Why does this shit smell like candy?

Why does this shit smell like candy?
I want to smell like a fresh clean man. Not a bag of skittles
What deo does Veeky Forums use?

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I use this

I use the mineral salt sticks
It actually works, I would rub my armpits in my girlfriends face and ask her if it smelled like anything and she always said no, coworkers could never smell anything when I was all sweaty after moving stuff in the office, etc.

So either like 7 people are pulling a meme on me or it actually works, but I can't smell anything

Wait what is it? Also, do you use antibacterial soap in the shower?

Anyone know a cheap natural deodorant?
I recently stopped using random soaps and just use plain olive oil soap to wash.

>olive oil soap
What the fuck?

Antibacterial soap is bad for you, user. Use regular soap.

All natural soap is made out of a fat, lye and water.
You can use any fat, from lard to olive oil to sunflower oil.

>Antibacterial soap is bad for you
No it isn't

Sure thing, bud.

depends really. What you're doing is plugging your sweat glands with gunk that smells nice. There is growing data to support the fact that these deodorants interfere with testosterone production and can really fuck up your hormones. Find a brand without these toxins and see what you like the best, everyone has different scents that pair with their natural scent best.

Your nose will grow accustomed to the scent soon enough, so have someone significant in your life who can appreciate your smell giving you input regarding what wears best on your skin. I'm a cedar/musk/tar/sandalwood sort of guy myself.


No, that is an antiperspirant. A deodorant gets rid of smell.

>Find a brand without these toxins
Any suggestions?



Antibacterial anything that isn't being applied to wounds is harmful in general; resistant bacteria strains, lack of immunity, etc...

It's a mineral stick that you get wet and rub into your armpits. I've had one before but it didn't work for me, but maybe I was using it incorrectly.

I use unscented antiperspirant and let the smell of my clothes and my natural "pheromones" be my scent. When I want to add an additional dimension to my overall presentation then I use some perfume or cologne, but otherwise scentless besides me.

I really dont wanna seem like Im hopping on that holistic hippyshit train, but what makes this better than your average deodorant? Im thinking of trying Tom's.

Swerve plebs

old spice classic or original?


don't do it user. i tried some and it was the most useless deo i've ever used. still got sweaty and smelly with it

Don't use anti-perspirent, shit ruins your clothes.

Can anyone rec good anti-perspirants? Hyperhidrosis here, I've just been using the old spice ones for a while.

lmao plebs

let a true patrician educate you

Anti-perspirant < Deodorant

Arm & Hammer is far better and cheaper. Don’t waste your money

Use this one and you're good

I prefer arctic force

yes but what do you do if you sweat easily?

just let it happen? I live in the south where summer days are 90*+ and humid consistently

dont waste ur money desu

What's a good deodorant that lasts all day and doesn't stain/have any superfluous chemicals in it? The brand I just bought doesn't stain and smells good but only lasts a few hours and then I stink.

Not true actually. Antibacterial soaps with Triclosan, along with other similar chemicals have shown to be bad for you which the FDA has banned, but not all Antibacterial soaps have said harmful chemicals. For example Dial Antibacterial soap has Benzalkonium Chloride which has antibacterial properties, but the evidence as to whether or not it is harmful is inconclusive. At least in my research, if you've found something about it please share.

>just let it happen?
Yes, it is your bodies natural response to heat. If smell is an issue use a deodorant

Arm and hammer makes good deo with natural deodorizes like baking soda and natural plant extracts

bearglove smells like lumberjack

Just use this OP

Oh dear...

you pleb.

I get a lot of compliments on this one by girls for some reason and not my cologne. Wierd tbqh.

If you want something natural/unscented/gentle that works, try this. Basically just a salt block you wet and apply, but it works for me really well as long as I shower beforehand.

Also it'll last you at least a year

Shit looks gay af

what does it smell like when applied?

This is a deodorant thread, not a "Recommend a Harlequin Classics Smut Novel" thread

Some people actually work out

>open it one day
>it's cracked into pieces

The thinking man's choice

Or actually live in a place where it gets hot.

Unlike Britbongistan where it being 70F is an "ZOMFG WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE OF HEAT EXHAUSTION!" heatwave

probably got dropped. also that shouldn't happen since its more of a gel consistency. you probably got that chalky white one maybe?

