Be honest Veeky Forums, how much do you spend on clothes yearly. How much is too much...

Be honest Veeky Forums, how much do you spend on clothes yearly. How much is too much? I have spent about 1200 on clothes alone this year.

too much, my wardrobe is essentially 95% designer
also pay a lot for alterations and dry cleaning especially

Was gonna buy some pants this year but time got away from me :/ Don't think I will, can just do some alterations to existing pieces.

So far: $10 on wool socks

Hoping to buy $20 of leather to make shoes, if that counts.

I'm a student. I make 20k a year. I'd say I spend 7.5k on clothing/shoes/accessories and grooming per year. I'm guessing though.

Around $500 - $600 maybe?
Almost all of it is spent during the first week of a good sale.
Only buy from retail during sales.

Nice how you manage to earn that while studying?


Part time job? Not exactly rocket science, every student has at least 1.

Maybe 2.5k CAD a year, but mainly on big pieces
Probably gonna spend wayy more this year though cause I have extra dosh

Want to get a part time but I know I probably won't have enough time because of school. It'd be trill to just make 5-7k and spend on clothes which should be easy to find but I probably can't make the time (study Chemistry and Pharma at a top 25 uni worldwide so I'm fucking struggling mane)

At least I managed to make like 2.5k this summer, but I might throw it in a fund with other savings

I've been unemployed for the past 3 years (signed off on the sick for 2), so very little.
This year I've probably spent about £100-150 on clothes so far since I've decided I need to get out of my depression and look good again.

Considering everything I bought in July was easily $1000, I'd say I'm spending way too much in a year.

But I'm trying to stop nickel and diming myself with cheap, "trendy", or fast-fashion pieces. I got rid of way too much garbage at a yard sale that I've accumulated in the past few years.

Hope things work out for you mate. What have you bought?

i use 70% of my monthly 190€ income on fashion pieces. that means i always save around 130€ and every 2 months i buy a pair of pants, a jacket, or whatever

I am a bit poor because I am on disability, so I can barely just manage to even pay my bills. Occasionally I buy things on sale, but is always super cheap stuff (because nobody wants it).

to make shoes.
u will fail
u can make a scaef i guess though

i guess a job at the company of his father. ehhm self earned i meant. truely sucessfull young people

anorexic right?

I honestly think up to 1000 is a sweet spot for it. Get a part time job man shits good. I am still studying and I make 500 smacks on the bum a week

Even worse, autistic. What did you expect?

I appreciate the nice!
I've bought 2 pairs of skinny fit chinos (khaki and grey/black/white army pattern).
A Central Perk Friends t-shirt.
A pack of boxer shorts (6 pack multi-colours).
A pair of jeans (slim fit, actually really fucking nice).
A plaid shirt.
2 long sleeve t-shirts/polo shirts.

I'm a cheap fuck, I'll hunt around until I can get everything I want cheaper than normal price...
Everything I've bought recently should total to about £400 but I got it all for about £150 so I'm happy.
The key is watching the Amazon prices almost on a daily and getting the shit when it's at the absolute lowest price.
A few years ago I got a pair of Yves Saint Laurent jeans and a polo shirt for £40 for both when it was meant to be £200 for both... just gotta watch the prices.

u must be pretty autistic to get disabbility. i am on lvl where i wouldnt get shit but life is hard anyway. light autism, dyspraxia, light dyslexia, social anxiety. ehhhhh just wake me up

I was just diagnosed with high-functioning autism (still called that back then) and depression. I got a university degree but never really worked since I applied for disability and have received it for about three years now. But because autism cannot be cured, and on top of that my social anxiety is extreme when I meet those government doctors, they often tend to think I am a hopeless case. I am "unfit for work" for at least two other years. Well I can get a job obviously if I want to, but working is horrible and the most stressful thing on Earth and the thought itself makes me want to die.

you realize you can make 20k working a part time right?

i know man. shit is scary. i cant drive cars or use heavy machinery cuz i have laggs in my brian and cant concentrate. i got ssris and they help with depression and anxiety a bit. but you should try to get a job at family if u can i guess. like than u know u wont be fired and anxiety isnt trough the the roof 24 7. but i guess that isnt an option for u like for most of us without wealthy families. i hope u wont get nuts sitting at home. just study another major i guess, forced routine is very good in my experience

u cant. not legally. or if u are working at dads

I've definitely cut back this year but have spent about 500 on sneakers and about 100 on tees. Will be getting a Canada Goose parka later though, once they come in stock at the store I like

This year, probably 400-500?

I'd say over 2k is quite a bit, unless you aren't getting anything secondhand. I've been watching sales at therealreal and then just getting pieces altered to fit.

are you fucking retarded?
i guess your english already confirmed that, actually

About $150-$500, depending on whether or not I buy boots that year.

In Switzerland you can

i spent at least 2-3k last fall winter season. only spent like 300 this season. depends on the season. there was basically nothing i wanted this time around. generally only spend money on clothes for winter because i dont see the point of buying nice clothes to turn them into sweat rags all summer

you should look into nanamica's down coats

>reading replies in this thread
>tfw spend easily 1k /month
im not wasting my money r-right guys...
i do sell most of my wardrobe regularly though so i get a lot of it back

i'm in the same boat even though i only buy used help

Yeah I bet they're dope. I have been thinking about going up to (((Toronto))) this fall to shop, they have some cool looking streetwear boutiques. The only place I know of in the Midwest that has Nanamica is Mildblend in Chicago, and they just have bags

It varies. I bought some Wolverine 1k boots, a Barbour jacket, several fairly expensive shirts and jeans all in a month last year, but then I haven't bought any new clothes this year.

That said, I am planning on getting a Harrington, a Leather jacket and some nice knitwear soon, so that'll cost me a lot.

assuming you have a marketable skill that pays above minimum wage:
($15/hr*avg 30hrs/wk)*52 weeks = $23,400/yr (before taxes)
or with slightly lower pay + more hours:
($12/hr*avg 35hrs/wk)*52 weeks = $21,840/yr (before taxes)

or even lower pay, and then taking the avg number of weeks in 2 semesters a year with 30hrs/wk, and then full time (40hrs/wk) during the weeks off school:

(($10/hr*30hr/wk)*32)+($10/hr*40hr/wk)*20 weeks)) = $17,600 (before taxes)

So we found out it's possible, but harder near the avg minumum wage / work-study wage of $10.

just graduate and get a salaried full time job. it's only 3-5 years.

you niggas worry me. class division is getting harder. seriously I love fashion too but this shit is eat well or be hungry and well dressed.
jobs are not paying better, shit is still very fucked up.

probably about $800 in a normal year

i lost about 60 pounds this summer though so i have had to buy all new clothes, think ive spent 3 or 4 thousand including work clothes