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Hey Veeky Forums. I'm heading to the outlet mall tomorrow. I'm planning on buying basic shit, so any suggestions as to which stores sell durable, quality shit? The stores range from shit tier to high end. For reference, I'm a dude.

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I just noticed I used the same word three times there.

is there a specific name for this type of winter jacket?

anyone owns these? do they fit small?

the only pants i know of that really fit me are the j.crew 770 fit. I have large thights and most jeans either don't fit my waist and thighs or are too loose on the calves, and j. crews denim washes are garbage. what are some good alternatives?

isnt that just a parka?

*unzips cock*
Why don't you try this on for size?
*winks before disappearing into the shadows*

looks like a snowboarding jacket

Please tell me what levis number these are

Are Vans Authentic Lite a good choice for daily work beaters? I'm starting working at cafe soon and they require me to wear pitch black unbranded shoes.
I don't want to buy nothing fancy or expensive just for work, should I cop them or buy some no name brand replicas?

I need some good insoles as I'll stand for ≈ 8 hours a day, and they have ultracush.

nyco ecwcs

They fit rather narrow.

Wash jeans in washing mashing only twice a year, hand wash with clean water once a month / two weeks and freeze them monthly too.

What are some nice plain polos for a poorfag?

I just received a t-shirt from Muji in the mail. It's 100% cotton. It says "organic cotton," if that matters. It says to machine wash on a warm delicate cycle and line dry in the shade. Is there a reason for this? Can I just wash it with the rest of my shirts in a cold regular cycle and low tumble dry?

this is literally the worst picture. what the fuck is wrong with you? probably 511 tho

they're not confortable at all
I bought them with this pair of Soulcal soulcal.co.uk/soulcal-sunset-lace-mens-canvas-shoes-246541?colcode=24654103
I kept the Soulcal

I used to wear H&M skinnies but I'm looking for a new go-to brand. What are some comparably cut black skinny jeans I can get for around or under $100 in the US? They were exactly skinny enough for my legs but recently slightly increased the width below the knee and its fucking with me. Something that's not A77 cigarette leg status but still skinnier than levis.

So I like to wear coats (like a crombie, for example.) but with just a shirt on underneath, it always winds up looking too big.
I'm not big on wearing jumpers, cardigans, etc, underneath because I already overheat with just the coat.
I've been told a scarf is an easy way of covering up the sides. Good idea? Or is the whole thing a non-issue?

A scarf works, but if you're wearing heavy coats with just a shirt under, the coat is inappropriate for the weather. You will look weird/a school shooter

Washing with cold water is fine, but expect shrinking with any dryer heat

Does anyone have a good idea of the difference between Saint Laurent Low-Rise Skinny and Saint Laurent Skinny?

I want to get plain black ones but I'm not in a place where I can go try them on
Should I wait till I'm back in a big city and get them in store?

What's the best style of Saint Laurent Skinny?

1. Is a plain white tee, with a denim jacket an easy look to pull off, or quite difficult?

2. I have leather CDBs. Are suede ones good too? I know they're the classic, but are they still practical and fashionable?

1. White tee denim jacket is almost impossible to fuck up unless they don't fit right, but there's a large range of fits and styles so unless you really fuck up it'll look good

2. What are CDBs? Clarks Desert Boots? I would rec staying to leather but you do you

Thanks. I think the fit on the denim is pretty good. It's just below the waist I'm not sure about.

And yes, Clarks Desert Boots. The leather looks lovely, but all of my shoes are leather and I wanted something a bit different.

Who's the best brand to cop one of these? Preferably not one that's super stiff.

How am I doing?


Looks good. Smh people with dark skin and a good body can pull off jorts who would've known

Jorts are in rn, I see them where I live (Beverly Hills) and I also saw them in Paris.

if i usually wear us m for t-shirts should i get size 2 or 3 for undercover

freeze them?

it's probably has to do with the waist on em, but you can tell unless you got the item code that's in the inside of em
LW is low waist
MW is mid waist
HW is high waist

How should mens eyebrows be groomed? I've never done anything to them whatsoever

Any1 know w2c shortsleeve button ups with unique designs like this

Should i change anything with my face? Shave? Haircut?

Usually there is a generic one or two line answer to most simple frequently asked questions like this one but I've not lurked hard enough to know this one and i'll get my hair cut tomorrow so how am I supposed to get a decent haircut? I've a shit hairline which I cover up with bangs but I feel like it's time for a grown man haircut

no one is going to fucking know what to tell you to do if you dont post shit

Haha, nice teen moustache. No connectors for your stache and beard means dont have facial hair

1. Go to an actual fucking barber that requires appointments. Don't go to any salon that works with female clients, because they will rush through your cut in order to get to the womens'.

2. Literally just google pictures for inspo, make sure the person with the haircut you pick has a similar hairline and headshape, go in and show your barber the pic.

fucking samefag, holy shit

Hey Veeky Forums, never posted in here before because I've never cared about fashion,but I need some help. I'm moving from Texas to Cambridge (going to Havard) and I need some advice on what kind of winter shoes and cost to buy. I've read a little bit online and a lot of people recommended LL Bean, but I'm not sure what's good/stylish. I don't mind not owning the most popular thing if it means spending less, but I just don't wanna look dumb. And the cost is another problem, I have a big green coat with orange sleeves, it was a gift, it looks kinda like a weird letter men jacket from a high school. What kind of coats/jackets do I need to survive the winter?

>what's good/stylish
>basing worth on what other people think

Grow a personality and decide what YOU think looks good and like to wear

I don't really care that much , I just have no idea where to start.

Mine are tts

I've lost over 20 pounds so the only pants that fit me are some black jeans I never wore because they used to be too small and black just seems to attract filth. How do you wear black without getting all kinds of debris on it?