That was uncalled for user

So? I do to, sweat it out


Sometimes the most basic and simple works the best... Although I don't recommend it for people with something anormal regarding sweat or odor... Try Speed Stick clinical in that case.

Oh my goodness gracious

Nothing. You'll still sweat some but the bacteria that make BO can't survive in the salt layer you apply (or something to that effect). They also make a spray and a roll on, but I just have the one pictured.

Fucking Veeky Forums people who don't trust the scientists who have to test product for short term and long term health effects. Might as well stop taking vaccines while you're at it.

Is logic hard OP?

Use an alum block if you also use cologne.

Use a good scented deodorant if you are frugal.

I found swagger and fiji to be good smelling, and some young women like it too. But swagger may have been reformulated. Their spray swagger bottle is different now.

Just buy all the shit and test it out yourself alone and in combination.

that "unscented" shit smells horrible chemical like mortuary

>who don't trust the scientists
> Might as well stop taking vaccines
Why would I do that? I trust scientists
>Use an alum block
I don't want Alzheimers

Im not commenting on the chemical composition of antibacterials and the supposed harmful effects thereof, im just saying it would be logical to assume that after multiple generations of bacterial evolution being shaped by antibaterial use, just like antibiotics, resistant strains will evolve eventually. Further, the human body (and the entire world honestly) is full of and covered in different organic flora. Sanitizatization to the point of attempting to completely remove bacteria is pointless, only certain strains of bacteria are harmful if a person is exposed. If you completely remove a strain of bacteria from your house or home and lose your immunity to its effects, the result could be sickness.

Please continue wasting your life posting this on every mention of an aluminum based antiperspirant, it just makes you look more pathetic.


>it would be logical to assume
But that is where you're wrong.

Oh my word... ;-(

This one is good, op.

Doesn't work.


I dont use anything

clubman and unscented stick

this one is very good, very neutral and not obnoxious..smells just like clean

It's garbage. I get them free from the poor store a couple every month. Of i wanted i could have like a box of these shits by now. I just keep a couple as backup. But they smell horrible after you get used to it. Don't.

Granted I haven't tried any higher tier deodorants, but i fucking love my clinique from the first time. It is actually truly odorless. And looks classy. Costs reasonable ten bucks. The only minus is that it can cake a little bit.

yes, drink the tap water goy
would scientists ever lead us wrong?

It's true tho.

Europeans are pussies who wouldn't know what an actually hot day feels like.

forgot pic

Hell yeah user this has been my smell for like 10 years.

can anybody explain why Veeky Forums is afraid to use antiperspirants?

i think cause the aluminum stains clothes or something

w2c gun

wrong ones you idiot

Been using this for hr past couple of months. Took a while for my body to adjust off of antis but now it's pretty clean and smells good.

I checked the ingredients and it contains aluminum even though it's not an antiperspirant. Is this true?


everytime i use this my armpits start peeling and shit. its fun to peel off the skin tho

I think mine might have been a little irritated when i first stared using it. Doesn't do it anymore though


It's not about mistrusting scientists. It's about mistrusting the corporations that skew statistical data. There was a time when we were lead to believe that cigarettes aided breathing, and it's common knowledge that breakfast being the most important meal of the day is a marketing scheme to help cereal despite its alleged scientific backing.

I don't wanna talk to a scientist, y'all motherfuckers lyin', and gettin' me pissed

also cancer or some shit

Because it doesn't get hot in eurocuckville, so they think nobody needs it, when the rest of the world actually gets hotter than 80F.

Recommend this if you can get your hands on it

scentless version of this and wear good cologne//aftershave combo

whats with the fucking anti-perspirant hate

I dont get it either. I live in the south and do manual labor for a living. I dont get the no shampoo thing either. I think most people here are unemployed or work in cool offices

Breast cancer scare, but apparently it's unfounded cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/myths/antiperspirants-fact-sheet

They're European.

They're pussies who can't handle it being 85 degrees:


Any recommendations for a good cologn

make sure it's the blue gel clear top kind and not the powder/chalk one.

I've been using these for years but lately my armpits have become irritated, do you think they changed the formula or something?

don't think so. start using a different brand or stop sing for a while. maybe that'll help

I use Degree UltraClear Black + White because it doesn't leave any stains on my clothes.
The smell is ok but i wish they made a version without fragrance.