashion" like you are, but they are perfectly aware of the fact that dressing like complete shit by everyones standards will isolate them. so they (sometimes unconsciously) follow trends because that way they only have to put in minimal effort and still get accepted or even praised by 98% of the people within their social circles.

stop being a pretentious faggot OP

Fucking love it!

>jansport backpack

lol really? I like them but I know I'm very much in a minority on that count as far as amerifags are concerned. My Big Student bag lasted 10+ years of heavy use, and they have lifetime warranties.

>humble bragging about being ugly
That's a pretty stupid plot twist.

Every girl where I live now wears a stupid Levi's tee. what is up with that?

pussy is pussy, stop putting the shit on a pedestal


That's my personal experience, ugly women tend to be more friendly because they dont have the beauty to justify arrogance.

>At any concert most of the girls selected to go backstage and get fucked are underage.

that's false any artist with half a brain would know thats a quick way to get crucified if they were ever exposed for fucking underage girls

You're very naive. Consider, for instance, that those girls will probably imagine that time getting fucked by a rock star every time they have sex for the rest of their life.
So how exactly are you going to get that girl to say the:
>bad man touched me and I didn't like it!
required to get that conviction?

>>bad man touched me and I didn't like it!
As soon as he tosses her aside and she gets jealous cause she's a dumb teenage girl that reacts only to emotion and doesn't care about ruining someones life

There's no expectation of a relationship going back stage to suck a rock star's dick. It's more like an act of worship.

you don't know what some stupid underage girl is thinking she probably fantasized about being his gf and getting married like all the other fangirls

young girls are really naive and easy to hurt and they become petty and jealous

only an idiot would engage with one when they have so much at stake

on top of that it's not like she would keep her mouth shut about it ever cause like i said they are dumb and underage and seek constant validation from peers. rumors would spark quickly

>rock stars don't have sex with groupies
>it would be impossible for millionaires that are international beloved, rich, with the best lawyers in the world to do that.
>it takes a kebab shop owner and his buddies to pull off something that.

they can have sex with groupies all they want it's fucking underaged groupies that will ruin their career

just look at r.kelly

and david bowie, although loved globally i always see people bring up that he's a pedo

So the show bobs and vagene trick worked?
No seriously Pakis, Indians and similar shit are fucking gross

I think how it works is they have one cousin that is school-aged and he pretends he is a gangsta and gives girls from broken homes drugs and alcohol and makes them think he is cool as shit. He can afford it because all of his Uncles and their friends are funding him in his effort to be the bait.
Then they get the girl to the back room of a kebab shop and ugly old Pakis run trains on them and break them.
Then they're driving the girls around the country for their friends from other places to run trains on them. Money changes hands for this, it's very much a human trafficking operation on top of being gang-rape.