What did he meem by this?

What did he meem by this?

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*roommate walks in*



it's called fashion, you plebs wouldn't know anything about it

God, BDAY is a fucking fag. Does he still post here?

i hate that he owns those pants and i don't
apart from that i'm laughing

A sad combination of personality disorders and a skewed self image. This guy is sentimental, you can see that from the way his dorm has been decorated. He likely holds onto dead emotions and has grown jaded from them, this aesthetic reflects that same ex-nice-guy-who-finished-last mentality.

His dorm is clean, The school year probably just began or is about to, that outfit looks like it is part of a "new year/new me" sort of mindset. That is a pretty drastic shift from the soviet hat or the propeller on the wall so I'm guessing that it won't last very long and this guys foray into becoming a DIY fashion designer is simply another step in him finding himself through his own emotional and teenage issues.

His mom totally bought his bedsheets, nobody going for a look like that would willingly buy a floral comforter.

Also how the fuck is this kid going to go to school dressed like that while wearing that bullshit tan backpack that is beside his bed? This kid doesnt make any goddamn sense.

How do you know which side of the room is his stuff and which side is his roommates? Maybe he is a veggie tales fan lol

That cap is British not soviet; the visor is khaki

this is soo tryhard. these wide japanese pants look gay even girls dont wear them haha

id on the jacket.?? looks metal.

Is this a young orthodox priest?

Getting ready to shoot some school up.

Bruh xD

whos got the photo of him flaunting his pucci?

Poor lad, i feel bad for his roommate


oh thats not the one i was thinking of actually. theres one of him in this room and hes fully naked but you cant see anything really, its a side angle

the furniture of this room is shit

It's a dorm room. What'd you expect, Buckingham palace?

that fit is sexy, need to add it to my trap colection

>catcher in the rye on his bookshelf

wewlad all this projecting

w2c top?

i've never seen a veggitales anything outside of sunday school when i was a kid lol this guy or his roomie's flaunting it i love it

People go through lots of weird phases in college goddamn.


>willingly buy a floral comforter.

thats a quilt you fucking autistic retard. so I'm guessing he grew up with a sewing machine / fabric in the home. Or atleast someone in his family has it.