Neck yourself faggot, the picture is clear enough

Is pic related Veeky Forums?

I wanna get a pair of Old Skools, but every fucking 19 year old dude that listens to shitty emo bands wears them.

I have to buy a suit TODAY.\

What color? I need to go to two weddings this month.
Where to cop? I don't want to spend over $250. I live in southwestern US.
Is black okay? I'm afraid it might be too formal for interviews.

Rick has dropped the ball with his new bombers. He slapped some retarded snap buttons on the sleeves. Do you think this looks unbearable or is it just me?


it's for parents so they can snap their down syndrome kid's arms together and stop it from knocking stuff over.

there are going to be tons of people that look dumb at school who will still be 10x cooler than you. stop caring so much

Zara, Topman

H&M sells these with all kinds of weird shit on it... I have several ones with birds on them. They look ridiculous though, but because of that nobody wants them and all these stupid printed shirts go on sale for like a couple of euros all the time.

What are some good stores in Vaughan Mills in Ontario?

Also, what pants go well with a denim jacket?

What's a good wallet preferably with a zipper?

these are worse imo. if you dont want old skools only because they're popular you're a moron. alternatives: sambas or nike af1

How is the Dr. Martens 1461 suppossed to fit initially? Should you be able to fit a finger between the back of your foot/heel and the back of the shoe, or should there be no room until they're broken in? I'm asking because I can fit a finger and they look freakishley big despite the large sole.

i shaved my head, what do you think

Suede desert boots are nicer than leather imo

The classic ll bean boot is the "duck boot," the ones with rubber bottoms and leather tops. Can't go wrong with any of those but you'll look like a normie. You'll want some thick wool socks too unless you get a lined version but I don't recommend that because unlined duck boots are good for wet weather if it's not too cold.

For coats you've basically got a couple options:
1. Thicc af wool peacoat/overcoat - the most formal, most expensive option, BUT there's a great thrift store in Cambridge right near Harvard Square, I forget the name but it's easy to find on Google maps, it's attached to a church, that usually has a few good coats. Make sure it's like 75% wool though, and make sure it weighs like 4-5 pounds. There are other thrift stores in Cambridge too that'll probably have something if you look around long enough. Thrift stores will also have good wool sweaters. You can also buy actual US navy peacoats for like $100 on eBay or other places and those will be warm as fuck.

2. Parka or other waterproof coat plus layers. Layers can be down/synthetic puffer or wool. Cotton is shit, cotton layers mean basically nothing

3. All in one parka with insulation. Canada goose is the normie brand but expensive and likes to use real fur so don't buy Canada goose faggot

TL;DR thrift stores, wool wool wool


they should feel pretty tight before breaking them in
it's gonna be real bad in the long run if you already have space around the heel
blisters on blisters

white supremacist

where do you guys buy your socks?

lol when did the buzz cut become strictly the hair cut of white supremacists

Anyone know what jacket jaha(black guy) is wearing?

Different angle

Any local shop. Can't be too hard to find some black or white pairs.

Inspo for green trousers?

I found a pair of waxed green skinny jeans at my parent's house that I must have gotten like 4 years ago. Fit me way better now since I've gained like half a foot of height since I was 16 then.

They look nice as fuck but I'm worried about pulling them off.

Start with basics. Reading the sticky will do you wonders

How do i get rid of fat cheeks?

You have that ugly Spic face
9,9/10 would recommend suicide

you can't really pull it off if u are a jawlet

Get a black suit and a grey suit

that shape is so gross

I've tried, too much of a coward to actually do it

Shave. That's a sad moustache

What are the closest shoes I could find to these ones here?

What EU websites remove the eu tax when buying from a non eu country?
I only know of vooberlin and meadowweb
I live in Albania btw

What colours go with light cuffed Levi's jeans and white Nike tennis shoes? What belt should I wear with it also?

oh well, can't change my face lel

either you're cosplaying echo or you're using rainbow 6 for fashion inspo
either way, props to you

Do like a half size up and yeah very narrow. I get compliments on them tho or mistaken for sambas

they are not good, they can look ok in the foot of others, but when you put these on, they look ugly and are not comfortable, they are ok for using exclusively in a gym or for skating. that's was my experience.

You're not going to get rid of your cheeks. Ideally, you just keep at a healthy weight and pick a hairstyle that compliments your face shape. Go to a good stylist and ask their advice. Also, keep those eyebrows tidy (not perfect cause that looks dumb, just tidy).

Not bad looking though so no need to be self-conscious.

Decent bomber brand sub 200$? Looking for one that I can wear in the fall.

Just grab an alpha industries. They're all right and can be had cheap.

Slim or regular fit? I probably won't be sizing up if I get regular.

I own a regular fit and yeah you should probably buy a slim unless you like the puffy arm look

You didn't size up though did you?

Where can i get a nice white tee that doesn't show my nipples?

i want a nice parka just to have one as an option, but don't quite have 400 bucks on hand for any of the ones i've been eyeing. any recommendations for a cheaper (like, sub 200) parka that's still reasonably nice, or should i just save up for a very nice one?

whats that instagram account that posts androgynous inspo? something like tomboy_aesthetic...

cyka blyat bydlo

Are they more narrow than gazelles or sambas?

wtc some nice plain sweaters that aren't too expensive.

Does anyone know what the year and season this cdg shirt is from?

Thanks man, i just gotta learn to live with my fat cheeks then?


No, you just need to kill yourself. Your face is beyond saving

can get these for $150

cop or not?

What are the best stores for khakis?

Cop and if you don’t, then tell me where

thoughts of g-star raw? i tried some on in store and I like the way they look, but how will they hold up with heavy use?